Wednesday, December 18, 2002


Guh! News bout my pup not bout me. It's a story called I SMELL A LAWSUIT IF YOU DON'T FIX THIS. Listen up kids...

As you know, we have a black lab, Snoopy. She's 7 years old. A year ago, my parents decided to get her fixed after much debating over how they feared the anesthesia might kill her or she might die during her surgery. But they decided to get it done anyway. Besides, we were hurting for money and couldnt afford her $70 non-spayed registration fees. So we took her to this little place on Sepulveda Blvd. that does low cost spay and neutering. Later that day we got her back. She was all woozy, but ok. When we got home, we noticed her stitches looked kind of funny. Not like she had been picking at them, but they looked like they were just done shottily (and we have many a pets and have done the spay-neuter routine frequently and are VERY aware of how properly done stitches look.)

The next day, my sister is getting ready for work when the dogs stiches just bust open. She rushes her to Adler Veternary Clinic. They fixed her stitches but said it didn't look like she was fixed right. They said they could do it but it would be expensive, or my sis could take it back to the other place and they should fix it for free. So Snoopy goes back to the shotty vet and gets "fixed" again. She heals fine in no time.

A few months pass and she goes into heat. She wasn't fixed right. After discussing with other vets, it was suggested that a piece of the ovaries might have been left inside and that she could be fixed during her next heat cycle so the ovaries would show up better. Come her next heat cycle, though, we didn't have the money to get her fixed. But the pup was fine.

A few weeks after she finishes that heat cycle, she gets sick. She got fatter, was always limping around, her eyes were really red, she was drinking a lot of water and then the real kicker: nearly a month after her heat cycle, she started to have a vaginal discharge. That was not right.

We took her back to Adler and found out she had Pyrometra. Her uterus became infected and was filled with pus. Eew. It would cost anywhere between $700 and $1000 for the operation and more if it was difficult. Sadly, it was a life or death situation. If she didn't get the operation, she would die. Her uterus would get so full of pus it would burst and the infection would kill her. Luckily, the good people at Pacific Coast Animal Hospital in Malibu were able to help us out. Thanks to an insider, we were discounted a $400 operation. Snoopy went in Monday and I picked her up today. They had removed her uterus and said she was never even fixed to begin with. Her ovaries were still inside her and everything. After removing her uterus, it was about a gallon full of pus (and it weighed about 6 lbs.) It was said to be the lenght from arm to elbow because it had expanded so much.

The pup was very happy to see me and come home. She peed everywhere in the back yard just to let everyone know who's house it still is. And now, she's just chillin'.

Thursday, October 31, 2002

I always get hired around holidays

Today was busy... very busy. I've had two critiques this week, one Monday, one Tuesday, then after little sleep, I chapperoned a trip to the Getty Museum with my old art history class from high school. Rah. After that, I had a second interview upon which I was accepted and hired for work. Yeee! So, after nearly two months of being unemployed, I finally am back working. The great thing is it's close to home and I can carpool with my dad to work if he ever needs to. Wooh! So I'm happy. Life is good. It's good to be feeling this way again. Hooray!

On a side note, I start on Halloween. I started my last job the day after the 4th of July. And my first job I started a few days after Thanksgiving. An odd coincidence I start jobs after holidays? Hmmm....

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Valley Cesession

With election day coming up and the heated debates with valley secession, I did a little bit of looking into the proposition, and came up with a bit of obscure theories of my own based on observations, and I have written a little rant as to why I think you should all VOTE YES ON THE PROPOSITION FOR VALLEY SECESSION. Read and remember, while my observative theories haven't been proven, I sound like I have a damned good point! However you can check some of the links I put up. They're true. Mine is just a hypothetical rant.

Normally, I don't write too many rants, or take onto political issues, but I need to step in and take the moment to be, well, political...

