Monday, May 28, 2007

Progression in the wrong direction

I have this theory that good music died after 1998. Between 1978 and 1998, there was no such thing as bad music. There were a bunch of great local punk bands and not so local punk bands that still came and played in LA. But after 98, well, music went to shit. Everyone started trying to sound like Linkin Park. Then the whole emo and indie rock scene started to emerge. The people who listened to punk either stayed true to the good bands of the 70's through '98 or split off into the indie/emo scene. As for everyone else, well, they bought into the crap that was being thrown out at them.

Granted, I am one of the ones who hasn't musically "evolved" if you will. I kinda keep my eyes open for when the old punk bands need money and decide to have reunion shows or what have you. Ok, so there's a few good bands out right now but it's nothing like it was when I was in 10th grade. I recall back then going to shows like 3 - 5 times a week in the summers. I don't even think I've been to 3 - 5 shows in the last 2 years!!! Don't get me wrong, I love seeing live performances, but why would I want to pay money to see someone who can't play their instruments? Even a lot of the punk bands back in the day who were told by critics they couldn't play could at least group together few power chords and carry a tune but some of these indie bands just randomly pluck away whilst staring idly at their feet, and to them it is a statement. They are being "ironic". It's some form of satire mocking the current state of bad music. That on one hand you have horrible acts like Linkin Park who actually can play their instruments but are just such a wretched act and these indie bands mock that concept to bring forth their message of what I'm not too sure of. You would expect something unique but the messages are all the same. Some sort of pathetic broken hearted ballad by some undergrad art student living off of school loan refunds in mommy and daddy's name.

Perhaps I am going astray here insulting art students, but I feel I have every right in the world to chime in under such a "taboo" subject matter. I was one of those art students, sure. Ok so I wasn't living off of loan refunds and my loans were all in my name but, as much as I try to avoid the subject at hand, I am, unfortunately, one of their kind. I try to turn my cheek to it but as much as I dislike it, I am still an artist... ashamed to be called just that... because I have a talent, a skill, something these people lack. And they have made it a mockery to be considered an artist. When you think about artists back in the day, it's usually some eccentric outcast willing to test the boundaries of their times. But the fine arts have become such a joke now days.

There is no more originality. The only pure arts now days with any possible means of originality lie in the newer medias such as animation, design, photography, what have you.

Sculpture has become a joke. No body does sculptures anymore. Now they do instillations. How the hell is an instillation art!? It's not archival! Its just a room or a corner full of crap no body wants, toss on some paint, make up some bullshit statement about how it represents oppression of Iraqi's under the police states our troops are creating overseas thanks to the wrath of President Bush, yet somehow people consider it art. It's a farce if you ask me!

In all honesty, if you ask me, I believe the feminist are the evil masterminds behind the talentless crap otherwise known as the instillation. What with wanting their equal rights and what not. Frankly, being a woman, and an artist, I can say I would be more than perfectly content staying at home all day cleaning my house and cooking my husband dinner, but to some women that's not good enough. They want to work. They want to be able to vote. They want equal rights. Call me ignorant, I don't care. I was born a woman and the only job I should have as a woman is to serve my man! I guaranty you that a lot of these successful women who are getting their equal pay working in executive positions are miserable when they come home at night because their job causes them to neglect their families, if they even have that. A lot of so called successful females, be it artists, or businesswomen have family and love lives of despair. Divorce. Children who despise them. Bad relationships. Sure, its nice to make money or be famous, but at the end of the day, these women want the same thing any woman wants: a family to take care of. Whether it be a boyfriend, a husband, kids, pets, whatever, women in general are natural mothers and are born to nurture. When they have nothing to nurture it makes them long for those things. You can't have a healthy relationship when you focus your entire life on your job. Instead, you wind up neglecting the people you care most about, which in turn makes them hate you all the more for it. Which explains why most feminist are either bitter carpet munchers or not capable of holding down a relationship. Deep down, they are miserable. All I know is I'm miserable because it is impossible for a single person to live on their own now, or a family to live off of one income due to the fact some women decided they want to work.

