Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fishy Business

Someone disabled my network connections on my computer. Fortunately I was able to repair them. Someone's been tryin to get into my shtuff while I'm not around. Interesting......

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Random part 5

1. I love q-tips. I love cleaning my ears. I do it habitually.

2. I can't wait for my birthday.

3. I can't wait to see Electric Six in April. Sha 4-20 bro!

4. My room, as usual, is f-ing freezing. Fortunately I have my fuzzy red's [house shoes] to keep my feet warm.

5. I am the proud owner of a tuxedo t-shirt.

6. I'm getting a physical on Tuesday and my taxes done on Wednesday. I feel like next week will be very prolific.

7. I haven't gained or lost weight since starting training.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


SO... yesterday I had a training session with a trainer they thought would be good for me. Basically I was told I had bad posture and to work on it and then I had my butt kicked for about an hour. The night prior I had spent in a step aerobics class and my legs are sore from that. Today my calves are in so much pain I can barely walk. Oh and for the records, I tripped on my stair stepper in step aerobics and almost fell. Lori and Carly laughed. It was pretty funny. But yea, I'm in so much G.D. pain right now. Monday is only gonna be worse. Argh!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

NYR update

Resulution 1. lose weight. Check. Signed up for training again. I forgot how much those people (trainers) kick your butt and make you work. But I signed up for a year this time. So now something something filler stuff. Yea I'm psyched. I miss training. It makes me feel special and like I'm on some sort of mission and all motivated-like. So yea, we'll see where things go from here. I can't wait.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Guns and Fashion Part 2

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse ebay has more designs to offer:

For the likes of males, we have another take on the machine gun shooting out love. Only this is for boys. What kind of wussy ass pansy guy would wear a shirt with hearts on it!? Why Lord, why?

OH NO HE ISN'T!!! Dude, what is gayer than this guy? This guy wearing that shirt perhaps? At what point did guns shoot out flowers? Probably after they shot out hearts, stars, and every other lucky charm marshmallow shapes... just a lucky guess...

Yea, let's not ever use the word "Phat" in reference to guns in the future, huh???

That's all I got for the second time around. I'll keep an eye out for more fashion faux paws...

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Jenny's Big "Girl" Day

Today I had such a girlie day it was great. It started off with a can of spaghetti-o's...warmed up of course (much to Jesse's dismay I've been known to eat them cold out of the can.) Then it was off to Marinello's School of Beauty in Reseda to get my hair done did. Basically for $25 courtesy the 15% off coupon I had, I got my hair colored and cut. The coloring: it's reddish coppery auburn. Basically it's all evened out. It was so uneven before. THen I had them lop off about 2" of dead hair that dye didn't want to take to so it looks good now. After that Lori and I went to the gym for about an hour. We sweated but not to the oldies. I totally kicked her butt which was cool. Then we went to subway to gain back the weight we worked off. I saw the nail place next door and was like "I wanna get acrylic nails again." So I set up an appointment to get my nails done. So yea, did the nails. Now I'm all girled up. It's fabulous. I haven't pampered myself in a long time. Hurray.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Couldn't be happier

Five years ago I would have been jazzed with 2007 rolling around cos that woulda meant I was going to get married. But then I came to my senses and broke those whimsical ideas off and chose to try a new life with Jesse. Since then I haven't been happier. I've noticed a general overall happiness in my demeanor as well as a more stress free lifestyle. Everything has changed for the better and I thank God every day for having Jesse in my life. So will i be getting married in 2007? No. But I don't care cos I have Jesse. I have happiness. I'd rather spend my life unmarried and with Jesse than in a sham marriage with a fat oaf. Who knows what is in store for us. Hopefully one day I will be married to Jesse, pregnant with his babies, and all that good stuff with a station wagon to haul around our Teague-tots. Who knows. All I can say is I'm happy and I couldn't be happier where I am at today. 2007 will be an interesting year.

ETA 1/15/09 11:39 PM: Ironically enough, Jesse and I did get married on September 29, 2007. What are the odds of that?

Lotto tickets

This morning I was like " I gotta hankerin to buy some lotto tickets... scratchers." So while I was at Ralphs, I bought $5 of lotto tickets and I won $50 on one of them. Woo hoo. Way to start the year!

New Years Resolutions

1. Lose weight (undisclosed amount)
2. Move out (earliest by April 15th... latest by June 1st.)
3. Pay off bills (asap.)