Thursday, December 28, 2006

Visiting Jesse and Susanville Randomness

Ok this is scattered to the best of my recollection:

Wednesday: met a trucker on the fly away who liked guns. Met up with Jesse in Reno. Had a great drive back to Susanville. Stopped off at some gunshop and met one of his teachers who we would later be having thanksgiving dinner with the next day. Stopped off at the bowling alley. Met the infamous Wes and the moreso chubby than fat neighbor Hoss.

Thursday: went to Jesse's teacher's house for dinner. Spent the day there. Snaggled Jesse's drinks whilst playing a new card game hand and foot. Tricky at first but then fun. Saw his teacher get drunk and serenede everyone there with the guitar. Did a really bad rendition of Freebird. It was fuckin brilliant.

Friday: Did nothing. Really. We watched tv and walked around the school. We saw horses and goats and then went back. Jesse had to go to work so I sat around and watched tv and fell asleep.

Saturday: Was pretty much the same. Only we gotta go shooting with Wes. The ride up was fuckin hillarious. But not as funny as the ride back. We Susanville drifted around this one corner at like 90 which was supposed to be taken at probably like 30. it was fuckin sweet. Wes drives like a maniac and i wouldn't expect any less from Jesse's friends. Kudos to his gnarly driving skills. Oh yea, that reminds me, on Wednesday night when Wes dropped us off at the dorms he totally turned all fast into the parking spot and me and jesse flew to the other side of the car cos we didn't have seat belts on. Jesse fell into Wes's lap quicker than a whore who was promised crack for a blowjob. Oh man, that was funny shit. Jesse spilled his ice and reminants of pepsi all over the car. it was mostly ice...
Back to shooting though. We shot pumpkins. All the good guns were in the shop so it was deuce deuce, Das Glock, and the .45. I never shot a .45 before but I quickly learned it wasn't too much gun for me. In fact I like the .45. So there! I gotta shoot Wes's gun that was pretty fuckin sweet. Then Jesse started shooting at rocks with Wes's gun and then they shot at bottles and whatever random crap they could find. It was great shooting fun with those two. But shooting is always fun...
After that it was back to the dorms for me and jesse had to go to work... again. It sucked. I watched tv and went to sleep.

Sunday: Sunday was a good for nothing do nothing day. We woke up around 1 and didn't do shit. Then it started snowing and I wanted to go outside so we went out for a little bit. Back to indoors. Watched some teevee. Jesse had to go to work... yet again... fortunately I had the company of Hoss's girlfriend Jen. We chatted girl chat for about 3 hours before deciding to go walk around the snow. We built mini snowmen and slid around on slippy ice spots on the ground and threw snowballs at signs. it was fun. THen Hoss came home and then Jesse got home shortly after. The four of us went outside and had a snowball fight and then visited the goats again. We looked like the biggest bunch of dorks around it was fantastic! Jesse had his helmet on, I had his civil war cap, hoss had god knows what some sorta KKK gnom knit hat, and Jen had some hunting cap. But wait! The best part is Hoss wore this wool undersuit thing but I called it his Santa Jammies and he got all booty hurt and it had the buttflap and everything and was red. ahahahah. Fuuuunnnyyyy stuff....

Monday: FANTASTIC!!!! i gotta go to gunsmithing school with jesse. it was fuckin


I told him if i ever win the lotto I wanna go to gunsmithing school too cos damn, i wish i could just up and go now but i got a job and what not. its not something i would spend my life doing as a profession but id love to learn it as a hobby. maybe i'll do it when i retire or something. we'll see. anyway after class we went out to get breakfast/lunch depending on what people ordered at this little diner called Harts (not to be mistaken with Hearts in the valley...) It was some good eats although Jen had been had with her potato soup. Apparently it was just the same as the gravy only with potato pieces and some garlic. *snort* After that we made a quick stop at Kragen and then Wes's and then it was time for me to go home. Boo :(
The ride back to reno wasn't as exciting. In fact it was rather depressing. Jesse and I were trying to figure out when we'll see each other again and I pretty much decided I would drive up for Christmas and again for my birthday, so we'll see what happens then. Hopefully I'll have enough cash to go. Flight home was bumpy as fuck and I think if i didnt have as much blind faith in captains as i do, i would have been kinda scared, but i wasn't... god bless blind faith.

So yeah, that's my trip to Susanville. I was kinda bummed that we didn't get to do more and that Jesse had to work so much but at least I gotta see him.

Susanville randomness:
They got this talk show on sunday morning called swap and shop where people call in saying stuff like "i got a used refridgerator for sale $50 or best offer call 555-2434" and then the host will be like "555-2434" or they'll be like "I'm looking for a dobermine puppy if anyone has any call Terri 555-0080" and the host says the phone number again. i totally could see myself listening to swap and shop looking for a great deal on something heh.

They got cash call up there. only its not 866-590-CASH CASH CALL CHA CHIIIIINNG. its something else. its like 877-860-CASH. i dunno. its hard to remember the number without a catchy jingle. i just thought it was wrong that it was a different number up there. go figure, right?

there's this asshole deer out there named spike who likes to give jesse's teacher shit and they can't shoot him or anything cos it's illegal so this deer runs around like he's gonna charge people. i hope he gets hit by a car or something. just not jesse's.

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