Saturday, December 6, 2003

I hate the holidays

Welcome to December! Sigh. This is supposed to be a happy time of the year, but things aren't looking too great right about now. Work is totally busy and crappy. It's not looking any better. School is almost over and I won't be able to go back next semester cos I can't afford to. Plus I've been learning things about people I know that just makes me feel sooooooooo much pain and worthlessness. It's just weird, you know? Technically, my neighbors should be gone by next Wednesday. Christmas is sneaking up on me. I feel kinda overwhelmed. I'm trying to lose some weight for Vegas. I've been planning this trip since last year. But anyway, back to the depressing part. Since I'll be taking yet another leave of absence, that means another year and a half before I can finish school. I guess I'm at that phase in my life where other people I know are graduating college now. They're gonna get married probably. They'll have houses and nice cars and nice things and I'll still be in school taking eight million years just to get my BA and then when their rich parents pay their student loans off in 2 years or whatever, I'll be spending the rest of my life with bad credit and too many loans against my name and not enough money and I'll have my stupid art degree and be living at home with my parents busting my butt so I can visit a boyfriend on the weekends because chances are I'll never get married and I'll never be out of debt or living away from my parents. AGH! I hate the holidays! What's worse is in 3 months (I guess... December...January...February...) yea 3 months, I'll be 22, I still won't get a proper Valentine's Day! Agh! Did I evern mention that I never had anything special done for Valentine's Day? All my life I never had a boyfriend or anyone do anything special for me for Valentine's Day. THEN, when I did get a boyfriend, the first year we were together, we were going to go out on my birthday, Feb. 15th, which was a I think a Friday and celebrate then because neither of us wanted to go out on a Thursday night. So, as I'm getting ready to go out with him, my best friend calls me and is hysterical because her boyfriend dumped her the day AFTER Valentine's day, yea my birthday. So I spend the weekend consoling her pretty much. So that fucks up my first possible Valentine's Day. The next year I got salmonella and not only could I not celebrate Valentine's Day, but I COULDN'T EVEN GO OUT DRINKING!!!! And what happened to all those people who were like, "We'll go out later!" WHERE ARE YOU?! WE NEVER WENT OUT!!! Maybe this year will be more hopeful. Maybe I'll get a Valentine's Day, or get to go out drinking, or maybe I'll get hit by a car and get killed and not have to worry about all this petty crap. AGH! stupid gay holidays...

Monday, November 24, 2003

Cholo on the grass

Sorry for not updating so much. I've been busy. I do have some more art I need to put up though. I've been doing a lot of painting lately so I'm happy. But today as I was driving home from church, I noticed there was this cholo dude lying on the grass. I thought it was kinda odd, so I honked at him. I didn't know if he was dead or strung out or what because he didn't answer. Later a paramedic came and I guess he got spooked by the siren and thought it was the cops or something and bailed. I took a picture of him though.

Saturday, September 6, 2003

Art school is over priced daycare for retards

Jenny learned a valuable lesson today. A lesson about rich people, spoiled brats, and retards. You see, yesterday, Jenny had to register for school. Jenny went and did everything, but her mentor left early so she was never able to finish registration, so she had to come back again today. When she came back today, she did everything she had to do and all was happy. But, oh, some of those snotty ass office people leave early for lunch because they feel their lives are far more important than those of other people. So I have to wait an hour and a half to get that taken care of.

In the meantime, I was given permission to move back into my old studio if no one was in it. Well, I go there and to my surprise, some girl is now living in there. I was upset but I can't be cos I was on a leave of absence and besides, she made that studio block look DAMNED good. That block looked like shit before! Kudos to her. She also informed me that another studio in that block was vacant. So I can't be too hurt.

None the less, I'm still not pleased with the people at CalArts. I've come to the conclusion it's nothing more than an overpriced daycare for retards with rich parents. "Oh, let's hide our child in a prestigous art school because we can donate a lot of money. Then the family won't look at them like an idiot and see them as a bohemian. Grand idea!"

This makes me think of Billy Beer... hey, let's have the black sheep of the family have something they can call their own so we can have them out of our hair and they feel like they're important. We're all happy. Riiiiight. That doesn't play too well in my world...

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Sadistic Sociopath... like Jeffery Dahmmer

I found ouf from a darling friend that my arch enemy was fired from CalArts. Now who will I scoff at as I pass down the halls Thursdays before 4 and after 6??? Oh well. Maybe they'll be lucky and get a job at Starbucks or something? I remember they'd always said they [Starbucks employees] made more money than they did. Maybe their dream of making money will come true... hahahahahahaha! What a turd! On that note let's reflect on something that person said to me years ago... They said I was a "sadistic socipath... like Jeffery Dahmmer!" Right. I don't think so. But, since I know they're probably sad cos they're outta work now, I thought I'd cheer that person up by making them think they're right, so here's some pictures of me pretending to be a sadistic sociopath. THIS ONE'S FOR YOU *****!!!