I would like all of you to vote YES on the valley seccession proposition. It's a simple thing, yet people are being scared into thinking it's bad. Really, it isn't. I've lived in the San Fernando Valley all my life. My parents and I have worked and I've noticed how over the past ten years the valley has started to suck greatly. Now I'm not saying I don't love the valley anymore, because I always will. But here's what's been going down:

Within the past ten years more and more kids have been bussed into our schools because the schools Downtown suck. But, lo and behold, why do they suck? Is it because they lack funds? Nay, I say. From what I recall, a large portion of our tax dollars were used to buy new computers and fix playgrounds and do whatever could be done to fix up those schools. So you need to ask yourself the real question here: is it our schools that are bad or the people going to them?

It is without a doubt the people going to these schools. The solution: after giving the schools Downtown better fascilities, kids are still being bussed out here to the valley. Yes, our schools are better, but it is because of the people. But we have the same fascilities we have given our friends Downtown. Our schools have computers and libraries and playgrounds, yet our kids are not destructive like inner city kids. That old saying "you can take the kid out of the hood, but you can't take the hood outta the kid" is what applies here.

Bringing inner city kids accustomed to the gang lifestyle into a calmer environment will not settle the child. This is a primative mindframe that reminds me of colonization and bringing Christianity to natives. These people managed to make a living and were fine before our intervention, so why do we think we need to step in to help them? By doing so, we are only deteriorating our society. Bussing children in gangs to our valley schools is concurrent to the increasing statistics of vandalism, violence, and lower test scores with our children. Am I saying that by placing these kids with our kids it is dumbing them down? Yes. I know it is up to our kids to choose their lives and study on their own time and pay attention in school, but having been in school with these disruptive kids who only go to school simply because the state makes them, I can and will say that these kids cause a great disruptance in and out of the classroom. It makes it hard for the students who want to learn to do so. Then, parents complain saying that either the rich kids or the white kids get to advance in studies and get better educations because they have the money to do so. Race or class has nothing to do with this as most upper level classes tend to be mixed. I myself was in upper level academic classes; however, I am not rich, I simply did my work.

Now, ok, you're all thinking I'm being a big bad meanie picking on the poor inner city kids. Well, why should they ruin things out here? They have the fascilities to excell, yet they fail. I'm not saying they all fail, but for the most part, they just don't even care to learn. And the ones that do live in the city and go to school out there, what's their excuse? Are we not giving them money to get computers so they have an equally good chance of getting the same education as people in the valley? All I see is our tax dollars helping out the people Downtown, bussing their kids out here to learn, and yet instead of test scores going up, they are going down and spreading it to the valley.

By dividing the San Fernando Valley from Los Angeles, maybe they'll still bus the kids from downtown in here, but at least we can use our tax dollars for ourselves and purchase our schools computers after their kids break them or steal them to buy crack. Or, it might be a wake up call for LA to get their butts in gear and crack down on their kids to do well in school. None the less, we can afford to get more cops if problems erupt.

Cops and Gov't Workers
It has been proven in psychological studies that people growing up in the city have higher crime rates than those in the suburbs. Even though most of the valley is suburban, we do have our few city-like areas; however, none as big as those in Los Angeles. Much of the San Fernando Valley's money has been spent to supply cops for Downtown. Why? Because they have a high crime rate! As discussed earlier, children out there do not care to learn to better themselves and what's worse is their parent's don't encourage studying! Most of the children come from large families with only one parent present, for various reasons. Perhaps their parent is receiving welfare or some form of government aid, or, they are working two full time jobs to support their family. None the less, the kids either figure they'll have children by the time they're 16 and drop out of school and live on welfare, or they turn to a life of crime. Some get into drugs or join gangs to get the attention they do not receive at home.

With their high crime levels, they need more cops and we keep on supplying them with more and more. Perhaps its time LA gets a little dose of tough love. With the secession, once they're all out of cops, that's it. The city will be overcome by chaos, or once again, they will have to say to themselves, "Hey, we got a problem, maybe we should start cracking down on these people" and have strict curfew laws and arrest anyone out after that time. Yes, it's harsh, but the best way to fight crime is with an extreme measure.

