Saturday, September 6, 2003

Art school is over priced daycare for retards

Jenny learned a valuable lesson today. A lesson about rich people, spoiled brats, and retards. You see, yesterday, Jenny had to register for school. Jenny went and did everything, but her mentor left early so she was never able to finish registration, so she had to come back again today. When she came back today, she did everything she had to do and all was happy. But, oh, some of those snotty ass office people leave early for lunch because they feel their lives are far more important than those of other people. So I have to wait an hour and a half to get that taken care of.

In the meantime, I was given permission to move back into my old studio if no one was in it. Well, I go there and to my surprise, some girl is now living in there. I was upset but I can't be cos I was on a leave of absence and besides, she made that studio block look DAMNED good. That block looked like shit before! Kudos to her. She also informed me that another studio in that block was vacant. So I can't be too hurt.

None the less, I'm still not pleased with the people at CalArts. I've come to the conclusion it's nothing more than an overpriced daycare for retards with rich parents. "Oh, let's hide our child in a prestigous art school because we can donate a lot of money. Then the family won't look at them like an idiot and see them as a bohemian. Grand idea!"

This makes me think of Billy Beer... hey, let's have the black sheep of the family have something they can call their own so we can have them out of our hair and they feel like they're important. We're all happy. Riiiiight. That doesn't play too well in my world...