Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Goobered up ruger

Somehow along conversation Jesse asked if I took my gun apart and I said I was afraid to do it cos I'm not good with mechanical stuff. But lo and behold I was feeling brave tonight and I disassembled my gun completely and cleaned it out thoroughly. Yay! Then the hard part: putting it back together. I managed to get through steps 1-8 no prob. 9 became tricky but Jesse called and talked me through and then he had to answer to the damn bowling machines so he had to hang up. But I was able to make it through to steps 11 no prob from the point which he helped me. Then the final part: pull the bolt to check it was done right. Oh but it didn't go back all the way. Dammit. It was done wrong. So the manual says to repeat steps 6 -11. Ok. No prob. Only thing, I can't get the little switch knife like thing to open up all the way. Jesse called back and asked how things were going and I was frustrated. I think he was getting a little frustrated with me too cos what he was telling me to do wasn't working and it was like either I wasn't getting it or something was wrong. It was the latter. So I sent him a picture of what's wrong and I'm waiting to hear back on how I can fix it and I hope the answer isn't "mail it to me and I'll fix it." I seriously feel so stupid like I did something wrong, like, pftt i DID do something wrong. Seriously I feel dumb though. I can always get things done by following directions. Foods. Sewing. So what makes gun assembly any different? I feel so dumb right now. Like some sort of stupid girl who never shoulda ventured off into cleaning her gun cos that's man's work. Oh well. I needed to vent. I hope Jesse calls back soon...

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