Saturday, February 26, 2005

Work Softball Game!!!

Today was mega fun! We had our work softball game. It was the office people (Big-Wigs) vs. the warehouse people (Cobra Kai.) Anyway it was cool cos we lost but I did way better than I planned! I got to third base on my first hit and then I gotta run home after the next hitter. Second time at bat I struck out cos I wasn't listening to my boss hahah! Third time I was up I got to first base and then gotta run home after the next hitter got a home run! Yay! But we still lost. I was playing for Little Truck and I gave it my all. I fell on my own two feet like some kinda asshole during practice. I also got hit on the ankle by a softball during practice and I have a cute little bruise but that's cool. I crashed into the screen print boss while running home too cos I couldn't stop my feet hahah! I took pics and stuff. After the game we went to Shakeys and had pizza and hung out. It was such a fun day. Plus we have cool shirts to make us look all special ahahha!!! I specifically requested my shirt to say "JENNY 02" but my coworkers mocked the fact I poop daily between 2 and 4 and gave me the name "4PM BM". Ha! I loved it! I'm all excited still cos I have never played any sports or been on a team for anything or had anything implying a team like matching shirts or stuff for any competitive thing. I feel special! Yay! Hopefully we can do this again some time.

Friday, February 25, 2005


You are....awake at 7:43 am on a Saturday cos confession is in an hour and the softball game is in 5 hours? I want.....cake... or something chocolatey or sweet. My body is ....frumpy but that's ok cos it could be worse... The worst thing is...having bad credit. but i found out yesterday it's not as horrible as i thought it was hooray! Intelligence is....over rated. music is...some people's passion. but if you devote your life to one thing that makes you seem compulsive. so i think its better to be well rounded and love a lot of everything in smaller quantities. George W. Bush is.....not as bad as everyone makes him out to be. just remember: when he gets up he puts one pant leg on at a time. only difference is once his pants are on he can do whatever he wants cos hes the president of the United Frickin States. RAR! Cuba is.....what i think of when i think of rawl. cubanito is the other thing i think of cos thats what debbie calls him. then i think of what javi calls him : refugee or taco. then i think of lomos cos rawl said thats some sorta thing with chicken. does this make sense? Taco Bell is....more addictive than heroin. have you had that potato steak burrito?!?!?! OH MY GOD!!!! That is like black tar heroin. im hooked on that shit for LIFE! art is....what hawked me up in debt $30 grand. has it paid off? sure... sex is...not what life or relationships should be based on. too many people rate sex as the number one top thing for a relationship and i feel theres way more that should be at a higher ranking than sex... love is....only a feeeeeeling... sorry. i was listening to the darkness like 3 days ago. what ever happened to them? everyone made a big deal about them and they came and left so fast.... nah love is something you find if youre really lucky and i dont think it comes easily or to those wh o are looking for it. it just shows up one day when you least expect it and the next thing you know you have someone who wants to devote their life to making you happy and you want to devote your life to making them happy and just being around each other makes the two of you happy even if youre just goin to the vet or if youre going on a date or laying in bed on a rainy day. it doesnt matter what you're doing because you're with the person you love. awwwww. your friends are.....all freakishly good looking. i noticed the other day whilst looking at myspace that all of my friends are really good looking. i dont have a single ugly friend! part of that makes me excited cos i hang with the beautiful people ahahhahaha. so if you guys are reading this you're all hot!!! your brother/sister....can be an asshat at times your parents are....called the parental units when together. woman when not refered to as being around dad and dad for dad. they're alright. i find myself chillin with them on week nights and ditching friends to watch movies with them hahah. like i coulda gone out last weekend but instead i watched A Shark's Tale with my parents hahahaha. animals are...necessities in life. i think they're one of the things that keep me sane and regular. like the two toupees. my fish. im really proud of the fact i have this cute little aquarium. dont ask... your first sexual experience..... let me say .... you always look at.....the internet. doesnt matter where or when im on it every day. you love to its goin outta style. its my weekness. you love to drink.. DrPepper. my one and only vice. alcohol wise cape cods. i dont think im gonna want cosmos for a while after i went to this really expensive restaurant and they made me the WORST cosmo ever. it tasted like they just poured some Nyquil in the glass and added some water. ugh. you my parents sometimes to avoid trouble but it only catches up with me hah death is...what i think about when i go to sleep to the point i sometimes cant sleep. you are scared of....death via asphyxiation, drowning, burning, anything super painful or not natural. you get happy when....i first see matt!!! you worry over...dying. you treasure...not sure yet. God is....probably mad at my wonderful lifestyle Al Pacino is ....over rated Robert DeNiro for an older guy. on a creepy note my dad reminds me of him in meet the parents. so i guess that makes my dad a pretty good lookin guy for his age. your car is...seein his last days. im lookin into another one though. i got approved for a loan yesterday through the dealership but their rates are too high so im gonna go through my credit union. huzzad!! you spend too much time....on the internet. myspace is...not that great. drugs are.....bad unless they're perscribed to you but i've had cases where those ones hav ebeen bad too... you are...why i feel like i wanna vomit... this survey is....alright i guess. You i just wasted 19 minutes of my life