If the valley secession occurs, we can spend our money to get more cops for our cities to see they are safe. We can improve our cities and have cops patrolling neighborhoods regularly to prevent any possible crimes. LA is big enough to take care of themselves. They make enough money to take care of their problems.

The Tax Raise Scare
Once again, LA is a big city and makes enough money. If the secession occurs, they still will get to keep the Burbank Air Port, which is a big money maker. If LA is making money from LAX and the Burbank Air Port, plus the many companies that exist in the Fashion and Garmnet Districts, Jewelry District, and points of interest like Olvera Street, China Town, Korea Town, and so forth, why do they need money from the San Fernando Valley?

As long as there is a balance of economy (people spending, people earning) then there really isn't any need to raise the taxes. LA has plenty of spending and buying, as does the San Fernando Valley. Only difference is, after secession, the valley will notice more of it's funds going to use for us and LA will notice it has to start dipping into it's own pockets. There is no reason for taxes to increase.

The Case of Fat Cats Getting Fatter and Governing The Cities
The only reason taxes would go up in either area (more so in LA than the valley) would be because the government officials don't want to cut their salaries in order to make their city work. They would rather have a pay raise and tax increase than give up a few of their luxuries.

And on that note, LA is big and does not have time to govern itself and the valley. They seem to be inadequately representing the valley in any of our issues because their city seems to be so much more important. They are bigger and the underlying issue is, we are simply an extension of their city and will never truly be a part of it. It is like the valley is a stepchild to the LA family and no matter how much we contribute to the wellness of the family, we still don't get the recognition and help we deserve.

By splitting up from LA, both cities will be able to propperly govern each other to best benefit the cities. If that means the fat cats in LA have to give up their six figure salaries, so be it. And if that means they make taxes go up in LA, so be it as well. The San Fernando Valley will not have to worry so much about taxes going up as we make a well amount of money already.

Beautiful Cities Are Better Cities
A large part of our earnings in the valley go to repairing dilapidated buildings Downtown, while our streets are in desperate need of repaving. Some streets in the valley cannot be fixed because there is not enough money to fix them due to the fact our repair money is going Downtown. If we split, we can spend our money to repair our streets, buildings, and parks, giving us a more beautiful city. And I'm sure it goes without speaking that people would rather live in a pretty city than in a dump. Pretty city equals happy people.

So Come Election Day...
Vote YES on Valley Secession. Don't let your bleeding heart conscience get to you. LA is a big city, it makes a lot of money, and it will get to keep the Burbank Air Port. They aren't hurting financially. We are. And that's only because we let ourselves do this. We need to speak up for ourselves and take action. As for LA, sure they might lose a bit of money from us, but they will be independent of having to take care of our governmental needs.


For more info on valley succesion there are many resources of information on the web.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

The non-Producer

Surprisingly (yea right!) I never got the money from the people that hit my car. So, some time this week I will be making a trip to the police department to pick up the forms for small claims court. Believe me when I say I really need that money. I spent my last $200 on the albacore fishing trip. I was pumped for that because my dad and everyone at the bait shops were talking about how great the past few days and weeks have been so I was really looking forward to it. I spent a lot of money on preparing for this trip. I bought a rod, a reel, some lures I never even used. Then, when we got there, the boat was unloading it's fish. They had maxed out. Everyone on the boat caught their limit of fish. It was a good sign of what was to come. When we got on the boat, we got our sleeping quarters. I went down to check it out. It was horrific. The beds were stacked in three's. The walking space between the beds was maybe two feet wide. There were these ugly little curtains on them that pulled shut so you had privacy. The mats on the bed were made of naugahyde or something and were terribly uncomfortable. It was hot, stuffy, loud from the engine and snoring and sounds of people moving around. I coulda sworn there were things living in my blanket and I could feel things walking around on me so I bailed and sat in the galley. Big mistake. I couldn't see a thing and I got sea sick. I have NEVER gotten sea sick and I was so upset. I was the first one up on the boat at 1:30am. I kept waking up on the hour wondering when someone else would wake up. Finally around 3:00am someone came out to the galley and sat down and left. I wound up crashing on the table some more till my dad came out. Or maybe it was my mom. Either way, I don't recall too much since I spent a good deal of my time sleeping in the galley whether it was cos I was sick and didn't feel good or cos I was tired and trying to sleep on the way back. When we actually got to fish, it came down to everyone on the boat caught something but I didn't. I felt really bummed because I spent the last of my $200 on this trip. I am not working. I have no money. I am broke as a joke and my insurance is due, my registration is due, my bills are due and I have no money. This sucks. And to make everything worse, I'm sick still and I have the runs. I am angry and I want my money back! Well, from the people who hit my car, that is. Till then kids...

