Thursday, April 12, 2007


Tonight I watched teevee for the first time at home in months. I haven't really been keeping up to date with my regular shows. I sorta watched teevee when I was up with Jesse, but that was out of my regular routine. I caught a bit of My Name is Earl. I don't watch that show. My parents regularly watch it. I caught it while eating. It was pretty funny, so I continued to watch it after I retreated to my room. After that I switched over to ABC to watch Ugly Betty but it was some special about the show. As was Grey's Anatomy. I guess they must be filming new episodes or something cos they make it look like next week will be all new. I then caught Notes From The Underbelly. It's a new show and it premiered tonight. I thought it was gonna be some lame ass being pregnant drama but it was actually really funny. It pokes fun of pregnant people and the process. The best part of the show was when the main character who is newly pregnant went to her half way pregnant friend's house with her other friend who is a divorce attourney and totally anti-marriage-babies. anyway the pregnant friend is married to an indian guy (india indian not waggon burner) anyway they had this baby wrap holder thing and the friend tells the main character to practice putting the baby in the wrap and she grabs this indian doll (savage indian) and was like "what's with pocahantis?" and her preggo friend is like "oh eric wanted an indian doll but they sent us this. stupid internet." lol then like after a failed attempt of wrapping the baby the husband comes in and is like "i want to practice diaper changing" and he gets the doll and looks at it and mutters "stupid internet" and walks out. lol. i thought that was pretty damned funny cos i've been a victim of misleading internet purchases... it sucks. i was able to relate lol.anyway it's a pretty funny show with a lot of potential. i do believe if i am watching teevee next week i will check it out again...

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