Thursday, October 31, 2002

I always get hired around holidays

Today was busy... very busy. I've had two critiques this week, one Monday, one Tuesday, then after little sleep, I chapperoned a trip to the Getty Museum with my old art history class from high school. Rah. After that, I had a second interview upon which I was accepted and hired for work. Yeee! So, after nearly two months of being unemployed, I finally am back working. The great thing is it's close to home and I can carpool with my dad to work if he ever needs to. Wooh! So I'm happy. Life is good. It's good to be feeling this way again. Hooray!

On a side note, I start on Halloween. I started my last job the day after the 4th of July. And my first job I started a few days after Thanksgiving. An odd coincidence I start jobs after holidays? Hmmm....

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Valley Cesession

With election day coming up and the heated debates with valley secession, I did a little bit of looking into the proposition, and came up with a bit of obscure theories of my own based on observations, and I have written a little rant as to why I think you should all VOTE YES ON THE PROPOSITION FOR VALLEY SECESSION. Read and remember, while my observative theories haven't been proven, I sound like I have a damned good point! However you can check some of the links I put up. They're true. Mine is just a hypothetical rant.

Normally, I don't write too many rants, or take onto political issues, but I need to step in and take the moment to be, well, political...

I would like all of you to vote YES on the valley seccession proposition. It's a simple thing, yet people are being scared into thinking it's bad. Really, it isn't. I've lived in the San Fernando Valley all my life. My parents and I have worked and I've noticed how over the past ten years the valley has started to suck greatly. Now I'm not saying I don't love the valley anymore, because I always will. But here's what's been going down:

Within the past ten years more and more kids have been bussed into our schools because the schools Downtown suck. But, lo and behold, why do they suck? Is it because they lack funds? Nay, I say. From what I recall, a large portion of our tax dollars were used to buy new computers and fix playgrounds and do whatever could be done to fix up those schools. So you need to ask yourself the real question here: is it our schools that are bad or the people going to them?

It is without a doubt the people going to these schools. The solution: after giving the schools Downtown better fascilities, kids are still being bussed out here to the valley. Yes, our schools are better, but it is because of the people. But we have the same fascilities we have given our friends Downtown. Our schools have computers and libraries and playgrounds, yet our kids are not destructive like inner city kids. That old saying "you can take the kid out of the hood, but you can't take the hood outta the kid" is what applies here.

Bringing inner city kids accustomed to the gang lifestyle into a calmer environment will not settle the child. This is a primative mindframe that reminds me of colonization and bringing Christianity to natives. These people managed to make a living and were fine before our intervention, so why do we think we need to step in to help them? By doing so, we are only deteriorating our society. Bussing children in gangs to our valley schools is concurrent to the increasing statistics of vandalism, violence, and lower test scores with our children. Am I saying that by placing these kids with our kids it is dumbing them down? Yes. I know it is up to our kids to choose their lives and study on their own time and pay attention in school, but having been in school with these disruptive kids who only go to school simply because the state makes them, I can and will say that these kids cause a great disruptance in and out of the classroom. It makes it hard for the students who want to learn to do so. Then, parents complain saying that either the rich kids or the white kids get to advance in studies and get better educations because they have the money to do so. Race or class has nothing to do with this as most upper level classes tend to be mixed. I myself was in upper level academic classes; however, I am not rich, I simply did my work.

Now, ok, you're all thinking I'm being a big bad meanie picking on the poor inner city kids. Well, why should they ruin things out here? They have the fascilities to excell, yet they fail. I'm not saying they all fail, but for the most part, they just don't even care to learn. And the ones that do live in the city and go to school out there, what's their excuse? Are we not giving them money to get computers so they have an equally good chance of getting the same education as people in the valley? All I see is our tax dollars helping out the people Downtown, bussing their kids out here to learn, and yet instead of test scores going up, they are going down and spreading it to the valley.

By dividing the San Fernando Valley from Los Angeles, maybe they'll still bus the kids from downtown in here, but at least we can use our tax dollars for ourselves and purchase our schools computers after their kids break them or steal them to buy crack. Or, it might be a wake up call for LA to get their butts in gear and crack down on their kids to do well in school. None the less, we can afford to get more cops if problems erupt.