Thursday, September 5, 2002

"My wife is in the hospital, I gotta go. Call me tomorrow."

Hooray! Kelly won! Ok, yes, I have been following American Idol. Shoot me. And I don't care what people say, I liked Nikki. Better than Justin. But hey, enough of that, more of me (I sound so selfish! Ha ha ha!) Today I got an estimate on how much it will cost to fix my truck. Grand total is... drumroll... $786.80! Yes. Turns out there's more than just bumper scuffs and scrapes. My alignment is messed up and my flatbed has a "diamond condition", i.e., it was tweaked out of shape into that of, you guessed it, a diamond. I called the guy and suddenly he now speaks perfect english and says, "ooh that's a lot of money. I know a mechanic" and then tells me, "My wife is in the hospital, I gotta go. Call me tomorrow." It sounds weird. Very weird. I told him that I would give him to the 20th, so you guys all have my word here. I'm planning on calling tomorrow to make sure he understands, too. So, we'll just wait and see if they get my money.

Wednesday, September 4, 2002

Don't F with me at the DMV!!!

WELL!!!! These past few days have been depressing. As you know, I'm now out of work. Last Friday was my first day of not working and it was HORRIBLE!!! I knew the day would be bad from the moment I woke up. It was too hot to sleep in and I was up at 10 am. I turned on teevee and Martha Stewart Living was on. That was a good thing. But when I saw the Blue Cross comerrcial, it made me sad because our work used to do ads for Blue Cross. As soon as I got over that, I knew it was time to get my day going or else I would never get anything done. So, I went to get dressed so I could go to the DMV and get my tags renewed. They're due in November, but I figured I could get them done early. When I went to put on my boots, I realized there was a big puddle of saturating cat piss on them. I washed them off with some soap and water and put them on wet and went on my way to the DMV.

At the DMV, I had circled the lot hopelessly looking for a space. Everyone and their mother was there. Finally, I noticed someone was going to leave, so I waited patiently for them to exit. As I sat waiting, a minivan pulls up from the left of me trying to pass me up, hitting my truck in the process. Then, to make matters worse, they took my parking space. So I ask them for their info and they give me all these bogus stories. There is this pregnant girl who is the translator of the event to the man and woman there. She gives me her work and home number and they say they'll pay for the damage. Then, the other woman tells the pregnant girl the damage they did was already on my car. I told them I knew what was on my car and what not. Then I ask them for the driver's information. He gives me a lisence and I notice a resident visa above it. When I get his address, I notice its a PO Box. I also find out they're uninsured and the car isn't theirs. Supposingly, they were going to buy the car from some lady but they didn't pay for it, and they didn't know the woman's name. It just didn't make sense, so I called the cops. While I waited for the cops to come, the guy comes out and looks at me a few times on my cell phone with the papers. Then, he goes inside and comes back again walking the baby in the stroller that he had with him earlier. He then disappears and moments later the pregnant girl comes out and she gets into the van where the man was waiting for her. They then drive off. In the fifteen minutes or so that they were gone, I called the two numbers the girl gave me and they didn't work. Finally, they come back later and the second woman comes out of the DMV. As they are about to leave, the cops pull up with a tow truck. The cops managed to get some straight answers from those people, as well as impound their van until they could get insurance and they were written up with attempted hit and run. Justice was served that day.

