Tuesday, April 26, 2005

No one is safe...

I like how people try to be clever and instead just fall into traps proving what idiots they are. Heh. 1. If there is information out there, chances are someone will be able to retreive it. 2. It's amazing how you can find out the world by knowing a name or a city. 3. Google is a deadly weapon. 4. Anytime you put something on the web you welcome yourself to the evils of the world... are you ready for it? 5. There are files about you accessable on the web for minimal fees. 6. (I'll make a guess on this one, but) 1 in 10 chances are if you live in the valley, you may not know the person you're staring at, but they know a LOT about you. 7. You don't need to own a computer to have your information listed on one. 8. (Another guess on this one) 1 in 50 chances if you google your name you'll get a bunch of people in different states with the same name. 1 in 100 chances those results produce someone who died or someone involved in a crime. 9. Sites like Live Journal, Myspace, Friendster, etc. are available to the public. If you don't want the public knowing your business you shouldn't mention it. 10. With todays technology no one is safe. Your business is everybody's business.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

First Great Burn Of The Summer

Sunday April 24, 2005. I got a sunburn. It hurts. I'm red. This sucks. Good part: I spent the day in San Diego at H&M landing at Day at the Docks. I gotta check out the fishing boats and buy things and I even won a Rapala lure answering a triva question at a seminar because I'm cool like that! My dad straight up won a $200 rod in a raffle for the Burn Institute of San Diego. All he paid for his tickets was $5! My mom also won some stuff in the last raffle. I won this big stuffed fish thing at this spinning wheel where procedes went to saving the white sea bass. It was pretty fun and I got fishing fever. I can't wait to get out on the sea again!

Monday, April 18, 2005

* snort *

I found myself snorting a lot at work today in fits of laughter. As busy as we are, we always find time for a good laugh.

Saturday, April 9, 2005

Road Trip .2 : VISALIA

Gotta do another road trip Friday. Left around 4:30 got gas. Was on the freeway not too long. Around Bakersfield I cowplowed a tumbleweed. It was a proud moment. I called Rae Rae and told her of the tumbleweed. Then after I got off the phone I realized I was low on gas and the next stretch of land where there was a gas station I would exit. Got off in this weird area. The gas station was part gas station, part laundry mat. I went in and there was a sherif interviewing the gas attendent and her daughter. They were just robbed not too long before I got there. Then the gas station attendent had her daughter, estimated age between 7 and 9, ring up the customers, which the girl did flawlessly. Made me question the mentalities of some of the people down here who do the same thing with errors and yet a young girl does their same job with ease. Had to pee and was told to use the laundry mat. Apparently that was the most ghetto bathroom I've ever been in. The light was on but it looked like it wasn't. It was a dim lavendar glow. Very faint. There was no toilet paper roll holder. There was no toilet paper. There was no paper towels. There weren't even seat covers. I did the stand thing. I found a tissue in my pocket to wipe with. Got back to the car and headed up to Visalia. Mapquest sucks with directions. I got lost and did a loop on the freeway on the stretch of land over Visalia 2 times before I was told to take the Sequia exit. Good to know. Was told to make a right on the street of my destination. Did that. Drove for what seemed like another forever and I thought I went the wrong way but then right at the edge of town, was my destination. Visalia is weird because the town seems like it's set up in a linnear style. I guess that's a good thing because you can take one bus up and back to wherever you need to go, but still. It sucks if you're driving. I'm sure traffic sucks there sometimes. The guy I'm doing the delivery for has this van. It straight up looks like a molester van and I snickered. I think he thought I was laughing because it was old and crusty. I guess I was laughing at that too. On my way back I got a lotto ticket that didn't win. Some guy asked me how to play the lotto and I explained thinking he was some creepy perv. Then I was cleaning my windshield while pumping gas and realized this guy was with his girfriend and was seriously curious about the lotto. He said good luck with the lotto before he left and I realized, ok small town. Just a friendly person. I was heading back to the freeway when the guy I did the delivery for calls me needing to borrow a few bucks for gas. I say ok and he charges $50 in gas on my atm card! Needless to speak, I'd better get reimbursed for that. I then was a little peeved because that was gonna be money going towards bills and stuff for me and my groceries. Whatever. I was thinking, what would this guy have done if I wasn't there to bail him out? And then I questioned his logic and just people in general as to why they do stupid things and why it's so difficult for them to think. Serioulsy! What if I didn't have $50? On the way home there was this amazing lightning storm. It was so picturesque. There were two little grey clouds in the sky. Lightning bolds were streaking down towards the ground from either cloud lighting up the sky around them. Once I passed the clouds I could still see the sky light up since everything was flat around me. No mountains to hide the light. Amazing. Overall it was a nice drive. Good to get out of the valley. Got home around 12:45. I may go out there again one day for a non delivery because they have a bunch of really cool outlet stores. We'll see. I'm always up for a road trip though. Good tunes and good times!