Anyway, some people think they are being revolutionary by trying to modify stuff that's not broken. I mean there are a lot of cases where people said "hey let's take this and make it better" and it worked. But so many people feel the need to go in and tweak things now days to suit their special interests.

Perfect example: gun laws. Sure, we had the right to bear arms written down on paper, signed, dated, set to go. Been that way for hundreds of years. Everyone is happy. In fact, just about everyone had a gun back then. Without one you weren't eating dinner. You didn't hear of kids getting into the guns and accidental shootings happening. Hell, the 5 year old knew how to load, clean, and shoot the family gun in case of danger. I recall my mom even telling about how they knew how to use their father's shotguns when they were growing up in Washington, given this was maybe 40 years ago.

But then, within the last couple of decades people have become pussies. Kids aren't being taught gun safety. They get into the guns when the parents are at work (how are those equal rights working out for you feminists when you don't teach your kids about gun safety or aren't home to watch them to make sure they behave?) Next thing you know there's this whole outrage that guns aren't safe! It's time to pass a law stating all guns should have a locking device. Forget the fact you're not watching your kids or teaching them to mind their own goddamn business. The guns are the bad things here, the evil weapons of death that we love to have in our homes to protect from intruders or use for hunting or collectors purposes.

I'm a firm believer that crime is a result of over population. I can vouch for this based on a 7th grade science experiment in which I took 2 critter keepers, provided the same amount of food and water, but one had 2 mice the other had 4 mice. Within a week, the "over populated" mice were pregnant. Shortly after, they had babies. Next thing you know there are 4 mice, 6 babies and the same amount of food and water as the other mice. (This is why communism is bad, kids. Equal distribution and over population is never a good combo.) Within the following weeks, the "over populated" mice started to fight for food. This isn't anything new. It's just Darwin's survival of the fittest theory at work. The ones that got the food were strong. The one's that didn't were weak. The weak ones needed something to eat and resulted in eating the babies.

Well, people don't exactly eat their babies when they need food. But they will go and rob the liquor store on the corner for money to pay for their necessities. Sure, crime isn't something new of this century. It's been around forever. They've just been getting more twisted. Say in the 1800's a bandit would go in and rob a bank and go down to the next town over and get some whiskey and hookers. These days you'll have a guy pick up a hooker and rape her, stab her 70 times, dump her body in a ditch and go back to work the next day as if nothing ever happened. These weird crimes are these rare but all too frequent crimes of sick minded individuals who should be publicly hung, then again someone deemed that cruel and unusual and oddly enough, since people are no longer publicly executed, people also have a new tolerance to the fear of death... coincidence? I think not.

I blame the bleeding heart liberals for the demise of society. It's wrong to show someone being hung in public for committing a murder. It makes us no better than them, killing them in public. Look, if you don't have some sort of display of actions and consequences, how do you expect people to learn? It's not a new concept. If you look back to the dark ages, before the days of reading, monks would illustrate biblical stories and depictions of hell to scare people into living good Christian lives. How is this any different? One end the bible say murder is a sin, but then there's that whole eye for an eye tooth for a tooth theory. So who is to say if you murder someone you shouldn't be murdered yourself? But those poor bleeding hearts, it's not the right thing to do. We must be good and kind to everyone. If someone slaps you in the face, turn your cheek. If they want to walk all over you, let them. If people are living in poor oppressed third world countries, let them come into the US illegally and as upstanding citizens, it is our job to make sure our tax dollars fund them so they can have the same opportunities as us, owning homes, getting an education, health care, and so on so forth.

After so many years of helping out we have a problem. Housing prices have sky rocketed. Fuel supply is sparse yet everyone needs it, and are willing to pay at the pumps simply out of necessity. Quality of service has gone down hill simply because there are too many people and not enough time to take care of things. You go to the doctors office and can't get a same day appointment and if you do there are so many people there you need to wait hours before you can see your physician. All social factors affected by over population. However the US does not see itself as over populated because unlike other so called over populated places like India, we have technological advancements so that makes us civil, even if we do have a lot of people.

