Thursday, June 23, 2005

I get MAJOR asshole points...

So today I went to the ENT for post-op and I was just shootin the shit and told him about how I took all these pics of recovery and he was fascinated with this and asked to see them and I was like sure! I gave him my website url and he said he was gonna check them out. Anyway he put me back on sterroids because I still have a lot of inflamation (didn't know that...)  and he gave me some tylenol with codine for the pain. Then he did a deep ear cleaning with this suction tool. That was very bizarro. I had to lay down on this table and he sucked wax out. After I was like, "Wow, I never had anyone suck anything out of my ears before."  I'm sure that sounded wrong but it was a funny comment heh. After that he was gonna show me the operating tools they used cos I told him how sad I was to not get to see them but they were in repair somewhere. Anyway, I getta go back in August to see him again for another check up. But right, why am I an asshole? So I gave him my website addy to see my tonsil pics and I realized, "Oh crap. It says I have a hot doctor."  So I'm assuming August will be weird... har har.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Tonight my mouth bleeds like a rabid dog... charming.

Today is officially 2 weeks since the operation... and now I'm bleeding like a rabid dog!!!

All week I've been spitting out chunks of the white things that formed. Friday I had a piece that didn't want to come out so it made me barf due to gag reflexes. Anyway, I had to go to the doctors after work and they removed the piece. I was fine after.

Today!!! Gah!!! I went to go pee and I was gonna spit before I went and I have totally blood red spit!!! I look at my throat and I have this HUGE bloody spot. I'm not sure what that's all about but it's f'n RAD!!! Made for some super cool pictures!! I soo want to share to gross you guys all out because it's totally gorey cool!

I'm not sure how I feel on the issue of swallowing my blood. I taste kinda like porter house... so in that case, I guess if were a cannibal, I'd eat me cos I'd make a good steak ahahha!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Ghosts of Calico (in depth)

Last night was late and I didn't feel like doing an in depth type-a-thon. Friday I got a hair up my ass to go to a ghost town as 1. I had money to go out there, and 2. its something I've been wanting to do for a long time. I was gonna go with some coworkers and friends but everyone was busy. Regardless, I was going. Calico is a tourist spot, ergo, its safe. I would never go somewhere alone if I didn't feel like it would be safe, and honestly, if I got there and it looked unsafe, you bet your boots I'd turn back around and go home. But that wasn't the case. I got there 10 minutes before the shops closed. I got there in time to buy tickets to the ghost walk, which I learned about on Friday. Unlike New Mexico, this one was rain or shine and the guides showed up. It was a measely $10. Before the tour, I wandered around the backstreets of Calico (I say this because I was literally walking behind the buildings in search of the "other" side of the town.) Took some pictures here and there. Had a weird moment: I was walking from the mines to the school house. You need to cross a bridge to get there. I started to walk slowly across the bridge, holding on to the wooden rails and making sure foot for foot I was directly over the center of the planks, testing my footing with each step. Halfway over I paused. Some people would call it a hunch, others say its how ghosts contact you but I got this VERY strong sense of danger and something was telling me do NOT go on and to GO BACK. I didn't question it at all. I just figured it was me being a worry wart because the bridge looked rickety. Later on at night during the ghost walk, we went back to the school house. I saw the guide crossing the bridge and figured, if it holds him up, it'll hold me up. So I crossed, and being in the dark hid the bottom of the pit below, easing my fears. However, I still had this weird feeling of being sick to my stomach, almost wanting to vomit. I thought this was just in tune with a reflection of my feeling of the bridge from earlier in the day. Now on the other side of the bridge, we learned of the ghosts of the school house and of 3 ghosts that haunt the bridge, one of those 3 was also a girl who haunted the school house. She died from falling and had some sort of head trauma. She contacted people by making them feel mild symptoms of concussions (nausea, headaches, etc.) I'm going to make a very blatant assumption and say I feel as if I were contacted by this girl on both my trips on the bridge. Maybe I wasn't but the feelings were a little too strange and coincidental to be false. The other incident occured near one of the back street locations I was exploring earlier. The guide talked about how he saw a squating indian before by a lamp post. While he was speaking I saw a line of shadow figures walking into the mine up on the hill. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me and I squinted to get a better look but they were gone. Soon enough my eyes wandered again to a fence and a building. For some reason I couldn't stop looking over there. Then, out of nowhere a little grey light appeared up near a door and shot out 3 or 5 feet with a grey tail, much like a shooting star, and then it disappeared. I thought it might have been a cricket, or a firefly or something. Then a few seconds later, I saw another little grey ligth appear and shot out back towards the original location of the first light. Then it also disappeared into thin air. I still thought it was some sort of bug. A few seconds later, I saw three of those same lights shooting up one after the other and disappear. It was weird. In the past, my only experiences with ghosts were either through dreams, feelings, or shadow people or stick men. I asked the guide about if there were fireflys or crickets in the area and told him about what I saw, and he explained those were a form of rods (ghosts that appear as forms of shooting lights w/ tails, opposed to orb ghosts that appear as singular moving lights w/o tails.) It was a VERY odd night. I had two visual encounters and 2 feelings. And it's weird because I can't smell but in certain places in town it kinda reeked of tobacco (which I can smell smoke when it's very potent because it kinda chokes me.) I felt VERY privelaged to have had contact as no one else in the group did. The guide too us to certain places because he had good feelings about the activity of those areas. I was talking to him for a little while after the tour about the ghosts and ghosts in general. I came to a strange assumption of why things happened the way they did: 1. I have very positive energy. I am very welcoming of spirits. I treat them as I would treat any other person. I also have a lot of respect for the dead. I do not believe in disturbing them or doing anything to anger them. 2. I have a lot of energy from products around me. I had a cell phone turned on that was freshly charged as well as a digital camera. These things fuel those little guys. 3. I was wearing a knit poncho. Guess what. That plus wind = static electricity. More energy. 4. My apperance. I had my cowboy boots, jeans, the poncho and my hair was back in a bun. And strang and stupid as this sounds, I did my make up because I wanted to look nice in the event I did come across a spirit. Don't ask. But the thing is, I think they might have thought I was a Mexican lady from their time period because of the knit poncho, boots, and pulled back dark hair. With all that aside, they may have felt as if there was a source for them to conduct themselves as well as a welcoming person of their time around them. My guess is if there were a more optomistic crowd they might have materialized better/more so. Anyway, I'm glad no one went with me because I don't think I would have gone on the ghost walk because most people I know would either not have the money, not be interested, be scared, or not believe and cause negative energy. It was worth the 3 hour drive down / 2 hour drive back with the joys of cruise control to experience this. However it saddens me that these spirits are stuck to wander the earth for eternity. I was told that regardless of their homes being there or not, the ghosts see things as they were in their time. Strange. Hopefully they are happy. I look forward to visiting them again. The End.