Later I went to get my parking pass for Tu Tu and the City Walk HR was closed cos of Labor Day weekend. Oh well. I had to paint later that night and it was a pretty long night. But I looked forward to getting sleep that night.

I slept in the next day and went to a club with my old coworker. That was fun even though the club kinda sucked. It was nice to get out. The next day I had to paint from noon to five and because it was so hot, I waited there for an hour until it was time for my friend's 21st birthday party. We ate and then they all wanted to go clubbing so I was like ok sounds fun. I go but I had a long day so I leave like an hour after I got there. I go home and sleep in.

Now, this weekend, there wasn't a day where it was less than 105 degrees in the valley. On Monday, it was like 114 in the shade. I got in my truck and went to the beach, but my eyes felt like they were gonna pop outta my head, and I started getting really dizzy and noxious. I pulled over and bought a large bottle of water and downed it in seconds. I called my parents and told them I'd be back home and I'd be leaving later on in the day. On my way back home, I almost passed out in my truck. It sucked.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Squid slap: it's like a bitch slap but with a squid

YAY! I got a sorta-job now. I'll be painting on random days at Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Universal City now. Just got hired today. Wooh! I'll let you know the days I'm working so you may come visit, or purchase artwork, or just ask me questions, buy me drinks, etc. I'll be there.

Now for the weekend recap:

I went ocean fishing for the first time on Sunday. We left from Marina Del Ray and went out onto the open seas to catch baracuda and squid. I saw a real working lighthouse for the first time ever in my life. Then, we saw sea lions, dolphins, a jellyfish, and this crazy pelican that loved our sardines. Now, all was good with the exception of these Asian dudes who were total chauvanist assholes who took their fishing way too seriously.

This one guy was being a total dick, slapping me with his squid he'd bring up and almost ripping out various body parts when he casted out. Then when our side of the boat started catching squid, he told me I was in his space and to move. I assured him he was in his space and gave him a dirty look. From that point it was war. He took the taco though, when he had his squid squirt water and squid juice down my pants when I was bending over to bring the squid I caught onto the boat. But my fun wasn't spoiled because my sweet revenge was being one of the four girls on board a boat of fifty or so who caught some fish. That pissed him off. I can sleep happy.

Saturday, August 17, 2002

Think Blue...or yellow...

I decided to develope a random roll of film. It was from when I went to San Diego and some misc. pics I took when I went to a Dodger game. What happened was I couldn't find my truck after the game was over and we wound up wandering the parking lot lost looking for my truck for like an hour or so. I had to pee. This picture is pretty self-explanitory.It was a fun day...

Wednesday, August 7, 2002

I am a clever devil

Notice anything different? Here's a hint. I GOT MY OWN DOMAIN NAME!!! WOOOH! Yes, after a year on angelfire, they were hip to my shenanigans and I lost my site. They got especially testy when they learned I was using seven different domain names for my one site. It's against their terms of service. Plus I was getting shut down a lot cos I was exceeding my bandwidth. Oh well. I remember when they used to give 50 megs of space and then cut it down to 20. And they had a lot more bandwidth too. Now you hafta pay all this money to get more space and stuff and I was rippin them off. None the less, now I'm here and they're there. Most of my images have been saved thanks to fans. So, with that, I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEW SITE!!! Till then...

