Sunday, December 10, 2006


This morning I went out on a solo land party. It was fun. I only shot off 40 rounds which was enough for me to clear my head and calm down a bit. I was feeling really nervous this morning and most of the night and couldn't sleep but shooting did the trick and it was rather soothing. I'm rather pleased with myself in the sense that I am getting better with Josef and actually able to hit targets. The best was when these two dudes were watching me and I shot and totally hit the steel plate and they were like "damn! little girl does well with a big gun!" it was pretty sweet. but i managed to fuck up my thumb. there's this sorta scuffed part of wood on josef and every time i'd fire my thumb would rub up against it and its basically raw now. i think i need to develop a mauser callus or something. anyway i took him home and cleaned him and hes all beautiful and clean now. he was happy to get out and i was happy to take him out. it's been a few months... almost 5 actually... he deserves some play. im gonna take him back out again next weekend. good times, good times. i wish jesse were there to see my improvement.

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