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Today I felt old. I went to a birthday party for my cousin's boyfriend. Everyone seemed to be like between the ages of 19 and 22. And it's weird because I was close in age to these people yet I felt so out of touch with what they're doing. I felt old. Literally. Some girl was talking on her cell phone to her friend about how they HAD to go to Beat It like that was the cool thing to do and I remembered how it was the cool thing to do like 5 years ago for me. Yea. Five years ago. Shit, one of my friends met her husband there. God that makes us all seem so old. These kids, and I say that gingerly, they are so into things we're so bored of. They'll never know what it was like when that stuff actually WAS cool. Now it's all sugar coated and commercialized. Now I know how Matt must feel when I talk to him about stuff that I think is new and neat and he's like "yea been there, done that... like a decade ago." Ugh. Its bad enough I felt old at the though of turning 23, but tonight justified all of that. I think it's really odd how some people a year or two younger than me seems so closely tied into their high school days and yet I feel like I'm more tied into a corporate society...

Saturday, February 19, 2005


I feel really excited and special. This weekend I finished filling out paperwork for my 401K stuff. I'm really happy knowing that when I retire I'll be retiring in style. Plus I just did my first life decision of a stock investment!! Yay!! I also informed my 4 beneficiaries that I will be worth more dead than alive... not sure if that's good or not but hey, I like the idea that if I'm dead my loved ones will be financially taken care of. :) Wow, I'm soo content right now. I feel all grown up and stuff haha! My room is cleaned and its Saturday night and I went to church today and I feel like I can just relax like crazy tomorrow! God life is GOOD!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ghosts of New Mexico 4

:::Photos in blog are no longer available on server:::