Sunday, June 23, 2002

Bum dog poop

Saturdays are great days! Today I spent my day with a friend from school on Ventura "whorin around" so to speak. I felt like a pimp sittin by them while they played geetar and kids going to parties at the laser tag place were timidly dropping off dollars their parents were giving them into my friend's geetar case. Fun. Then, there was this hobo walkin his shopping cart with stuff and dog attached and I was like, "Awww puppy!" and my friend pointed out the dog was crapping for me! Lo and behold it was! Right there! Right on the sidewalk in front of Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Moby Disk, Togos, Tops, Baja Fresh, and every other place in La Reina Plaza to see! It was great! Especially the Starbucks crowd scoffing the joyous event. The best part was when the bum cleaned it up. He took a napkin from his pocket and picked up the poop. And bums, I tell you, they have so little possessions, they keep EVERYTHING! He took the dog's crap and put it into a little bag among his bags. I bet hes gonna eat it later, you watch. He coulda just dumped it into the trash can five feet behind him but no, he has plans for that dog crap. Anyway, back to business. Some suit asked my friend to teach his son guitar and he needed someone to teach him photo, so I took a card for my friend, Alissa. She's been doin photo for a number of years and is gonna be in the photo school at Fart Center next year. So she came by to pick up the guy's card and I wasn't in my room and I didn't hear her. But she left this weirdo message on my machine.

Friday, June 21, 2002


I stayed home sick today. But I spent my time well. There's this joke goin around our work over the recent discovery of the discontinuation of hot cocoa cos people are stealing water. Some sorta chain reaction thing, go fig. Anyway it saves the company $1000 a year by not getting it anymore. So of course, my coworkers were very unhappy. So they tried comin up with this anti-no more hotcocoa campaign. Then, like all good things it evolved after boredom doodles at my other coworker's desk. Now, we have Cocoa, the penguin. He has other friends like Butter, the buff muscle building panda bear who is jealous of Cocoa and wants to upstage him cos he has muscles (hahaha!!!)

Friday, June 14, 2002

Laker Rant

Do The Lakers Really Need Another Parade?

If there's one thing I hate more than stupid people, it's stupid people who are into sports. It's bad enough they're dumb as it is, but because of that, they decide to devote their lives to things that they do understand, sports being one of them. So it is for this reason we have parades after certain teams, i.e. the Lakers, get a parade in their honor after winning a championships game or something.

Now I'm not too hip on sports, but I've heard from a friend that if the Lakers didn't win last night, they would have a few more chances to win the championship. So it's like we can have our Laker parade tomorrow, or we can have it three weeks from now. Their call. Isn't it kind of dumb, though, that no matter what they're bound to win? Where's the excitement in that?

So back to this parade.

From what I remembered two years ago, the Lakers won and got a parade. Unfortunately, I also remember the news "interrupting this program for a special report," that being the Laker parade. It was the same time those dumb ass flags came out and everyone was driving around with them on their cars.

I'm guessing more than likely, this will wind up happening tomorrow. What's even worse is, it took me 2 hours to get home from work yesterday because of all the dumb people that had to rush over to bars or the Staple Center to see the Lakers play. Because to them, Lakers are more important than life itself.

But let's get to the main point here. It's not just the Lakers, or sports. It's anyone famous. It's like people in our society are so interested in pop culture and famous people, they'll say to hell with everything else just so they can see what's going on with who. Pretty sad.

I don't think we need any more Laker parades, or stupid people condoning them for that matter. So, on that note I say we're pretty much destine for failure the day some moron decides Shaq should be president "cuz he da bomb, yo."

I don't like the Lakers, I don't like any sports

Ok, so the Lakers won last night and if they didn't then, they just would have later. I am not amused. Not because I don't like the Lakers, but just cos I don't like any sports. Period. Anyway, I was pretty angered by this, I went out and made a little rant about it.

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

"Y'all going to Hollywood?"

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY WEBSITE!!! Can you believe it? It's been a year since I've done the site. Not to date. I don't remember what date I started it on, but I know it was back in June. Today, I spent my time finding out it will cost me $480 to fix my truck. Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you guys... My truck thought it would be a laugh-riot if it stalled while I was driving and didn't start back up. So I had it towed in today *thanks to T and her AAA!!!*

Now, that's the sucky part of the day. Time for the fun part. I spent my afternoon (From like 2-6) out in the desert with an old friend from school, Martina, and her boyfriend Frank. I gotta get killed via hammer in this horror film they've been working on for the past year or so. Here's their official trailer. Can you guess who I am? "Y'all going to Hollywood???"

