Sunday, May 23, 2004

Snorkel adventures

I went hiking at Leo Carillo today with T and Amafamalissa, and after we went to Point Dume where I had snorkel adventures... or tried to at least...

Thursday, May 20, 2004


heh... not that that's a bad thing...

anyway last nite i was setting the alarm on my phone and realized i had a message so i checked it and it was fatima so i called her. she was asleep and i thought what a lazy oaf asleep so early...

early alright.. like almost 1 am hehe.

according to various sources, jeremy is infamous for calling at random unknown hours of the night. jeremy, if you're reading this, fool, call my ass!!! im up and no one is at weird hours!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Bunk Ass Toilet

So my work has the worst bathrooms. I mean, there's a lot about my work that sucks, but the bathrooms are one of the key crap factors here. I went to the bathroom today and I had some sorta scattered poops and when I flushed, I dunno if we have those low flow cheapo water conservancy toilets or what, but like everything went down except for one piece of boom. So I waited a few seconds and flushed again and the water rised, but didn't go down. It just kinda stopped filling and gave up. So I got out the plunger and was tryin to make it go down but aside from having a bunk ass toilet our plunger is ass too. Its all like soft rubber and doesn't do a damned thing! You plunge and plunge and its like I'd get the same results with a paper plate or something. Anyway, it's a few minutes later so I try to flush again and I flush and plunge in unison and finally that little poop goes down. I swear I wasted like 15 minutes in there over all between pooping and trying to get that one piece to go down. I shoulda just left it. But then not only does that happen, but in the process of the final goodbye, the poop slid on the side of the toilet resulting in a gnarly skid that I couldn't get to wipe off with the plunger. Stupid bathroom. I hate it. I miss my old work's bathrooms.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

M A C H I N E M A C H I N E M A C H I N E M A C H I N E M A C H I N E M A C H I N E ....

Yah thats how i feel sometimes... I don't know whether to blurt out MACHINE MACHINE MACHINE via Kraftwerk or IM NOT A MACHINE a la Black Flag. Damn gina! Sometimes life is so mechanical to me. I've had this total respect for robots in the past four years or so. Don't get me wrong, I've always loved physics and wish I woulda gone that route instead but it's so hard getting a cool job in the science world unless you're totally smart and go into a specific field. i'm totally jealous of my friend cos he has this bitchin mad crazy job doing some high tech james bond shit that has to do with something of the random distribution of atoms forming a lattice structure, not sure what they need it for but its crazy stuff. he's had like over 12 publications, a phd, and a six digit salary and he's only 10 years older than me.

when i think of that i wonder like where will i be in 10 years? im hoping i'll have my student loans paid off but today i had a glimmer of hope for a few random minutes. i was working on a website for this lady a while back and quit on her and got my pay, but she emailed me this weekend wanting some art so i told her i'd do her design for $40 and she was like, ok cool. but then she emailed me and asked me for some more stuff so i bumped it up to $100 and she was like yea cool. so i think ok its not a million dollars but it's a bill. :) so i was being a little machine crankin out her art and stuff. and sometimes i just do stuff like that and think hey this is cool im getting paid to do what i like and its on my terms and i can set a price. that liberty is great. but im bummed cos come tax time i gotta claim that money. i'm not too sure how to go about doing that but i'd be kinda afraid not to and then down the line find out i owe for whatever reasons.

i just finished doing some art for someone i know and they showed their buddie who owns a hobby record label and wants me to do art for them. grrrr. i have no problem doin freebies for friends but i told them this guy better pay me hehe. i told the guy i'd give him a discount cos its their buddy but i also informed them never to do that again w/o my consent. ie, my time is money and time wasted on fun stuff can be time working on paid goods...

Tuesday, May 4, 2004


* * EARLY MORNING * * Morning!!! I just got finished listing some art of mine on ebay. But theres a few things I have listed on there that I have extras of like the Pooptopia test press prints, New Wave of Poop posters, and some stuff that I don't have listed, the Take a Shit It'll Last Longer test press prints on neon poster board (those vary in size but are like within the 8.5 - 14" range.) I have 4 of the Take a Shit prints. If you're interested in buying one, email me. There's only 4 of those and they're $10 each with free shipping. You can pay for all items via paypal, or contact me for other methods.

So across the street from me is this family. The husband is a gardener and tried to get a monopoly of doing all the lawns in our neighborhood but most of the old people out here already had gardeners so he's all pissy. He was mad at us cos we turned down his services so he was friends with our old asshole neighbors that moved and he'd plot with them stupid stuff. Anyway, the guy has these kids, two that I know of, one I question if it's his. The one kid is a little girl. She's pretty chubby. She looks like the mom. The other is this little boy who is totally blonde hair blue eyes and wears glasses white. Now I've seen some of their relatives and there are no light skinned folk there (they're hispanic and most of them are darker skinned. I think the woman had an affair or the kid might be adopted or something.) Anyway, since the guy does yard work he's home every day and his kids run around outside the house and up and down the street. The old lady across thes street with me who pimps her old Chevy Malibu to the church I go to on Sundays got mad at his kids cos they were riding their bikes on her lawn and stuff. But ok that's kinda irrelevant to my story. Anyway, they're home all day and when they're not trashing up the neighbor's lawns they have their dad buy them ice cream. I think he must spend like at least $20 a week on ice cream from the ice cream truck on them. Now, logic tells me, ok, ice cream from the truck is like $1.50 or so for one thing. Ice cream from the store is like $3 - $5 for a gallon or a box of popsicles or whatever. Financially I can see one option being a LOT cheaper than the other. Then again, maybe he buys from the truck cos if it's in the house that little girl might eat all of them at once. Anyway, I see those kids get ice cream from a truck at LEAST three times a day in the spring and summer. Its usually like once or whenever the truck comes by in the winter and off seasons. Regardless, he's financing ice cream man's child support or whatever.

Now, there's one ice cream truck in the neighborhood that we've dubbed the "drug truck". Reason being, it comes down the street every day or so and goes at least 30 - 40 mph. It never stops for anyone. It's blue with a white roof and we laugh whenever it passes by because you hear the music and it sounds all warped due to it's high speed. Anyway, today those two kids were in their front yard and I guess the ice cream man didn't come yet but they see the drug truck haulin ass down the street and they start to run after it, "WAAAAIIIIITTTT!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!" The funny thing is, our drug truck theory is even more true now more than ever. Two kids come running after the truck and it doesn't stop. Does it see them? It can't help it. They were running out to it from the moment they spotted it down the street. This pass by was intentional. That truck knew those kids weren't buying drugs and that truck obviously didn't have any ice cream for them either. So the theory that the drug truck really is a drug pusher in the disguise of an ice cream truck: true. The fact that those kids eat too much damned ice cream and maybe this will be a wake up call to them to cut back a bit: also true.

But you can believe me, I was laughing my ass off when I saw this. That's just ghetto. Hahahah...

Monday, May 3, 2004


Happy May!!! Well, I got back from Coachella this morning at 6 something. It took us almost 7 hours to get home. That's ass but it was worth it being able to see Kraftwerk in my lifetime. I won't go into all the horrible details of the drive but I took some pics of the band. I had them posted but someone brought up a very valid point about the band being top secret and the possibilities of people jacking my archive so, if you want to see them, I'll show you but only under the pretense you don't steal my images. Also, I'd appreciate if you don't go posting those images all over the place if I do show you cos dammit I don't wanna hafta take them down cos someone rips me off, you know? People suck like that.

Also I have horrible sound quality video clippets if you wanna see. Due to the fact we were right up there by them, the sound sucks. But it sure the hell didn't suck there hahahaha!!!