However, this is like a landfill situation. You have people who have lived their lives in shitty places. Those places are so bad off for whatever reasons. Maybe it's poor government, maybe it's the people who live there trashing the place, thing is, once that place gets so bad they move on to another place. Then they work their ways onto that new location. When that place gets trashed they will pack up and leave to the next location. Eventually what will happen when they run out of places to run to? Will we be left with some sort of post-war apocalyptic Mad Max type of world?

People try to ban guns to prevent crimes and pass so many bills prohibiting the use and sales of certain weapons, yet will those be our only line of defense should the revolution come? Will Californians be helpless in the faces of their attackers? Time and time again it has been proven that those who give up their guns for protection are left with neither guns nor protection but open themselves up to tyranny. Any society in which the residents are not armed is pretty much setting themselves up for disaster.

Long story short, people think they are making the world a better place. These liberals think they are helping society out by allowing illegal immigration to occur, passing gun laws, but in reality they're only hurting the economy and jeopardizing their own protection. Feminists think they are making their lives better by having equal rights when they are actually sacrificing their personal happiness. Artists think they are revolutionizing things by putting spins on the past or present situations but in actuality, it just makes them look talentless and mundane. Life is what you make of it. And a lot of people are turning this world into shit because they feel their lives are shit. Instead of trying to change the world, try to change who you are as a person. Don't make the rest of us suffer because of it.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Crazy Lady Update 2!!!!

Jesse is officially moved in as of today. And as of today, he saw Crazy Lady chasing her dog in the street or something and she was having a full on conversation with herself with hands flailing and everything. I can't wait to hear what other nonsense will be happening in days to come!!! I may need to start a Crazy Lady online journal....

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Crazy Lady Update!!!!!

Today Jesse went to Reno-Home and dropped off a few of his things. Crazy Lady was outside as was her dog. She talked to him for a little bit and apparently she told him she thought we had "moved out". Jesse, assured her we had not moved out and she responded that our cars hadn't been there for a few days and she hadn't seen us in a while. Seriously what's she thinking? We're going to move in and two days later move out? Geez!!! Anyway, I bet she probably was disappointed cos she probably thought she made some sort of complaint about Lulu to the property managers or something and thought we got scared and left and then she finds out we didn't leave lol. Much to her dislike, we'll be there for quite a while.

Oh yeah, I did some research on her. While I don't have her whole name or anything, I did learn that she's only been in that unit for a few months. Apparently that unit was up for rent back in November of 2006. I have this theory based on what information she's given me, that her husband probably died 6 months ago. She probably had a house at one point and upon the death of her husband had to sell the house and move into the apartment unit due to financial reasons. That theory isn't 100% though because she is low income, based on what the property managers have told me. So, she might have been living in a house with her husband and he might have been paying for it and maybe when he died she had to move out cos she couldn't afford it and is now living there off of social security. But! She looks to be maybe in her 50's, so I doubt she could be getting social security as she is not over the retirement age of 65, so maybe she's collecting on her husband's funds? Who knows.

Anyway, back to the dog situation at hand... according to her story of Mark making her get rid of her other 2 dogs, she has gone through a total of 3 dogs in a 6 month period. I don't know about you but I'm assuming that's like what? A dog every 2 months, right? So I'll be tolerable of Dodger. It's not his fault he's a big dopey dog that's not supervised. I mean, you can only blame the pet to a certain extent for the owner's lack of supervision and what not. If the trend goes on, I'm sure it will only be another month or two before she has to get rid of Dodger. At that point, someone should really say something to the property managers about allowing her to own dogs. Someone should suggest she get a parakeet or something if she's that lonely or a cat or something. Just not a dog. I don't think that's the right pet for her...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Nevada Humane Society states....

Keeping Your Dog Confined to Your Property

...We don't recommend that you chain or tie your dog up to prevent him from wandering off. A chained or tied up dog is likely to become frustrated, which could lead to destructive and/or aggressive behavior. He could also become entangled in his chain, rope or leash and, as a result, severely injure himself....