And yesterday, more fun, more fun... I got a new computer. Hooray! So count on me doing more stuff more often... ok, I'll probably just be dl'n mp3s and junk. Let me enjoy my new pet. Till then kiddies!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

If you're passionate about what you do, you're bound to step on someone's toes sooner or later

TAX DAY BEEYOTCH! Yea, it's today. Thanks to that, my drive to work was both full of traffic and not. Oddly, the most traffic was on the side streets... ie people headed to the post office. The freeway was pretty good, though. Ok, so I don't remember why, but I was going through my guest book. I was so amused to see that some chick was mad at me, however, I like U-Ron's advice of not letting anyone grind me down. He's a wise man. I know this isn't the U-Ron life dedication site or like U-Ron fan club, but shit, he knows what's up dammit! However, he told me once that if you're really passionate about what you do, you're bound to step on someone's toes sooner or later. And he's right. I mean, I really like what I do and believe a lot of the things I say, but there's a lot of people out there who don't agree with me. Trust me, I've stepped on my share of toes! (And I've been stepped a lot too, so...) I'm not tellin those people to fuck off, though, but to each man his own. I don't think anyone should be told what or what not to say. I'm all about freedom of speech. I mean, if we give that up, or give in to people telling us no, who knows what might be next? The right to bear arms? Also, when we start to censor things, we lose a lot of creativity. We become boring and identical. Censorship limits creativity. Without that, who knows what we might not be able to do! I believe right now 1 out of every 10 people visiting this site feel I should be institutionalized, 3 out of 10 think I'm sick, 4 out of 10 think its funny, and the rest don't care or get off to the thought of a girl taking a big fat dump. More feedback please! I'm always interested in what you have to say and I make it a point to let you know. I don't do this so much as to have people see what it is I'm doing, but to see what it is the public thinks about it. I'm all about a reaction. Whether it be good, bad, or neutral. I want to know dammit!

Thursday, April 4, 2002

Li'l Truck!!!

Daaaaang! So much happened since Monday! Yesterday, I was bored so I dyed my hair bright ass red again. But I didn't have enough dye, so I have like three different colors of red. Don't ask. Then, outta nowhere, I decided to buy a truck. Don't ask. Then, today, I got this rad new record! Well, it's not new. Actually it's old. But it's new to me cos I don't have it! Ha ha ha! Anyway, check it out.
The band is The Uncalled 4. They have a story worth checking out. Till then, I'll see if I can get some pix up already! Dang! Oh yeah, also, there's a show at the end of the month. Check out the details in the events section.

Thursday, March 28, 2002


Hi... I'm still sick. I called in sick today cos I was still sick. Duh. Anyway, the day is almost over and thanks to a bottle of Robotussin and who knows how many Tylenols, I'm feeling a little better. Let's just hope it doesn't come back again tomorrow in the morning like, "Hi! Surprise! I'm still here! You thought I was gone but I'm gonna hang around for like another week or something!" Guh. Anyway, my sis found it amusing how my baby kitty likes comforting me when I don't feel good. In fact, my baby kitty has been snuggling with me all day and night. She's like this portable heating pad. Plus she gives me back rubs... how rad is that???

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Red again

Hi... I'm sick. Yep. I'm going on vacation in three days and I'm sick. How fun is that? On the plus side, I changed my hair color to red again. You kinda miss it when you don't have it. I put in a strawberry blonde dye in thinking it would look nice, but it didn't look any different, so I threw on the red. Anyway, here's a pic of me with my new red hair. You remember this color? Satin brand hair dye 6R1. Heh... don't I look like I'm a drowning victim or something???

