Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Well! What's the point of updating so late in the month? I dunno. I guess I didn't want to let anyone down. Let's see, what's goin on... I had to take a leave of absence from school and that sucked cos they tore up my ID card. No more student discount! Boo! I went to a monster truck rally on Saturday night (01/25/02) and it was cool cos they had demolition derby instead of the gay motocross/motorcross (sp?). Moral of story: it was great.


Here's something you don't hear of too much. You always hear stuff about people saying their mechanics suck and not to trust them, etc. I don't believe that. I love my mechanic. I trust my li'l truck with Steve at Burns Automotive in Reseda. That guy's worked on my truck every time since I've owned it doing nothing but making it better for me. Anyway, over the last few days, I noticed my brake lights and blinkers weren't working, so I had the li'l guy go in today for a check up. Steve checks it out along with a list of other things I wanted him to look at and well, darn it he's such a nice guy! If I won the lotto I'd give him like $5,000 or somethin. Normally, they won't do the work unless you pay that day or the day you pick it up with a down payment if it's a high bill. Well, Steve's worked on my truck. I've spent like $4,000 on my truck fixing it up since I've had it. I had to get a stupid belt that cost $500, rebuilt the transmission at $800, got a new engine put in $4,000. So, when I have a tiny thing that needs to be done like changing blinker lights, he does them for me and says I can pay for them whenever because he really wouldn't want to see me get in an accident because someone doesn't know which way I'm going or if my brake lights aren't working.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Marketing Victim

I was watching Happy Gilmore tonite on FOX and he was doing his SUBWAY commercial so I got a craving for Subway. My mom had a full card for a free sub, so not only did I get Subway, but I didn't hafta pay. It was good. :)

Monday, January 5, 2004

You'd be proud of me today...

I threw up. It sucked cos I had Taco Bell last night and I swear I have chunks of ground beef and other taco products in my nose! Heheh. But yea, I guess I'm kinda bothered because if you recall, a year ago, I had a very long sickness start out this same way around this same time. I don't even want to remember that. For some stupid reason I was traumatized by that whole hospital experience that I kinda fear that whatever breath I take might be my last whenever I go to bed and I kinda have this fear of dying or of other people I love dying because of their lifestyles. Death. It's not cool. Ok, anyway, I think its high time I wash this sickness out.