Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Sunset Junction...

Everyones writing about it.... ya I went. Me and Alissa went and saw the Unicorns. I'm jealous that I didn't have their hot pink leisure suitesque outfits. But whatever. Some girl asked us if we supported gay marriage and I got mad cos the night before some chick hit on me at Ralphs and I was wondering if I put off some sort of lesbo vibe??? It was good fun. That was the only time in my entire life I had to draw a map back to the car so we wouldn't get lost on surface streets. Good times... good times...

Monday, August 23, 2004

I'm not a film critic, I'm an art student...

Life is happening... too fast sometimes. I've been in a funk cos I haven't been able to enjoy it really. And when I do get to view life, it seems the pieces I get are the shitty ones. Grrr! Anyway, I was able to say I did get a good little weekened in. I went with Amaf to that festival shindig in Silverlake this weekend and we rocked out to the Unicorns in all their Canadian glory. We shopped. But Amaf got me back and I saw Open Water. I advise people with ADD and mental disorders to not see it as you'll be bored. I was disappointed with the ending greatly, but then realized this morning that Open Water was actually a really good movie because it got me thinking a LOT about life and how I would be in that situation. Needless to say, I would have a LOT harder time losing my husband, which makes you wonder how close they were as a couple to begin with, and I've gotten beef from a lot of people who have said it's a terrible movie and that the dialogue sucked and the acting was crappy, etc. Go ahead and insult, I still believe it has merit. Given, I'm not a film critic, but I'm an art student, and I'm used to critique and theory, which is a LOT more than I can say for the average person, so you wouldn't get it anyway. HA!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Best quiz!!!! Random guy....

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I'm Freddie dammit!!!

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So today is a happy day even though it's busy. My company has officially gone "corporate". Yay! I get better benefits and 90 days after September 1st, its 401Kville!!!! I'm so jazzed!!! But ok, time is flying like a mo-fo!!! I'm goin back to school soon. So as always, if you want to donate money, click the paypal link on the home page... I seriously need this cash!!!

Oh yeah, and amidst chaos of the past few days, I had a horror with my website due to alcohol induced stupidity.. My bad for posting my web info in chat!! HAahah! Ok, so lesson learned: drinking and computing is not safe. Had to have my password changed and my computer wasn't recognizing it and then my ftp went crazy and I had to reinstall and 3 or 4 days later life was good again. So kids, don't drink and computer. It's not safe.Till then... be safe and crazy!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2004

I'm an asshole!!

I am one of those people that love to hear the sound of their voice. That and my lousy attitude make for a mixture as toxic next-day-mexican-dinner-ass-drip.

The test never lies....

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Tuesday, August 3, 2004

No pleasing anyone...

I've come to that conclusion. I realize I say things that I see as harmless statements, yet, for some reason I always get angry responses? I'm a nut for details and people find my details offensive or wrong. Mark Twain said (about humor) that it's not good unless someone is offended. Well, given, anything in life isn't good unless someone is offended, even with that which is totally positive. Example: let's say someone says "I like Fred Durst. He's a good singer!" Ok, maybe that was a bad example, but anyway, there are people in the world who do not like him, his music, or maybe they just have some sort of personal vendetta against him or the person who made the comment. Given, a totally innocent and kind remark has offended someone who does not share the other person's beliefs. Does this make the person who made that comment a bad person? Who knows. Based on that statement no one knows. Maybe upon a first read of that statement you would make a judgement on that person based on your own personal feelings and not read further into things, or care to investigate more to make a thorough judgement. But point being, someone will be offended. It has come to my conclusion, then, that no matter what anyone does, even if they are the nicest person in the world, there is someone out there that hates you or will be offended by your comments, kind or not. I have never tried to make anyone happy. I don't hate people at random, only idiots. And honestly, I know I can be quite the idiot at times, and yes, I do get mad at myself! I insult, compliment, critique, etc. people left and right, and this is because I am aware of the fact people do the same to me and so I see no harm in doing so. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Yours may not agree with mine. In fact, I've realized that about 70% of people I meet do not agree with my views on anything. I won't even discuss politics with friends for fears of making enemies! So to anyone who has ever been curious, this is my clarification to my words, actions, and anythings. THERE IS NO PLEASING ANYONE.