Monday, October 30, 2006

The black widow bite

Last night we went to a halloween party at my coworker's house and i felt something crawling on my chest under my costume. I said i felt like i had somethign crawling on me but everyone thought i was crazy. Then I saw a huge black widow on me! My sister went to swat it off and it bit her. Her finger puffed up and was oozing and swelling. Other than that the party was fun. I got too drunk and wound up losing my digital camera so we don't have any pictures of the night. And apparenly I threw up but I don't remember doing so but the bathroom was a mess and my dad cleaned it. Go figure. I had a ball aside from the black widow thing. Yay. I want bacon!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Weird dream 5 : a night in the trenches during WWII

It was cold at night and all I could remember was looking up at the sky. The clouds from a previous rainfall were still covering the moon but not enough to keep pieces of light from escaping. All I could think about was how cold it was and how I could barely feel my fingers as I clenched onto my Mauser. I was too cold to even dread fighting in the trenches come morning. Too cold to know if I would even make it through the night. And even though I was freezing to death I could still only remember looking up at the sky, thinking to myself what a lovely sight it was to see the moon starting to peak out from behind the clouds. If I never saw the light of day again, I was lucky to see the sky at night, grey as ashes and calm.

* * * * * *

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Weird dream 4

Part 1.

Lori makes me go to Matt's house and Matt lives on some plantation with a bog around it surrounded by an electirc chainlink fence. All I can remember is I wanted to run away and I spent what seemed like forever running away through the bog and swimming through waters with fish and crocodiles that tried to attack me while Matt was somewhere behind chasing after me to "get me".

Part 2.

Me, my mom, my dad, and sister are at El Torrito for their sunday brunch. We walk in and there's all these people waiting to be seated but they seat us right away. Some gross fat guy gets mad and sits down at our table and takes his shirt off and is being rude and balligerant the whole time. I get up to tell the manager at this point the restaurant is now the Olive Garden and she says she cant allow him to be in and goes to kick him out. When we get to our table he is gone and rumored to be seated near by. She then goes and tells the man and his wife that she wants him to leave cos he was being rude earlier and his wife was like "You can't do this to us! This is our first time being invited to the Olive Garden!" and she was all sad.

The End

I'm amazed at how vividly I can recall my dreams sometimes.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cholo at church

so lori and i were at the laundromat yesterday and i went to put my stuff up in the car and i heard yelling. and it was coming from inside this iglesia de evangelica next door. i looked in and there was this cholo dude up at the altar area in full on flannel yelling. then babies started to cry cos of his yelling. it was great!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm so excited!!! And I just can't hide it!!!

I got my vacation time approved and my plane tickets are purchased and I got my thanksgiving plans allllllllll situated and I'm nice and ready to visit my booger in 6 weeks!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

gifs and gibblets (geek moment)

for some reason whenever i convert an image to a gif, i think of gibblets. then i think giflets. ahhh....

Monday, October 16, 2006

Overwhelmed with comfort

Last night as I went to bed I was overwhelmed with comfort. I just sat in my fluffy bed and thought "damn, I'm comfortable." it was nice.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Stupid Girls

So me and Lori were at the starbucks by my house with the drive through and these stupid white girls in their CRV and they started blasting some shitty R&B and sing-screaming along to it in the drive thru while me and Lori were trying to talk at the patio near by. Then I look over and was like "WHat a bunch of fucking spazzes." It was great. They were such idiots.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Weird without the dog....

It's weird not having the pup around anymore. Today when I came home from work, by habbit, I got the mail and went to let the dog in, but she wasn't there. I ate a piece of cheese but couldn't finish it and thought, oh I'll just give it to the dog, but she wasn't there. I went to get my keys from my purse and found her leash, still wrapped up and placed inside from when I took it off of her yesterday. I don't think I can remove it yet either. Today I got my papers for Walk for Paws and I know I won't have my little buddy by my side. Maybe she'll be following me in doggie heaven. Who knows. It's just weird without the dog. I haven't adjusted yet.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Farewell to Snoopy

A few weeks ago our dog developed this bowel problem. When we took her to the vet they discovered a tumor on the rim of her butt that went inside her rectal lining and was the size of an apricot. They tried giving her some medication for a bowel infection but that didn't work. Then they tried giving her sterroids and that didn't work either. When the sterroids didn't work there was 2 other options. We would have to test for cancer and if it was cancerous they would need to see if it spread to the lungs. If so, they couldn't operate. If it wasn't cancerous they would send her to a specialist and have it cut out. Then she would be at risk for infection and lose control of her bowel muscles and have no control of holding in her poop and poop on herself or everywhere. The other option would be to put her to sleep. After a long Sunday family discussion and much tears we decided it would be best if we don't even find out if there was cancer or not and put her out of her misery. So on Monday October 9th Snoopy, our beloved dog of the past 11 years, a friend, companion, and member of the family, will be put to sleep.

Snoopy came to our household 11 years ago. From my personal experience she was my li'l coffee table buddy. I recall those rainy fall days after school taking her for walks or all the times we went places together like Nuts for Muts. We were supposed to participate in Walk for Paws this month. But now that's all a thing of the past. Walk for Paws will never happen. Everything else will remain as just memories. I will dearly miss my puffalup who I spent the last 11 years of my life with. Our whole family will dearly miss Snoopy. Who knew a dog could have such an impact on our lives.

Friday, October 6, 2006

Disc Jizzum

Today I went to get discs from embroidery cos we were low and when I grabbed the stack of discs I felt an oily residue on the bottom disc like vasoline. I ran into my office and screamed "This disc cannot be used! IT has jizzum on it!" and I threw the disc in the trash. Gavin thought it was funny and quoted me on it. I kid you not there was oily goo on the disc. It was probably from when the machines were oiled but it was a gross surprise.

The proof's in the picture!

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Booger 3

I really miss my darling booger. Stupid things remind me of him. Like when I was trying to change my windshield wipers I thought of him cos he would be able to help me. When I watch the video of him cleaning his gun and he asks for my narration the sound of his voice nearly brings tears to my eyes. I think about him at the most random moments. We brought up Terminator 2 at breakfast the other day and suddenly thoughts of Jesse danced through my head. Not like Mugatu dancing but just thoughts of us shooting and driving around palmdale calling people hookers or laughing at 12 year olds who like mariah carrey at walmart. sigh. i'm completely alone for the first time in my life right now with my family away on vacation, lori at craigs, my friends off at their places and jesse 11 hours away and the pain is immense. i wish this week of all weeks i could just hear him say "gnite boogie i love you" more than anything else. the only thing that keeps me going is knowing you miss me and love me as much as i love you. my booger i long to see you again and two months seems like forever even though time is flying.