The Canine Escape Artist

Escaping is a serious problem for both you and your dog, as it could have tragic consequences. If your dog is running loose, he is in danger of being hit by a car, being injured in a fight with another dog, or being hurt in a number of other ways. Additionally, you're liable for any damage or injury your dog may cause and you may be required to pay a fine if he's picked up by an animal control agency. In order to resolve an escaping problem, you must determine not only how your dog is getting out, but also why he is escaping.
Why Dogs Escape

Social Isolation/Frustration

Your dog may be escaping because he's bored and lonely if:

* He is left alone for long periods of time without opportunities for interaction with you.
* His environment is relatively barren, without playmates or toys.
* He is a puppy or adolescent (under three years old) and doesn't have other outlets for his energy.
* He is a particularly active type of dog (like the herding or sporting breeds) who needs an active job in order to be happy.
* The place he goes to when he escapes provides him with interaction and fun things to do. For example, he goes to play with a neighbor's dog or to the local school yard to play with the children.
... Sexual Roaming

Dogs become sexually mature at around six months of age. An intact male dog is motivated by a strong, natural drive to seek out female dogs. It can be very difficult to prevent an intact dog from escaping, because his motivation to do so is very high.
... Separation Anxiety

Your dog may be escaping due to separation anxiety if:

* He escapes as soon as, or shortly after, you leave.
* He displays other behaviors that reflect a strong attachment to you, such as following you around, frantic greetings or reacting anxiously to your preparations to leave.
* He remains near your home after he's escaped.

Factors that can precipitate a separation anxiety problem

* There has recently been a change in your family's schedule that has resulted in your dog being left alone more often.
* Your family has recently moved to a new house.
* There's been a death or loss of a family member or another family pet.
* Your dog has recently spent time at an animal shelter or boarding kennel.

...How Dogs Escape

Some dogs jump fences, but most actually climb them, using some part of the fence to push off from. A dog may also dig under the fence, chew through the fence, learn to open a gate or use any combination of these methods to get out of the yard. Knowing how your dog gets out will help you to modify your yard. However, until you know why your dog wants to escape, and you can decrease his motivation for doing so, you won't be able to successfully resolve the problem.
Recommendations for Preventing Escape

"Bark! Bark! Bark!"

Some canine behavior problems, such as house soiling, affect only a dog's owners. However, problems such as escaping and excessive barking can result in neighborhood disputes and violations of animal control ordinances. Therefore, barking dogs can become "people problems." If your dog's barking has created neighborhood tension, it might be a good idea to discuss the problem with your neighbors. It's perfectly normal and reasonable for dogs to bark from time to time, just as children make noise when they play outside. However, continual barking for long periods of time is a sign that your dog has a problem that needs to be addressed...

Social Isolation/Frustration/Attention-Seeking

Your dog may be barking because he's bored and lonely if:

* He's left alone for long periods of time without opportunities for interaction with you.
* His environment is relatively barren, without playmates or toys.
* He's a puppy or adolescent (under three years old) and doesn't have other outlets for his energy.
* He's a particularly active type of dog (like the herding or sporting breeds) who needs a "job" to be happy.

Part of me wants to print this whole blog out and leave it in Crazy Lady's mailbox.

Hey trouble, I hear you call my name...

One of our blinds broke when we moved in and a guy was supposed to come out to fix it. He came by Friday and got the measurements but didn't have the blind so he had to come back later in the week. I got a call from the property managers assistant today telling me they'd be by tomorrow around 4:30 to fix the blind. I said, "Ok" and the conversation continued with an awkward question to me asking if there was some sort of "incident" yesterday with our dog and Mark, the neighbor across from us. I said "no" and that I had left to go back down to LA around noon on Sunday and inquired if they could tell me more about the supposed incident, ie what was supposedly said, who said it, etc. They told me they could not release that information but because the dog was not there when the incident supposedly happened that they would keep an eye on the situation. I have a very good feeling it's the crazy lady downstairs making some sort of accusations for god knows what reasons. All I know is my dog is not a nuisance. She stays in the apartment all day, supervised, and is always on a leash. Always. I'm rather frustrated because there isn't a damned thing I can do about this seeing as I'm not even up there right now. I just fear this lady is such a nut job she'll start with the dog. Complain. Make us get rid of Lu. Then she'll call the cops or something saying we're arguing and being disruptive or something if we aren't. Or lie and say we're having parties. Some shit. And we'll wind up getting evicted or something or we'll just be so miserable that I don't know. I just really hate this lady already. A lot. I don't trust her and I don't want to talk to her, know her, or have anything to do with her. Agh!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Move Part 1