Saturday, March 23, 2002

Some Shitty Evening

First me and Katrina went to a club cos we were bored. Everyone there was so young and gay. There was this cool band and I bought a record from the guys. The guys in the band were real rad and sounded fuckin great! Me and Katrina pretended to be gay so we'd fit in but it was obvious we were straight. Oh well. Afterwards, I wanted to get a record but the guy selling stuff packed up. But we saw them in the parking lot and they were cool and said they'd get a record. So we waited for them and they came back. When we were makin a deal, we heard this horrible screaming. We turned around and there was this dude in the parking lot lying down and a car. Some guy hit him! It gets worse. It was his boyfriend probably. A lover's quarrel. The one guy was crying in pain bleeding on the floor, the other telling him "you don't want the cops to come out" and he showed no concern for the other guy. He was more worried about his own fate, not taking into consideration of the fact his lover could have been wounded internally or what not. He said "want me to call a cab? want me to call your mom?" It was horrible! Me and Katrina hung around for a bit but then left after the ambulence showed up. There really wasn't anything we could do about it, so we left. I don't know what happened to that guy, but I'd really like to hear from him if he's ok and all I gotta say is, dude, you gotta dump that asshole and get yourself a real man! Also, to the Von Steins... you guys rock, the record is great. Get back with me on the art show gig cos I'm sick of the crappy dj's we have!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Selena, the horse!

Hi-o!!! Well, this St. Patty's day, I went to Santa Anita with Katrina. For those of you who don't know about it, it's the race track. I always wanted to see a horse race, so we got directions and went. It was pretty rad, but it started raining, so that sucked. But none the less it was good cos I won $16.20. See, I don't really rely on odds or whatever when placing bets, but more "Oh wow, that horse's name is Tejan, like Tejano like the kinda music Selena plays. I'm gonna bid on that horse, but I'm gonna call it Selena instead." Oddly, I lucked out. That was just like in that same race there was a horse "Do Something Right. Well let's Do Something Right and bet on Do The Right Thing... like the movie." You can see where things go from here...

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

"Can I get a Woah Bundy?"

Gee, March already??? Uh-oh...

So obviously, you can tell I'm really busy, but with what? That's a good question. Work is getting kinda hectic since we picked up a few new clients. I've been doing more side gigs, and have *sigh of relief* gotten outta debt with a bitchin' $18 in my checkin account which was almost closed. My good name has been saved.

Aside from that, I've been doing... what have I been doing??? Oh yes, I've been doing a lot of work on other people's sites, I won an auction on ebay and lost another one thanks to the fact it ended while I was mid commute to work today. GODDAMMIT!!! But I'm sure that item will show up again on ebay someday.

Aside from that... I guess everything is going as normal. No interesting news here, sorry. Oh wait, no. Scratch that....

I'm trying to get my sister and friend to record an EP with me under the band name Jenny No.2, Her Asshole Friend, And Sister. What could an ep be called for a band with such a great name you ask? How about "Smell The Boot"? If you see this picture of Lors, you'll know why!!! Basically, the attempt at making a record (seeing as none of us have written music and lack the skill required to play) is just a lame excuse for using the picture. However, I'm sure with attempted songs like a remake of the Doogie Howser, Md. themesong with me on keyboard and sis and friend on kazoos breaking beer bottles, "Can I Get A Woah Bundy?", and a song that mentions everything from poop, camel toe, mullets, and Lionel (this handicap kid we went to school with.. ROCK ON LIONEL!!!), we would surely have KBD status...

I'll let you know what happenes with the records. Who knows, maybe we'll make them in time for the group show I'm gonna be in come May...

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Virtual farting contest

So on Saturday night/Sunday morning, I was conversing with a friend. Anyway, we were having a farting contest online via Yahoo! Messenger. It was a laugh-riot! Anyway, his computer was being funny, so I recorded some farts for him. You now have the pleasure of sharing the joys of breaking wind. Be warned, though, they're weak. I wasn't gassy that night and just stressing too hard to create something good. If I were able to record now, you would all be amazed!!!

*On a side note, this guy at my work just got a call on his cell phone and got spooked and jumped when it went off! Oh yeah, I also tripped on my front porch on Saturday, more on that later...*