Tuesday, April 16, 2002

If you're passionate about what you do, you're bound to step on someone's toes sooner or later

TAX DAY BEEYOTCH! Yea, it's today. Thanks to that, my drive to work was both full of traffic and not. Oddly, the most traffic was on the side streets... ie people headed to the post office. The freeway was pretty good, though. Ok, so I don't remember why, but I was going through my guest book. I was so amused to see that some chick was mad at me, however, I like U-Ron's advice of not letting anyone grind me down. He's a wise man. I know this isn't the U-Ron life dedication site or like U-Ron fan club, but shit, he knows what's up dammit! However, he told me once that if you're really passionate about what you do, you're bound to step on someone's toes sooner or later. And he's right. I mean, I really like what I do and believe a lot of the things I say, but there's a lot of people out there who don't agree with me. Trust me, I've stepped on my share of toes! (And I've been stepped a lot too, so...) I'm not tellin those people to fuck off, though, but to each man his own. I don't think anyone should be told what or what not to say. I'm all about freedom of speech. I mean, if we give that up, or give in to people telling us no, who knows what might be next? The right to bear arms? Also, when we start to censor things, we lose a lot of creativity. We become boring and identical. Censorship limits creativity. Without that, who knows what we might not be able to do! I believe right now 1 out of every 10 people visiting this site feel I should be institutionalized, 3 out of 10 think I'm sick, 4 out of 10 think its funny, and the rest don't care or get off to the thought of a girl taking a big fat dump. More feedback please! I'm always interested in what you have to say and I make it a point to let you know. I don't do this so much as to have people see what it is I'm doing, but to see what it is the public thinks about it. I'm all about a reaction. Whether it be good, bad, or neutral. I want to know dammit!

Thursday, April 4, 2002

Li'l Truck!!!

Daaaaang! So much happened since Monday! Yesterday, I was bored so I dyed my hair bright ass red again. But I didn't have enough dye, so I have like three different colors of red. Don't ask. Then, outta nowhere, I decided to buy a truck. Don't ask. Then, today, I got this rad new record! Well, it's not new. Actually it's old. But it's new to me cos I don't have it! Ha ha ha! Anyway, check it out.
The band is The Uncalled 4. They have a story worth checking out. Till then, I'll see if I can get some pix up already! Dang! Oh yeah, also, there's a show at the end of the month. Check out the details in the events section.