Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Sadistic Sociopath... like Jeffery Dahmmer

I found ouf from a darling friend that my arch enemy was fired from CalArts. Now who will I scoff at as I pass down the halls Thursdays before 4 and after 6??? Oh well. Maybe they'll be lucky and get a job at Starbucks or something? I remember they'd always said they [Starbucks employees] made more money than they did. Maybe their dream of making money will come true... hahahahahahaha! What a turd! On that note let's reflect on something that person said to me years ago... They said I was a "sadistic socipath... like Jeffery Dahmmer!" Right. I don't think so. But, since I know they're probably sad cos they're outta work now, I thought I'd cheer that person up by making them think they're right, so here's some pictures of me pretending to be a sadistic sociopath. THIS ONE'S FOR YOU *****!!!