Monday, April 9, 2007

Ich liebe Mein Booger!!!

I can't say I have ever felt so loved or loved someone as much as I love Mein Jesse!!!

I think about Mein Boogs day and night at random moments, even while peeing.

This months Guns & Ammo is all about the AR and it reminds me of his AR-15 the first rifle I ever shot, the one he taught me to shoot with.

I threw away so many things in my room because I know when I move up with him we will get new things that will be our stuff, shared.

I lie away at night hugging Ray Ray imagining what life will be like once we are together in Reno.

I constantly look at pictures of him because I love to see his beautiful face.

I long to be held and kissed by him again.

I know the next time I see him, I won't have to leave him.

I keep pictures of him within view on my computer at home and on the walls of my office because he inspires me.

I miss him greeting me when he comes home from work and saying goodbye when he leaves.

I enjoy the silent companionship we have at times, where we just lie in bed by one another watching tv or doing our own things, but knowing that the other is there within reach.

I love his well defined facial features and collar bone and his soft skin and smooth back.

I love to touch him and pet him and feel him.

I want to cook and sew and do domestic things for Jesse.

I look forward to coming home from work to Mein Boogs.

I look forward to going to sleep next to Mein Boogs.

I sit up waiting for him to call just so I can hear his voice.

There is something special about sharing a toothbrush.

I could lay in bed all day and watch him sleep.

I want to spend forever and a day with Mein Jesse Booger.

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