Tonsil update

Friday I had to go to urgent care because my tonsil particles on the right tonsil got all torn up and wouldn't come off, resulting in me gagging and spending the last hour at work on and off barfing. I couldn't do anything without feeling like I was gonna barf. I knew I couldn't deal with this for a few more hours, let alone another day or two. So I had the urgent care doctor pick the pieces off. It didn't hurt or anything. It was a relief. After that I noticed there were only a few sprecks of white left. And now today I don't even see any white in there. Dr. Hottie will probably be very pleased with the great job he did. I wanna hug him! He made me so happy! I'm glad my little guys are all squared away. But the post op visit is Thursday so he'll say "yes this is all good" or something else, but my guess is it's all good. Only down side is they're still healing and I do feel pain there still and it does shoot to the ears. Pressure makes it go away.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

I saw ghosts tonight...

Would you believe me if I said I drove 3 hours out to go on a ghost walk tonight? Of course you would! I saw some ghosts tonight that looked like little grey rods shooting out of thin air and then disappearing into it. It was mucho funo. I'm soo going back!

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Day 4 has us looking much like the previous 3 days...

Today I thought I'd make a half-assed attempt at exorcise. I haven't done anything other than lay in bed for 3 days straight with the exception of a trip to the bank, grocery store, and work, all of which seemed to take a toll on me. So I got out my mom's weights since they're lighter. All I could do were two measely little sets of 15 shoulder pressess and bicep curls. Then I did two little stair stepper exercises. One mini ab-session. Then my dog made me take her for a walk. By that time I was like, "Yea we're not ready for this yet." So future plans are shower, get clothes out of dryer, take a vicodine and go back to sleep. So much for physical activities. Maybe tomorrow... or Saturday... we'll see...

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Everything tastes like puss...

::Photos no longer available on server::

From earlier today. Strangely I'm starting to feel worse now than I did immediately after surgery. I think it's just cos the lack of eating is catching up with me. I had a dream about tacos!

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

The morning after tonsils

::Photos no longer on server::

The morning after. Lots of color changes. Smaller, too...