I suppose you could say the move started weeks ago when I started packing stuff from my room, but it officially started Thursday night. I hauled my boxes to the back of Jeepie and made one last trip to Target to pick up some last minute things like pillows, cleaning supplies, and a vacuum. Thursday night I was all anxious and couldn't sleep till well after midnight.

I was supposed to wake up around 3 am but slept till 6 on Friday morning. I stopped off at Starbucks and got a mocha, got gas, and headed off to the freeway. The drive was the same ol' drive. Nothing new. No snow capped mountains in the Donner Pass this time. I got to Reno around 2ish. Picked up the apartment key and went to the new place.

Our neighborhood is pretty much like the Van Nuys of Northern Nevada. People there consider it scuzzy but to me and Jesse, it's just like home. Hahah! Our apartment is this cool building from the 60's. To give you an idea of it, the inside looks like it was designed in the 60's and hasn't been remodeled since. Jesse and myself are in hog heaven as our living room has wood paneling on the walls!!! (Side note, my dad just came in to tell me he had to google the drug from Robocop 2 cos he couldn't remember what it was called and it was bothering him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Anyway, back to the apartment. My favorite part of the unit is the bathroom. It has this weird little nook by the tub which I use to keep razors, spare boxes of soap, and wash cloths in. Jesse tells me that's what it' for, so I'm glad. In our bedroom there is this wall with built in drawers and a cabinet which I guess is supposed to be for linnen. It's not being used for that though. It serves as a spare place for my clothes and purses and home to our ammo. It's a small unit but we're pretty content there. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We have 4 neighbors. There's a married couple below us who we haven't been formally introduced to yet but the realator told me about them. Then there's the guy next door to us who helped us try to get our couch in but it was too big to fit in there so Jesse just took it to give to one of his instructors or something. Then there is the crazy lady down stairs. I don't like her very much. In fact, I don't like her at all. I think she's on social security or something cos she doesn't seem like she works and is home all the time. She talks for the sake of talking to anyone and everyone. She has this big dumb dog who she keeps chained to the tree in the front yard who gets out of his collar and runs down the street. He isn't fixed, he's big and jumpy and barks all night. I'd really like to complain to the landlord about her dog but I'm kind of afraid to. Reason being this: she says when I first get there "Oh you have a dog!" and she grabs my dog and starts holding it and petting it and Lulu is all freaked out and I told her she just got spayed Thursday to watch her stitches and she takes my little dog over to her big jumpy dumb dog as if holding it out for a sacrifice to it and she's like "Oh they'll be friends" bla bla and I'm like "I need my dog back she just got out of surgery YESTERDAY and has STITCHES." Meanwhile I gotta pee and she goes on talking about how her husband died and how our neighbor across from us is "so nice" but not to trust him cos he made her get rid of two of her dogs and I'm thinking if her other two dogs are anything like the one she has now, I don't blame him for making her get rid of them! And she was like "I didn't know they allowed dogs on the second floor" in a cynical way as if telling me "I know my dog is big, unsupervised, and barks all night, and if you complain about the fact he barks and I don't watch him and the landlord makes me get rid of my dog, I will see to it they make you get rid of your dog too." NOw she didn't actually say that but thats the vibe I got from her. I can tell she is going to be a problem on our lifestyle. But it gets better. Because she has this unruly non-neutered wanderer for a dog that craps everywhere, my dog is afraid of going to the bathroom outside. Every time Jesse or I would take Lulu down to go to the bathroom, she would smell the floor, see the other dog, who would start barking at her, and she'd just give you that look of "not here, not not." Two days in a row she pissed and crapped in our apartment. I'm rather frustrated. I understand she's probably stressed and all from the drive, the new location, being in a new surrounding and all that, but this can't go on. She needs to go to the bathroom outside. And crazy lady needs to pick up the shit her dog makes in the alley cos my dog doesn't want to crap out there cos of her pile of dog shit. Anyway, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before someone complains about her dog. The way it barks all the time or is chained up outside all day or running down the alley. It's only a matter of time before it bites some kid or something. I'm willing to bet it's not even licenced or vaccinated or treated for fleas or heartworm or anything. Scoff.

