Saturday, March 24, 2007

Whirl of excitement

Since last night's coming out, if you will, I have been having a whirl of excitement whenever thinking about moving. I am totally nervous because this is something that is all new to me, that being moving, going to another state, looking for work and a place to reside in unfamiliar territories, etc. But when I go online and look at apartments and DMV requirements and all that crap I just can't help but feel totally excited and motivated! I love it! I haven't been this happy in weeks! Before then, my life was hitting a downward spiral into depressionville and now I feel as if someone has thrown me a rope and is pulling me out of that whirlpool. It's an awesome feeling.

I just finished looking at some of the Nevada gun laws. It's crazy how much different it is than in California! Its like out here you gotta fill out a phonebook size set of forms, wait forever and a day, sign away your first born, etc. Out there there's like hardly any restrictions. A background check. Pfttt!!! Craziness!

I'm gonna have a lot of shit to have to deal with through the DMV and insurance and what not but that's nothing I haven't gone through out in California. I'm sure their DMV isn't as crowded.

I'm really looking forward to my drive to see Jesse this week! I can't wait to pass through Reno and drive around the town a little bit and check out where the good neighborhoods are and the ones to steer clear of are. I'll probably get lost but that could be a good thing.

I've decided if I can get a place that lets me keep pets I'm gonna get my pug. I don't know what to name it but I want one. Or a ferrit. But for Jesse's sake I might pass on the ferrit cos Lori says they smell like shit.

Anyway, I think I've done enough browsing for the night. I gotta prepare to go fishing tomorrow. On that note I say goodnight to all and September! September! September or sooner!

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