Wednesday, December 18, 2002


Guh! News bout my pup not bout me. It's a story called I SMELL A LAWSUIT IF YOU DON'T FIX THIS. Listen up kids...

As you know, we have a black lab, Snoopy. She's 7 years old. A year ago, my parents decided to get her fixed after much debating over how they feared the anesthesia might kill her or she might die during her surgery. But they decided to get it done anyway. Besides, we were hurting for money and couldnt afford her $70 non-spayed registration fees. So we took her to this little place on Sepulveda Blvd. that does low cost spay and neutering. Later that day we got her back. She was all woozy, but ok. When we got home, we noticed her stitches looked kind of funny. Not like she had been picking at them, but they looked like they were just done shottily (and we have many a pets and have done the spay-neuter routine frequently and are VERY aware of how properly done stitches look.)

The next day, my sister is getting ready for work when the dogs stiches just bust open. She rushes her to Adler Veternary Clinic. They fixed her stitches but said it didn't look like she was fixed right. They said they could do it but it would be expensive, or my sis could take it back to the other place and they should fix it for free. So Snoopy goes back to the shotty vet and gets "fixed" again. She heals fine in no time.

A few months pass and she goes into heat. She wasn't fixed right. After discussing with other vets, it was suggested that a piece of the ovaries might have been left inside and that she could be fixed during her next heat cycle so the ovaries would show up better. Come her next heat cycle, though, we didn't have the money to get her fixed. But the pup was fine.

A few weeks after she finishes that heat cycle, she gets sick. She got fatter, was always limping around, her eyes were really red, she was drinking a lot of water and then the real kicker: nearly a month after her heat cycle, she started to have a vaginal discharge. That was not right.

We took her back to Adler and found out she had Pyrometra. Her uterus became infected and was filled with pus. Eew. It would cost anywhere between $700 and $1000 for the operation and more if it was difficult. Sadly, it was a life or death situation. If she didn't get the operation, she would die. Her uterus would get so full of pus it would burst and the infection would kill her. Luckily, the good people at Pacific Coast Animal Hospital in Malibu were able to help us out. Thanks to an insider, we were discounted a $400 operation. Snoopy went in Monday and I picked her up today. They had removed her uterus and said she was never even fixed to begin with. Her ovaries were still inside her and everything. After removing her uterus, it was about a gallon full of pus (and it weighed about 6 lbs.) It was said to be the lenght from arm to elbow because it had expanded so much.

The pup was very happy to see me and come home. She peed everywhere in the back yard just to let everyone know who's house it still is. And now, she's just chillin'.