Cops and Gov't Workers
It has been proven in psychological studies that people growing up in the city have higher crime rates than those in the suburbs. Even though most of the valley is suburban, we do have our few city-like areas; however, none as big as those in Los Angeles. Much of the San Fernando Valley's money has been spent to supply cops for Downtown. Why? Because they have a high crime rate! As discussed earlier, children out there do not care to learn to better themselves and what's worse is their parent's don't encourage studying! Most of the children come from large families with only one parent present, for various reasons. Perhaps their parent is receiving welfare or some form of government aid, or, they are working two full time jobs to support their family. None the less, the kids either figure they'll have children by the time they're 16 and drop out of school and live on welfare, or they turn to a life of crime. Some get into drugs or join gangs to get the attention they do not receive at home.

With their high crime levels, they need more cops and we keep on supplying them with more and more. Perhaps its time LA gets a little dose of tough love. With the secession, once they're all out of cops, that's it. The city will be overcome by chaos, or once again, they will have to say to themselves, "Hey, we got a problem, maybe we should start cracking down on these people" and have strict curfew laws and arrest anyone out after that time. Yes, it's harsh, but the best way to fight crime is with an extreme measure.

If the valley secession occurs, we can spend our money to get more cops for our cities to see they are safe. We can improve our cities and have cops patrolling neighborhoods regularly to prevent any possible crimes. LA is big enough to take care of themselves. They make enough money to take care of their problems.

The Tax Raise Scare
Once again, LA is a big city and makes enough money. If the secession occurs, they still will get to keep the Burbank Air Port, which is a big money maker. If LA is making money from LAX and the Burbank Air Port, plus the many companies that exist in the Fashion and Garmnet Districts, Jewelry District, and points of interest like Olvera Street, China Town, Korea Town, and so forth, why do they need money from the San Fernando Valley?

As long as there is a balance of economy (people spending, people earning) then there really isn't any need to raise the taxes. LA has plenty of spending and buying, as does the San Fernando Valley. Only difference is, after secession, the valley will notice more of it's funds going to use for us and LA will notice it has to start dipping into it's own pockets. There is no reason for taxes to increase.

The Case of Fat Cats Getting Fatter and Governing The Cities
The only reason taxes would go up in either area (more so in LA than the valley) would be because the government officials don't want to cut their salaries in order to make their city work. They would rather have a pay raise and tax increase than give up a few of their luxuries.

And on that note, LA is big and does not have time to govern itself and the valley. They seem to be inadequately representing the valley in any of our issues because their city seems to be so much more important. They are bigger and the underlying issue is, we are simply an extension of their city and will never truly be a part of it. It is like the valley is a stepchild to the LA family and no matter how much we contribute to the wellness of the family, we still don't get the recognition and help we deserve.

By splitting up from LA, both cities will be able to propperly govern each other to best benefit the cities. If that means the fat cats in LA have to give up their six figure salaries, so be it. And if that means they make taxes go up in LA, so be it as well. The San Fernando Valley will not have to worry so much about taxes going up as we make a well amount of money already.

Beautiful Cities Are Better Cities
A large part of our earnings in the valley go to repairing dilapidated buildings Downtown, while our streets are in desperate need of repaving. Some streets in the valley cannot be fixed because there is not enough money to fix them due to the fact our repair money is going Downtown. If we split, we can spend our money to repair our streets, buildings, and parks, giving us a more beautiful city. And I'm sure it goes without speaking that people would rather live in a pretty city than in a dump. Pretty city equals happy people.

So Come Election Day...
Vote YES on Valley Secession. Don't let your bleeding heart conscience get to you. LA is a big city, it makes a lot of money, and it will get to keep the Burbank Air Port. They aren't hurting financially. We are. And that's only because we let ourselves do this. We need to speak up for ourselves and take action. As for LA, sure they might lose a bit of money from us, but they will be independent of having to take care of our governmental needs.


For more info on valley succesion there are many resources of information on the web.