Anyway, I'm home again now. Pretty tired. Only 8 more days of work left. This is weird. But exciting. In some ways, its good to be back at my parents house again, and in others I'm a little sad that I had to leave.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Things seem weird. Maybe I'm stressing about the move or something. I feel like I got a weird vibe from Jesse today when I called him. Maybe I'm just being hormonal cos of my period or he had a bad day or something, it was just odd and I'm just shocked how much this is affecting me. I felt like he didn't want to talk to me at all today and it's like things can't be like that we're going to be living together in just a few days! Maybe he's stressed cos of that? Who knows! I just know it's eating me up inside!

Not as cool as you...

Jesse is disgusted in the fact I haven't seen half the films he's dubbed "classics" so I'm working on getting cultured. I remember bits and parts from films but can't remember the film it was from. I like movies, I'm just not a movie whore. In fact, I feel pretty lame in comparison to a lot of people I know because while I like a lot of movies, I haven't seen as many as them nor do I remember memorable quotes or characters or actors names. I like a lot of bands but I don't know of as many bands or songs or lyrics or who was in what band and plays what like other people I know. I've read some books but I don't read all the time nor do I have favorite authors, genres, stories, etc. The point I'm trying to make is I am not a hipster. I don't know anything when it comes to movies, music, books or things that would make someone be considered to be "cultured". I accept my mediocrity and continue to live my life unfulfilled, not knowing the meanings of your inside jokes, being left in the corner when you quote movie lines back and forth, or sit and listen to music and lyrics of songs you all know and sing along to in the car. It makes me really sad that I didn't grow up as cultured as other people. I just feel like everyone I know has a passion in life for something but I have a passion for nothing really. Maybe I have a passion but haven't discovered it yet? None the less, as shallow as it sounds, I'm sad not to be one of the "cool" kids. I never was one, I never will be. I'm just here.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Reno... wow.

It's hard to believe I'll be driving up to Reno again in only a few days to pick up our apartment keys and move some of my crap in to our new place. It seems like only yesterday this was nothing more than a whimsical idea spawned from a suggestion Jesse made and now it's all really happening! I have a good part of my possessions packed and ready to go. This is all so hard to believe...

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Book Reviews Review

While I don't consider myself an avid reader, I have become an avid reader of Myspace book reviews. Have you ever read any of the book reviews they write? I have become hooked on this. It's like a new way Myspace has lured in its people to become drawn to it even more. They take recent books, some unknown person writes a witty review about it (and they're always positive reviews, because why would Tom allow a review of a crappy book on Myspace, right?) Usually they are fairly interesting reviews to read. But then the great part: the reader comments! The most recent book I've read a review on is Everybody Hurts: A Guide to Emo. Oh man I was laughing so hard at how everyone was bashing emos on the comments and how some emos were getting all defensive! It was truly hillarioius! So yea, if you're ever bored, I advise you read some Myspace book reviews...

Sunday, May 6, 2007

My precious....

today i was at walmart with my parents and we all got lost and i was walking around the entire store looking for them. i passed every aisle and every product. i noticed a couple looking at wedding bands. it made me think of friday afternoon at work. noreen saw my finger and asked me where i got my ring from and i told her i bought it for myself. she got mad that it was on my "ring finger" and said that it was bad luck. seeing those people shopping for rings kinda made me a little bummed out. don't get me wrong, i have been bought a ring before, but that ring meant nothing. i was even told that when i got it. but that ring is trash now which was why i bought myself my other ring. because as long as i can remember i always wore a ring on my ring finger. part of me wants to be given a ring and have it mean something, but the other part just thinks its a waste of money. sigh.