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Females and the band member fetish...a rant

I'm under the impression there needs to be a serious groupie genocide and fast. I'm going to be like Michael Moore and make up an assumed fact based on my own beliefs and say that roughly 80% of females between the ages of 14 and 25 are currently or have at one time in their life played the role of groupie girlfriend. It's massively annoying, having people say "Oh! What're you doing Friday night? I know you're gonna see my boyfriend's band!" Maybe one time would be fine. More than once if the band was actually good. But every time some suck ass wannabe rockstars play at a open mic nite type gig? Why do people think you or I want to give our hard earned dollars, be it $5 or $20, on their boyfriends? It's the same scenario: Friday rolls along, you go to the club, maybe alone or maybe with others and you meet up with your "group". You pay, get in, all stand around awkwardly while your invitee shmoozes with Mr. Band Guy and his too-cool-for-you friends who all look at you and your friends like you were coughed out of the gutter. Meanwhile, you or your friends try to socialize with the band and your friend, who obviously don't want to have anything to do with you at the time so you break off and go to a single stall bathroom and hang out saying what a bitch so and so is for inviting you and not even talking to you and how they spend more time with their boyfriend, etc. Someone knocks who actually does need the bathroom so that's your cue to leave, fortunately the groupie girlfriend's suck-ass band is up and you sit around pretending to be amused, smiling at their every "aren't they great!?" Deep down, you know they think they're shit and only confess they like them for fears of losing their cool band boyfriend if word got out they thought the band sucked. Then after they finish playing, it's back to segregation and going home, $5 short and disappointed. What is the deal with this? Why do girls do this to themselves? To their friends? Are they so desperate to be a part of the rock and roll lifestyle that they need to put up with someone who treats them like shit or cheats on them, or makes them feel second to the band, just so they can say they dated someone before they got famous? Or that if it weren't for them, they'd never be where they are at? What's the deal with girls dating guys in bands? Enlighten me! I'm not saying all of these relationships suck or are bad, I guess I'm just saying, groupies, whether they actually date someone in the band or just go to every show, are annoying. If I like a band, I'll see them. I won't pressure people into seeing a band. I won't make them feel like they're going to Hell if they don't bless me with their presence. What's worse are the ones who try to make you a groupie or part of the "fan base". You don't have the $5 cos your money goes on things like gas and important stuff. "I'll spot you!" DAMMIT!!! I don't want to borrow $5 from you to make some shitty band look good! If they suck, why should people think they're good if they have a large turn out? Reasoning like this makes me wonder if that's how Limp Bizkit ever got a record deal! Seriously! People just need to think outside the box and stop going after the pseudo rock stars and just go for normal people. I mean, everyone is kinda screwy, but you don't need the dramas of a band on top of it all, right? And if you do, at least keep your friends out of it. Like I said, we'll do it once outta courtesy, more than once if they're actually good, but make it a weekly event and that's it...

Saturday, April 2, 2005


This morning when I woke up Matt asked me, "Is everyone gonna be all freaked out at church tomorrow?" Being half awake, I questioned him. He said the Pope died. I'm not too sure how to react to that. Other than the man fulfilled his role as Pope and died. His time on earth ended and now he's off to Heaven. There were all these tv specials on him and it's weird because no one really knows much about the Pope when he got his title as 1. most of us weren't born yet, and 2. when you're young biographies of the lives of others aren't very important to you. For me I wasn't Catholic all my life so I never knew much about the Pope, but I was familiar with his face. I remember throughout my life seeing when would make appearances on new clips and him going around in his bullet proof golf cart. He made appearances often and had a sort of rock star aspect in his presence with entourages and body guards and crowds of fans. Not really what you think of when you think of Pope. That made sense today when I saw a special saying he wanted to go into acting but wound up going into religion to avoid Nazis. Seems kind of odd, but he was a man who lived through Nazism, Communism, was shot, had Parkinsons disease, and the thing that killed him: an infection and fever that started from a bladder infection. A week after Easter the Pope passed away after a week of a slow death. May he rest in peace. For anyone who grew up around Pope John Paul II, maybe you will agree, it will be weird getting used to a new Pope after familiarizing yourself with one for your entire life.