Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I will be reunited with my love after 2 months. Joy!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The camera scare

Last night I got drunk offa cider, barfed, had my mom yell at me calling me an alcoholic at 2 am and went back to sleep. This morning when I went to upload the pics from Jason's bday I couldn't find my camera in my purse. I was like "Oh god, don't tell me I lost ANOTHER one..." Fortunately I  remebered I had my big coat on and put it in the pocket. Sure as shit it was there. Whew close call. I gotta cut back on drinking a bit my body can't handle it for some reason now a days...

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Just horrible

Britney is breaking up with K-Fed. SHe dumped him via text message. Just awful...


Random thoughts

1. Two nights ago I was watching South Park and laughing out loud alone in my bed. Cartman told Kyle "Kyle, my mom took me to see Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ and there's two things I learned about Jews: they're liars and theifs. And if the Road Warrior says it, it must be true." AHAHAHAHAHAH. Then, Kyle goes to throw away his ninja weapons he bought from the fair and Cartman says, "Kyle, you won't do it. The Jew in your blood won't let you throw away something you spent $15 on..." AHAHAHAAHHAHA. THen Cartman was going to sneak past a crowd to get Butters and he used his magical ninja invisiblity skills and he gave his clothes to the guys to hold and you see him creeping across the stage buck naked and the auction goes from loud to silent and the auctioneer was like, "Kid what the HELL are you doing!?" Oh man it was funny... then Jesse called...

2. Last night I was talking to Jesse about how I loved Ninja Turtles and he argued they were faggots because there were no girls up in that joint. I argued they had April O'Neil but that wasn't good enough. I also argued they were just teenagers having fun wanting to do kung fu and eat pizza. Then we realized we were arguing about the sexuality of Ninja Turtles and Jesse said "I feel a blog comin on..." I asked him to write it but he said he didn't have time or feel like blogging as of lately so here I am... Rock you like a hurricane. *snort*

3. Today I felt a sense of accomplishment. I haven't felt good like that in a long time. I was working on this stupid art. I was gonna do it at home but I just crashed out last night so I did it this morning. It was pretty annoying and what not and sent over from a shitty file but I did a bit of cutting and auto tracing and it wound up alright. I felt good after getting it approved and printing it out. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

4. I was listening to the John and Ken show on my way back from the dentist. They were talking about Perverted Justice (fyi the people who do child molester stings by faking criminals into thinking they're going to hook up w/ a kid and then they meet some dude from tv who interviews them then they get arrested.) They were talking about the stereotypical guys: some fat guy with a 6 pack of beer who rents a room out somewhere and has a stash of porn. Hmm... sounds like some one I dated once... Come to think of it, I was freshly 19 when we met. I'm sure if Lori wasn't there he woulda tried to get me drunk and do me or something. Now that I look back that was a pretty shady situation... I'm glad I'm outta that crap...

5. So I don't have any cavities. My dentist remembered me which is weird because he was saying how I was going to go to Catalina and he had yet to go there. Odd how he remembered. But ok... I'm cool with professionals knowing me on a personal level.

6. I found my dream home online. Complete with wood paneling, cheezy bar with mustard yellow chairs, fireplace and shag carpeting. I pray its still available should I ever be able to move... I won't lie. I fantasize about domestic bliss a lot. I can't wait to settle down.

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Ups and downs

Down: lost digital camera last week.

Down: Back has been hurting all week.

Down: Back pain caused by urinary track infection.

Up: Got a new digital camera.

Up: The camera is reddish pink.

There you go kids. A week recapped in 5 lines.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Halloween night snuff

So we had all these great big plans for tonight like going to a maze and then trick or treating in northridge. But that all fell apart. Now we're doing nothing. Weeeeaaakkk.