Last night was strange. I wasn't aware of how fast this procedure makes my body lose liquids. I just recall 3 occasions at night where my mouth became dry and my bubbly salavia dried on my tonsils and I woke up with these horrible coughing spells like I was choking due to gag relfexes. But a simple swish of water to moisten things up, and a spit, fixed that. I had a little bit of tonsilage come out last night. I can't really sleep because when I can sleep my mouth dries up, or when I do sleep my snoring wakes me up so it's loose-loose there. I feel super awake, which strikes me as odd, but oh well. I can't decide if I'm hungry or not either. My body is confused. I think it says hungry but really means thirsty.

AND OH MY GOD!!! The sterroids I'm on are making my crotch itch again!!! DAmmit!!! They gave me some in the hospital that made me get gnarly itching for like 30 seconds and then it stopped. This stuff just did the same damn thing but it took longer to kick in! Wild!

Monday, June 6, 2005

Post Op cont. / Kraftwerk

::Photos no longer available on server::

This was taken 10 hours after surgery like after Kraftwerk. Notice theres more food stuff from WAY deep down oozing out? Also some of those white spots are starting to dye and turn black like the other side with the dead tissue. All stuff I've been hacking up at random... fun! So I can move around and basically function sans eating solid foods and speak 100 ut I was able to get a ride to Kraftwerk. It was great. I was coming down from the morphine I was given a few hours earlier and hopped up on 2 previous doses of vicodine plus the dose I took there. Ergo, I crashed 3/4 through the set. At one point I was leaning up against my people and fell, to which my health status was questioned. I mumbled something something about being ok. I mean, I could still hear them so I wanted to be there! After that I got really pissed because my ride wanted dinner and said they'd go where they have soup so I could eat too. So they goes to Tommy's, which I had got mad at Javier for going to last week and not informing me of since I haven't had it in MONTHS! I was about to cry. Literally. I wanted it soooo badly. I just saw their dripping chili and cheese oozing out of their burger and fries. Yea I'm sad.

On the plus side, my tonsils have more tissue dying and falling off. I was coughing most of it up at Kraftwerk into one of my people's ex-beer. I took another picture and I'm just shocked as to how much food is coming out of my dead tonsils still. Even more shocked as to how deep that shit went. Seriously those radiowaves just zapped all that stuff out. Like when prisoners get the electric chair and their eyes bust out and they foam at the mouth and shit, thats what happened to my food particles. And I mean there are a LOT of them in there. The one side that's all white is food trying to come out of my tonsils but it can't because theres no exits there and they need to wait to go out of one of the small holes they went in from.

I'm excited about like 2 weeks from now when I don't have bad breath anymore from shit dying in my throat. I'm so happy and in so much pain you guys are so clueless! This is the best thing to happen to date!

Post-Op... A-OK

::Photos no longer available on server::

Today was the day. I had a Radiofrequency Tonsillectomy. What happens is they put these
metal rods in my throat and let out radio waves at different levels depending on the size of my tonsils. I was put under completely and apparently had a tube in my throat, causing my gassiness and coughing now I'm guessing? Anyway, everything went over very well and I was totally coherent afterwards. Surgery was at 11 and I was let out 1 or 2, I forgot. Anyway, the tonsils are not removed. They shrink them. So right now they look worse than yesterday, but only because they've been zapped for about an hour or so in different locations. The large darker spots on my throat are where the rods were. There was even one they did at the base side of my tongue but you can't see that one. Anyway, I feel fine, I snore really loud but that will go away. I can do stuff but I can't drive, so it's all good. I've been helping out here and there with a few little work things that are being emailed back and forth. So yay. I'm happy. Finally done I'll post pics here and there as to the progress of the tonsils.

Sunday, June 5, 2005

Surgery tomorrow... woo frickin hoo!

Tomorrow the tonsils go bye bye. 23 years. Turns out I have... er had... chronic tonsillitis. One gland infection later and food gunk getting stuck in them and just about every little thing I've delt with the past 23 years and finally! I can't wait!

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Going Under...

Monday my tonsils get destroyed. Hooray! Die bastards die die! The procedure is simple: they're gonna stick metal rods into my tonsils and let out electric waves that will singe my tonsils. Sounds high tech huh? It is. I was dubbed "a perfect candidate" for the procedure. Great. Now I get vicodin. I'm not sharing either. I'll actually need it as it will be painful. Hooray pain! PS I liked watching them steal blood from me. POKE!