In the final conclusion in the Ghosts of New Mexico saga, I find that it does not end. The Bottger Mansion didn't fail to fulfil my ideals of dejavu. The only difference was that there appeared to be some color changes. Maybe things were a certain color a certain time ago? Who knows. Before we got anywhere, we took pictures at the airport. They were taken moments apart and in the first picture you see Lori loving the night... in Albuquerque. Then, we are together saluting our indian spirit friend above us and there appear a few orbs. For the skeptics, the two pictures are at the same eye level, angle, and the orbs don't appear in the first picture. As you can see in the first picture, there are no light souces that would allow for this to happen? On our first night, the walk up to our room was rather quiet. The staircase had a cold feel to it, like a cold stale spot. I can't quite describe what it felt like but I'll try: Imagine you are in a room that is warm and toasty, then you continue walking and suddenly hit a certain area that feels like you have walked into a refridgerator, but without the blowing air, just stagnant air like the warm air around you, then as you continue walking it is warm again. I guess its like walking through a person or a presence of some sort? None the less I felt bad for not knowing they were there and walking through them. A little later after we got into our room, we heard pacing up and down the stairs. There was only 2 other people at the Bottger that night, someone next door to us and the owners. After the stairs became bothersome to the point we could no longer sleep we decided to look into who was making this noise. Of course we should have known better as there was no one around. It was most likely Charles as he has been rumored to pace up and down the stairs... But we got to sleep eventually after walking around for a while looking for Charles and getting snacks from the kitchen.... The next day the owners delighted us to Apple Puffs and fruit for breakfast and we went around shopping and dining. We also ventured to the rattlesnake museum, the aquarium and botanical gardens where we got into all sorts of mischief! I went to mass at San Felipe de Neri while Lori stayed at the Bottger. San Felipe was awesome! It was this old Catholic church with a sorta gothic revival look on the inside but a pueblo meets gothic look on the outside. Old Town Albuquerque is a highly spiritual town whether you're Catholic or believe in your individual tribe's beliefs. At church I was noticed as a visitor along with a few other visitors and the Father asked where we were all from and then asked us if we had birthdays coming up. So, in turn, I had a whole church singing happy birthday to me and another girl who had an up coming birthday as well. Very cute. I admired how closely knit their parish was... After mass, Lori and I went to the High Noon Saloon and Restaurant, which is haunted. It used to be a saloon slash brothel, so there's bound to be ghosts lurking around that place! Then at 8:30 we were supposed to meet up in the plaza by the cannons for the ghost tour. Never happened... I was greatly disappointed because I wanted to do that so badly! Oh well... next time. We called it a night, and frankly, I was beat. I went to sleep only to await going home the next day. Sunday we checked out and got our taxi arranged to pick us up at 4:30 so we did some last minute shopping and I bought a new rosary made from rose beads in a salmony pink. We ate at the Church Street Cafe for lunch, which is also haunted. That was built like in 1706 or something and was Casa de Ruiz. It is the oldest residential building in Albuquerque but not much is known about it's history other than the last Ruiz tied into that residence died in 1991, not sure if she still lived there or not? From what I understand the ghosts of that restaurant heckle the chefs by calling out orders and people get wrong meals. Part of me thinks that happened to Lori as she orderd this pork dish and was given a veggie burrito!!! After that we decided to go down to this Mexican joint and have some drinks. Due to the high spirtual beliefs out there, you are not allowed to order any alcoholic beverages in any of the restaurants on a Sunday without purchasing an appetizer. So we had to make room for some taquitos to go with my Bloody Mary and Lori's Raspberry Margarita. Anyway moral of the story, New Mexico was beyond cool.

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Ghosts of New Mexico 3

Saturday night I had another weird dream. I recognised the staircases going up to the second story and the one going down to the wine cellar rooms, but there were a few other locations particularly a greyish dark hall/corner that led to a kitcheny area near a water heater/cupboard. There was an older man with greyish hair and he was kinda tall and an older woman with short curly auburn hair. I think they were owners or something. For some reason Lori and Matt were there. I sensed a presence when I entered and was almosed in this possessed trance completely fascinated with the presence of the household. Lori and Matt wanted nothing to do with the place. They were discussing making reservations elsewhere but the innkeepers wouldn't hear of it and decided to knock our price in half. They still wanted to make plans to go elsewhere and the man and woman had a kinda evil NO YOU WILL STAY HERE kinda attitude that I saw but they didn't see it. I think they might have been under the influence of something from before? Lori was looking through a yellow pages for other hotels while I started to walk off. Matt followed me because he was worried I was becoming too attached to the place. The man of the house was showing me around and I was in the grey hall. He pointed to the upper corner of the room to a visible orb. I reached out and was saying "HELLO" to the orb and I felt as if the orb was drawing myself to it. I was amazed at how I appeared to be floating, yet to Matt my feet were clearly planted on the ground. He grabbed me and said that we were NOT staying and we would be leaving immediately. He tried to find our way back and we wound up in the kitchen area. The woman was going through the cupboards looking for something and one of them had no back and appeared to go under the house or into a secret hall or chamber? He was really bothered by this place and how I was connected to it. Everywhere you went had these strange feelings and the only way to get away from them was to leave the city completely. There was no way to leave this place... only to wake up. I leave in 44 hours...

