Wednesday, December 12, 2001

The New Wave of Poop

Conflatulations! It's December. All my shows for this year are done and over with and it's the week of finals so I haven't had much time to update the site. I posted the stuff for two of my shows but didn't do anything for the last show cos I forgot my camera. Doesn't matter though, cos even if I did remember it, I'd find the battery was dead, so... you know how it is. If you wanna see the shows, though, you can. I'll let you. Heh heh.

The New Wave of Poop
Jenny No.2 solo show at California Institute of the Arts in the "L" Shape Gallery the week of November 24, 2001 through December 1, 2001. Reception November 29, 2001 from 10:00 PM-1:00 AM... but ended a LOT later than it was supposed to!!!

After the group show back in May, I decided I was capable of having my own show. After all, I did most of the reception planning and shopping (cos no one wants to be on the reception committee) and the paper work for the most part doesn't seem to difficult. So after some collaboration with my friend and classmate, David Cabrera, who is infamous at CalArts for DJ-ing at shows, we worked out a plan for a set of 80's tunes for the 3 hours of my reception from my bitchin' 80's collection and his rad 80's records.

It took me roughly 6 or 7 hours (maybe more) to hang the show. My friend Fatima Wahab was kind enough to help me set up and it would have taken longer had she not come! We kept having to run around and get more things cos a lot of stuff wasn't working out. My original x-mas lights weren't working so we had to buy more and the ladies at the 99 cents store in Valencia must think we're really Catholic or something seeing as I bought 30 something Jesus candles. However, the altar piece I've been working on has yet to be completed! Hanging the show was fun and stressful. We were constantly busy putting things up, getting things straight and what have you.

However, that's just half the story! The rest is reception work! I was scrolling down the yellow pages looking for liquor stores that rent kegs on a short notice. Guys, let me just say that usually it's impossible to get one when you don't have a week's notice. However it is doable. I found Casino Liquor in Van Nuys on Victory and Kester to be the winners of who I would buy my keg from. The people actually spoke english... good... they understood it... better... and they had really good rates... perfect. So my alcohol problem was solved.

I found Student Affairs to be helpful with non alcoholic drinks and snacks. Thanks to their food gift certificates they give to students in need,I was able to buy all the miscelaneous items for my show. The only thing left to do was buy the flowers for the altar.

I forgot to buy flowers so I just went around school clipping from random gardens. It worked out good and looked good as well!

The reception was quite a success. There was a huge turnout and I thank everyone that came. I especially thank Katrina and David for playin the tunes, Lori and Stuart for bringing the keg, and my bartender, who I didn't get his name but he looked like Black Belt Jones and was singing along to every song we played! But the reception was great! Thank you to everyone cos you all rock!