Sunday, August 21, 2005

Fine toothed comb...

So I've finally started reading the HP books and I have found the following errors:

HP2 typo- There's a comment about Percy and it says Perry.

HP2 timeline flaw- Say Voldemort is the most feared wizzard for the last 100 years when Voldy was 16 at the time the chamber was opened which was some 50 years ago, technically meaning he should be the most feared when he became evil... which was NOT 100 years...

HP3 punctuation error - Lupin speaks of the Whomping Willow being planted there when he started Hogwarts and there is never a closing set of quoation marks, implying the following paragraph is a continuation of his dialogue, when the next paragraph of dialogue is clearly from Harry.

I guess this is what happens when adults read kids books :( Whatever, JKR is still a genius in my mind :)


3 days till my boat leaves YES!!! Monday... Tuesday...Wednesday...THURSDAY I'M GONE YEEEE!!!!!! I hate the mainland!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Swimmin with the fishes see???

Saturday Katrina and I went to the beach. I went snorkeling like an a-hole as usual, but to my delight there were 3 other snorkelers at the cove. Yay! Anyway, there were NO waves it was the best! The water was pseudo clear with probably only 10 ft. visibility but better than none. I was putzing parallel to the shoreline when I got to this rocky little area and then past it was a little bit of sea weed growing from the floor and I noticed something sucking stuff from the floor. I thought it was some sort of a rock fish like a light colored sculpin or something but then I realized it was a little sand shark! Soon enough, a train of 3 others swam by! I tried to follow them but I lost them when a pile of sand got kicked up by the current. So I swam down toward the pier and after the sand settled I found myself surrounded by a HUGE school of what looked like baby anchovies, literally the size of half my pinkie! They were bumping into me but I soon enough lost them in the current as well. As I neared the pier I saw what looked like a little halibut, probably no larger than 8", but I got creeped out by the kelp growth and turned around. I went back to the sand shark area again and much to my delight they were still there! Yay times 2! I followed them around their course of sucking the sand and making figure 8's along the ocean floor. Then I got too cold and had to get out. I spent too long in the water and felt like all the salt had been absorbed into my skin. Katrina and I then ate at the Paradise Cove Cafe. Afterwards she dropped me off at Matt's where I left my car the night before. I felt really sick from all the sun and salt water and I took a shower and went to bed. Matt then woke me up around 10:40 or so and asked me about if I was gonna go to Fatima's party still. I felt like I was gonna barf and drank like 5 glasses of water and still felt like I was gonna barf. I called Fatima and told her I couldn't make it so we're gonna do Springbok or something soon. Matt said he'd be designated driver so long as he can take drunk hussy pics... so that's cool... I guess. I felt bad though because you only turn 21 once :( Fatima sounded pretty composed though so that's cool. Anyway we'll do something soon.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Hottie ENT

MMmmmmm today I saw Hottie ENT for the final time :( boo. However I asked him about the machine and he remembered my desire to see it and my anal detailed accounts of the recovery of my procedure. He asked for my email address and said he would be doing some opperations on some kids in the next two weeks or so and would take pictures and email them to me. Of which he followed up saying if he forgets to call him and he'll send them. So Hottie ENT bid me farewell and said to come back if I had any more problems. Sigh... one could only hope for my tonsils to grow back... ok, maybe not cos that straight up HURT but I'd do it again for another dose of Hottie ENT and more vicodine. ;)