Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Susanville Redux

Well, this morning I got home from my second trip to Susanville roughly around 4 am and went to work after some 3.5 hours of sleep. Despite the various halucinations I had from lack of sleep on the way home, the trip was purely wonderful. I had such a great time with Mein Jesse Booger. He looked very handsome and healthy and taken care of when I saw him and was just as snuggly as I remembered him to be. We spent 4 nights together in a hotel on a very comfy queen bed with a fluffy cloud down comforter and one night like old times in his twin bed back at the dorms. I was so happy to be up there with him again, I miss him so much and I miss him more now that I am gone again! Although I am happy because I know I will be seeing him again regardless in 5 months when I move to Reno, or earlier if I need to go up for job interviews.

Anyway I don't know where to begin on the fun. There was so much of it so I guess I'll just line list highlights and lowlights in no particular order:

- Dicking around in gunsmithing school. Repetitively hearing Swingin' playing and everyone singing along to it even though they were pissed off that it was playing for the umpteenth time. Giving Jesse's instructors ideas on how to make gun re-assembly difficult for him.

- Abusing the song Tell Me When To Go and playing it a lot and drawing lines from the song on Hoss's dry-erase board. Shake them dreads... Gas break dip... Ghostride the whip... Let me see that grill... *Tangent: Someone needs to add Put your stunna shades on*

- Roller skating in the dorms while Jesse was longboarding and crashing into each other. Meeting new people and greeting the old ones. Joking around and picking on one another. Desktop changing secret attacks.

- Excessive amounts of poor quality cable movies. Snuggling up watching movies and tv. Snuggling. Watching Maury Povich and laughing our asses off at the obese kids and the parents who refuse to cut off the food supply.

- Failed attempts at hunting rock chucks. Shooting the shit out of the abandoned car. Trying to tip over the abandoned car. Rummaging through the abandoned car. Throwing rocks at the abandoned car. Pretty much further destroying the abandoned car. Hiding from cars that would pass down the road in our camouflage. Wandering up mountain sides with guns in hand. Shooting at critters.

- Sitting in the shower with Jesse spitting water at each other for what seemed like a frighteningly long time and laughing hysterically the whole time. Being simple creatures enjoying simplicities of life. Bathing Jesse. Washing Jesse's mohawk. Lathering, rinsing, repeating.

- Sleeping with Jesse. Being held all night long. Waking up with Jesse's face next to mine. Watching Jesse sleep. Petting Jesse while he slept. Fiddling with his mohawk. Nuzzling noses. Biting lips. Random kisses on the forehead. Slapping asses. Sex at odd hours. Sex with socks on. Sex with nothing on. Sex on top, in front, behind. Rough sex. Sweet gentle loving sex. Sex till you're sore. Random quickies.

- Off roading at the cutout. Practicing drive by skills. Shooting from cars at mountain sides. Hanging out of windows of cars shooting at mountain sides. Kicking up dirt. Causing a ruckus. Doing no good and doing a good job of it. Rapid fire. Executing beer bottles. Blasting the shit out of squeaky toys with a shotgun. Random ammo strewn about the car. Metal and guns. Shooting in the rain till your fingertips become numb.

- Hugs and lots of hugs. Being close to Jesse. Walking arm in arm. Hand in hand. Side by side. Guiding his blind side. Being his right eye again. Seeing cheap wine in used food store. Making corn dogs and watching cheezy cholo movies at the dorms. Watching Jesse eat and wonder why he doesn't get fat yet I have one corn dog and I'm gianormous. Playful candy warfare.

- Sharing a bed. Having Jesse as the first thing I wake up and the last thing I see when I go to sleep. Jesse rubbing my back when I got sick. Jesse making me soup and green tea when I got sick. Jesse bringing me Ray Ray and my jammies so I could be comfortable and then tucking me in to bed when I got sick. Bringing me medicine and making me drink it so I would get better. Jesse taking care of me and just being sweet and caring and an all around wonderful boyfriend reminding me why I make so many sacrifices for him.

- Walking around Susnaville. Driving around Susanville. Antinquing with Jesse. Dining with Jesse. Making fun of yuppie moms and dipshit kids sitting out front of the ice cream parlor drinking smoothies. Learning Jesse has a profound love of meatball sandwiches with provalone. Eating pizza in bed. Getting diarrhea and Jesse noticing it smelled bad when he got back from work. Jesse leaving me his keys so I could get orange juice and ice cream. Waiting for Jesse to get home from work. Smiling when I would hear his truck pull up to the hotel or his keys opening the doors.

- Jesse's sweet sweet kisses. Half asleep kisses in the morning. Kisses when I was asleep and he didn't think I'd notice when he went to bed. Goodbye I'm off to work kisses. Deep and passionate kisses during sex. Random pecks for no apparent reason. Sniper kisses.

- Caresses and gentle touches. Running hands through hair. Checking for fevers. Holding and being held. Sharing blankets. Doubling up blankets for me when I was fevering and holding me close to keep me warm when I had the chills. Compassion towards one another from those who lack compassion for fellow men and women.

- Damning the Susanville Police department for busting a u-turn and giving me a speeding ticket. Talking about how cops suck. Laughing at the fact they didn't search my car with random rounds of ammo and brass strewn about the car. The mauser brass that stayed on the windshield wiper and how Jesse didn't turn on the wipers when it rained so it would stay there. The way it stayed there all the way home. The way I am leaving it there till it falls off or someone steals it as a memory of our good times.

- Check point calls at late hours to make sure I was safe on the way home. Telling me to call when I got home no matter how late so he would know I made it. Both feeling alone after spending 5 nights together in the same beds and then suddenly cut off to sleep solo again. No longer having each other to come home to after a long day. Knowing months will pass by before we see each other again but feelings of hope knowing that once we see each other next, it will be forever.

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