Monday, April 21, 2003

I'm now a Catholic

You're probably thinking, "Gee Jenny, why'd you wait till the end of the month to update your news?" I answer... aw fuck it, I'm too lazy to answer. (You can probably find the answer in there...) Anyway, last nite I got baptised. I am offially now a Catholic. And strangely enough, today being Easter and March 20th, (no I don't say shaa bro! to you 420 duds...) oddly enough, today is also Hitler's birthday, and I find while going to my German grandma's house, this picture her sister sent to her... a nice family portrait... with a guy in a SS jacket. I believe that "demented looking girl" is my grandma (described as demented by someone earlier who saw the pic...) So, with that, I say, don't expect too many updates from me as I'm just becoming apathetic, lazy, etc. Fin!

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

God Bless Norms... A St. Patrick's Day Story

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I have a special story for you all... Here:

God Bless Norms... A St. Patrick's Day Story

Today, me, Lori and my dad went to Norms by my work for lunch. If you don't know where it is, its on Sherman Way and Woodman. Me and Lori got the St. Patrick's Day special: corned beef, cabbage, red potatoes and carrots. I wanted to get a salad since the soup choices were some weird bean soup or gumbo, which quite honestly, didn't strike me as being too "Irish". The waitress, whom I could barely understand due to her thick accent (we were trying to guess which dialect of South American it was... my dad kept blaring he thought she was Cuban and did a really shoddy Ricky Ricardo impression or an attempt at one. I couldn't tell) told me I could have two salads. This struck me as odd, but I told my dad he could have the "other" salad. So we get our food and eat. Salads work out. Main dish works out. Then I get to my potatoes. I lather them up with butter and douse them with sour cream. They're like the highlight of the event because I love potatoes, especially red ones. I take a bite and it's just as I thought—nothing but perfect. I though, "Damn, Fatima is right... Norms iscool!" Then I get to the third bite. Wait, something isn't right. It's kinda hard... and slippery. It kinda feels like glass, but not as hard? I open my mouth and pull out the potato surprise and examine it for a second then say to my dad and Lori, "There's half of a bread clip in my potatoes!" Instead of bitching and moaning about how it was gross and not sanitary, or trying to get a free meal out of it, I take the initiative to clean it off with my napkin, laugh about it with Lori and scan it when I get back to work so I can share this delightful St. Patrick's Day Potato Surprise gift with you all. Happy St. Patrick's Day. May the luck of the Irish be with you even if you're not Irish, or part Irish like me and be fortunate to get an unwanted item in your next meal...

If you enjoyed this story, or are freaked out and want to warn your friends to steer clear of Norms in Van Nuys on Sherman Way and Woodman (hint hint) or any restaurant where you have no idea what the fuck the people who are serving you are saying, please feel free to share this with them.

Sunday, March 16, 2003


So tonight I can say I feel better. I finally got to cleaning my room up after being sick and this is like my marker that says LIFE IS BACK TO NORMAL! That means back to the same old usual stuff. I was gonna paint today but then it rained and I like to paint in the backyard for lack of a better place to paint... after all, we know how much mom loves it when I get paint on the carpet, right? So that got called off. Instead I made a matching pillow case for the quilt I made. Then I cleaned out new fish, Mr. Toupee (sp?). Oh yeah, last week I got a new fish. He's a white fan tail goldfish with a little cranium action but not all crazy like, it looks like a fake hairpiece, hence his name, Mr. Toupee. I got some new sheets for my bed... pink... betcha never saw that one coming. So, after all is said and done, I had time to play with the Squirrel. I took her collar off, combed her with the slicker brush for a while, played with crinkle bee and we listened to some cheezy Readers Digest style ragtime record. It was all good. Then she got tired and is really cute so I'll share.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

It's March...

Howdy! It's March, I'm feeling better. All is ok. I'm hoping to be able to do more painting on the Texas punk thing again since I'm getting a bit more time. I've made some big promises to some big people and dang it, I gotta keep doing this. I don't want it to be like something I put on the back burner for so long I just give up. Cos I'm not gonna give up! Wooh! Plus, with the possession of more records and what nots, I've been getting more inspiration and stuff. So, with tax returns I hope to get a better digital camera so I can be even more motivated and get more stuff up so my buddies in Texas can be happy too. Yay!