Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Squid slap: it's like a bitch slap but with a squid

YAY! I got a sorta-job now. I'll be painting on random days at Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Universal City now. Just got hired today. Wooh! I'll let you know the days I'm working so you may come visit, or purchase artwork, or just ask me questions, buy me drinks, etc. I'll be there.

Now for the weekend recap:

I went ocean fishing for the first time on Sunday. We left from Marina Del Ray and went out onto the open seas to catch baracuda and squid. I saw a real working lighthouse for the first time ever in my life. Then, we saw sea lions, dolphins, a jellyfish, and this crazy pelican that loved our sardines. Now, all was good with the exception of these Asian dudes who were total chauvanist assholes who took their fishing way too seriously.

This one guy was being a total dick, slapping me with his squid he'd bring up and almost ripping out various body parts when he casted out. Then when our side of the boat started catching squid, he told me I was in his space and to move. I assured him he was in his space and gave him a dirty look. From that point it was war. He took the taco though, when he had his squid squirt water and squid juice down my pants when I was bending over to bring the squid I caught onto the boat. But my fun wasn't spoiled because my sweet revenge was being one of the four girls on board a boat of fifty or so who caught some fish. That pissed him off. I can sleep happy.

Saturday, August 17, 2002

Think Blue...or yellow...

I decided to develope a random roll of film. It was from when I went to San Diego and some misc. pics I took when I went to a Dodger game. What happened was I couldn't find my truck after the game was over and we wound up wandering the parking lot lost looking for my truck for like an hour or so. I had to pee. This picture is pretty self-explanitory.It was a fun day...

Wednesday, August 7, 2002

I am a clever devil

Notice anything different? Here's a hint. I GOT MY OWN DOMAIN NAME!!! WOOOH! Yes, after a year on angelfire, they were hip to my shenanigans and I lost my site. They got especially testy when they learned I was using seven different domain names for my one site. It's against their terms of service. Plus I was getting shut down a lot cos I was exceeding my bandwidth. Oh well. I remember when they used to give 50 megs of space and then cut it down to 20. And they had a lot more bandwidth too. Now you hafta pay all this money to get more space and stuff and I was rippin them off. None the less, now I'm here and they're there. Most of my images have been saved thanks to fans. So, with that, I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEW SITE!!! Till then...