Tuesday, September 24, 2002

The non-Producer

Surprisingly (yea right!) I never got the money from the people that hit my car. So, some time this week I will be making a trip to the police department to pick up the forms for small claims court. Believe me when I say I really need that money. I spent my last $200 on the albacore fishing trip. I was pumped for that because my dad and everyone at the bait shops were talking about how great the past few days and weeks have been so I was really looking forward to it. I spent a lot of money on preparing for this trip. I bought a rod, a reel, some lures I never even used. Then, when we got there, the boat was unloading it's fish. They had maxed out. Everyone on the boat caught their limit of fish. It was a good sign of what was to come. When we got on the boat, we got our sleeping quarters. I went down to check it out. It was horrific. The beds were stacked in three's. The walking space between the beds was maybe two feet wide. There were these ugly little curtains on them that pulled shut so you had privacy. The mats on the bed were made of naugahyde or something and were terribly uncomfortable. It was hot, stuffy, loud from the engine and snoring and sounds of people moving around. I coulda sworn there were things living in my blanket and I could feel things walking around on me so I bailed and sat in the galley. Big mistake. I couldn't see a thing and I got sea sick. I have NEVER gotten sea sick and I was so upset. I was the first one up on the boat at 1:30am. I kept waking up on the hour wondering when someone else would wake up. Finally around 3:00am someone came out to the galley and sat down and left. I wound up crashing on the table some more till my dad came out. Or maybe it was my mom. Either way, I don't recall too much since I spent a good deal of my time sleeping in the galley whether it was cos I was sick and didn't feel good or cos I was tired and trying to sleep on the way back. When we actually got to fish, it came down to everyone on the boat caught something but I didn't. I felt really bummed because I spent the last of my $200 on this trip. I am not working. I have no money. I am broke as a joke and my insurance is due, my registration is due, my bills are due and I have no money. This sucks. And to make everything worse, I'm sick still and I have the runs. I am angry and I want my money back! Well, from the people who hit my car, that is. Till then kids...

Thursday, September 5, 2002

"My wife is in the hospital, I gotta go. Call me tomorrow."

Hooray! Kelly won! Ok, yes, I have been following American Idol. Shoot me. And I don't care what people say, I liked Nikki. Better than Justin. But hey, enough of that, more of me (I sound so selfish! Ha ha ha!) Today I got an estimate on how much it will cost to fix my truck. Grand total is... drumroll... $786.80! Yes. Turns out there's more than just bumper scuffs and scrapes. My alignment is messed up and my flatbed has a "diamond condition", i.e., it was tweaked out of shape into that of, you guessed it, a diamond. I called the guy and suddenly he now speaks perfect english and says, "ooh that's a lot of money. I know a mechanic" and then tells me, "My wife is in the hospital, I gotta go. Call me tomorrow." It sounds weird. Very weird. I told him that I would give him to the 20th, so you guys all have my word here. I'm planning on calling tomorrow to make sure he understands, too. So, we'll just wait and see if they get my money.

Wednesday, September 4, 2002

Don't F with me at the DMV!!!

WELL!!!! These past few days have been depressing. As you know, I'm now out of work. Last Friday was my first day of not working and it was HORRIBLE!!! I knew the day would be bad from the moment I woke up. It was too hot to sleep in and I was up at 10 am. I turned on teevee and Martha Stewart Living was on. That was a good thing. But when I saw the Blue Cross comerrcial, it made me sad because our work used to do ads for Blue Cross. As soon as I got over that, I knew it was time to get my day going or else I would never get anything done. So, I went to get dressed so I could go to the DMV and get my tags renewed. They're due in November, but I figured I could get them done early. When I went to put on my boots, I realized there was a big puddle of saturating cat piss on them. I washed them off with some soap and water and put them on wet and went on my way to the DMV.

At the DMV, I had circled the lot hopelessly looking for a space. Everyone and their mother was there. Finally, I noticed someone was going to leave, so I waited patiently for them to exit. As I sat waiting, a minivan pulls up from the left of me trying to pass me up, hitting my truck in the process. Then, to make matters worse, they took my parking space. So I ask them for their info and they give me all these bogus stories. There is this pregnant girl who is the translator of the event to the man and woman there. She gives me her work and home number and they say they'll pay for the damage. Then, the other woman tells the pregnant girl the damage they did was already on my car. I told them I knew what was on my car and what not. Then I ask them for the driver's information. He gives me a lisence and I notice a resident visa above it. When I get his address, I notice its a PO Box. I also find out they're uninsured and the car isn't theirs. Supposingly, they were going to buy the car from some lady but they didn't pay for it, and they didn't know the woman's name. It just didn't make sense, so I called the cops. While I waited for the cops to come, the guy comes out and looks at me a few times on my cell phone with the papers. Then, he goes inside and comes back again walking the baby in the stroller that he had with him earlier. He then disappears and moments later the pregnant girl comes out and she gets into the van where the man was waiting for her. They then drive off. In the fifteen minutes or so that they were gone, I called the two numbers the girl gave me and they didn't work. Finally, they come back later and the second woman comes out of the DMV. As they are about to leave, the cops pull up with a tow truck. The cops managed to get some straight answers from those people, as well as impound their van until they could get insurance and they were written up with attempted hit and run. Justice was served that day.

Later I went to get my parking pass for Tu Tu and the City Walk HR was closed cos of Labor Day weekend. Oh well. I had to paint later that night and it was a pretty long night. But I looked forward to getting sleep that night.

I slept in the next day and went to a club with my old coworker. That was fun even though the club kinda sucked. It was nice to get out. The next day I had to paint from noon to five and because it was so hot, I waited there for an hour until it was time for my friend's 21st birthday party. We ate and then they all wanted to go clubbing so I was like ok sounds fun. I go but I had a long day so I leave like an hour after I got there. I go home and sleep in.

Now, this weekend, there wasn't a day where it was less than 105 degrees in the valley. On Monday, it was like 114 in the shade. I got in my truck and went to the beach, but my eyes felt like they were gonna pop outta my head, and I started getting really dizzy and noxious. I pulled over and bought a large bottle of water and downed it in seconds. I called my parents and told them I'd be back home and I'd be leaving later on in the day. On my way back home, I almost passed out in my truck. It sucked.