Saturday, March 19, 2005

"My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad...DIG IT!!!"

::Photo no longer available on server::

Check out my stylish pops circa 1986 in his NoHo Postal Portrait! Yup thats my dad when I was 4 years old! What's worse is one of his coworkers looks the same now as she did in this picture. And I recognize his a-hole boss and the lady who co-owned the pet store I worked at in high school.

Monday, March 7, 2005

Not THAT bad...

I was driving home from the gym today and I turned on one of my random mix cd's and the song that was on was... don't laugh... seriously... Europe... The Final Countdown. It was like halfway over and I went as far as to turn it back to the beginning instead of flipping ahead to see what the next song was. Anyway by the time I got to Vanowen, I was at a red light and I though, "You know, we always laugh at the cheezy intro to this song, but this is a pretty good song!" I turned the volume up to 20... and in my car 20 is pretty loud. I felt the music. I'm sure people crossing the street heard the music. They gave me weird looks. Whatever. But wait! It gets better! So I'm rockin out to Europe and it's over! Dang! But what do we have next? Another monster hit... "HEAVEN ISN'T TOO FAR AWAAAAAYYYYY...." and I'm singing along. And I'm soo rockin out. And then it skips and is all like club mix!!! So I had to skip forward. Dang! What's next other than Bon Jovi hahahaha!!! Yea, you're all laughing, I know. But you know what? You're all jealous and I know this for a fact! You want this cool random music cd I made with all the shitty hair bands and I know it! And you know what else? I'm not too cool to lie and say I only made that cd for shits and giggles, cos I didn't! I think those are some good songs and I don't give a damn!