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Ghosts of New Mexico 2

"... Starts out there is a home... for some reason we go there and wind up visiting a spa. There ares ome people in the pool. I want to go poop and I wind up going in the spa. I feel it inside and try to hide it and sneak into the bathroom to get rid of it. When i get up, it comes out and everyone is grossed out and leaves. I throw ita t them as they run off. I then go into the house looking for the bathroom. I find it and go and put my clothes back on to find the others. When I get out there, I notice everyone is gone. I look out form the yard and see this beautiful beach (?) with lots of rocks and decided to go down theres ince its just across the street. "

"... When I get down there, I notice its blocked off by... a chainlink fence and lots of aircraft. Behind I can see the people down there having fun in the water."

"I go back to the house and theres a woman. She's very weird and maybe she doesn't want anyone in her house for anything past the den/dining room/kitchen. There's something about her room and the girl's room and the blue hall that she doesn't want me to find out about. Around the same time Reggie and Johnny show up [not sure who these people are just a black man Reggie, and a white guy Johnny. Never met them nor do I know anyone who looked like them with those names, just two random names attached to faces.] I am supposed to stay with them and stay in the den and watch TV. We're sitting there and ... there is a thing on the news about a kid who dies. [A naked man showed up at the screen door] Reggie recognizes the name. We go out to a tent in the front to see if we can find out who the man is. We find a recipt from the man in the books... we find a whole list of names and look ..."

"...what happesn to the people. We find out every guest has died. We go back to the house and sit in the room. I go into the back of the house and find the girl's room and the blue hall. THere's something eerie about the girls room. It has a pale glow to it. It's not a bad presence but it is empty. I get lost in the blue hall later twice and its very scary there. It has an evil feel to it. I try to get... I see the woman's room. She sees me and gets mad and tells me to get out and I go out to Reggie and Johnnie again. When we're sitting down, the naked man comes to the door. He's trying to come in but Reggie and Johnny won't let him. They tell me to hide and I run back to the girl's room."

"I get lost in the blue hall again and there's a gust of wind from there. I run out of it and come across the girl's room. THe curtains are off and th e beds are floating upside down from the ceiling. I see the woman ... behind me and she looks like she's dead an dshe's after me. I run out to Reggie and Johnnie but only find the room empty with two recipts for their stay there. I grab them and run out to the beach. I try to get out to the waters, but the kids in the rocket shooters are flying away. THey won't stay and know they must leave. I try to get ..."

"... out to the water and follow the fence to a pont form the stagnant water. I go into the waters and head out to ... On my way there Jamie [name attached to a face again. Don't know who she is.] shows up. I recognise her from a pictures inside the house. She was one of the girls. She gets mad that I let her die but I know nothing about her. I think she was raped and killed in her house by a guest her mother let stay there and..."

"...she has been killing any guest who stays there since. She grows and makes the tides grow larger. I run out and take a car from in front of the house and leave. I'm not sure if this means I'm safe... but I'm not there anymore. I know the secret of the house. Reggie and Johnnie are dead. The woman was not good."

— Dream September 18/19 2002 night/morning?

Do I sound crazy? Possibly. None the less now you have some insight into the strange and unusually cryptic things that haunt my subconscious in the wee hours of the night. Do you wonder why I am so eager to sleep instead of spend my horrific hours being productive? I should hope not...

None the less I have a feeling I am being drawn to a place. The pictures in the previous post are photos of rooms available in the Bottger Mansion. The sketches on the sides of those photos were of specific rooms I could remember details to in the dream just mentioned. I will not be staying in eithe room. I don't plan to play with the ghosts. I just need closure... proof that I am wrong and that this is nothing more than a strange coincidence.