Friday, March 9, 2007

Attack of the bill collectors at work

so i get a page today from the receptionist saying that i have a call from a diane from encino. i thought it was regarding some banners we were doing for them so i was like "ok i'll take the call". i get the phone and this lady was like "this is diane from azino (sp?) financial. im calling about yoru ***** account." and i was like aw fuck, right? so she was like "id like t o know what you're going to do about this." and i was like "ah, im actually not in a position to talk about this right now." cos gav was all ease dropping and shit. so i told her i'd "call" her back later and discuss it. so i pretended to get her "number" and hung up. stupid bitch. i then complained to the receptionist about how i hate people with thick ass accents cos i swore she said encino too till she said financial. i was tempted to hang up but oh well. how did this lady get my recent work phone number anyway? they have my old work number from like 5 years ago when we were still in the building on second street. bastadges.

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