Monday, February 5, 2007

Random .6: health issues

1. I took a deuce today and farted as it was coming out and it sounded as if my asshole ruptured. It in fact did not, just to assure you all.

2. I've been on the pill long enough now that my periods have gone from lasting on average 10 days to only being 4 - 6 days.

3. I was on my crazy pills for a few months and started to have concentration problems and thought it was cos I needed a higher dose. So I was switched to a higher dose and it was good then I started having "sleepy eyes" which is a sensation in which my eyes would roll upwards and I couldn't focus on anything in front of me. I stopped taking my meds cos of this and it was real bad on Friday, worse than I have experienced it previously. THen on Saturday and SUnday, I had no problems with it at all. I called my p-sychiatrist and told him about what was going on and he told me that so long as I felt balanced and that things were good that I should try staying off the meds for a while to see how things work out and as soon as I feel the slightest bit of uneasiness to contact him. So yea, I'm off the crazy pills now. I think a large part of my issues in the past were from a certain ex-boyfriend, but now that that's out of the picture and what not, a lot of my stress has gone away. So yes. I am in a good place right now. We'll see if it stays this way. Hopefully so cos then I'll be saving $240 a year in medication costs.

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