Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Book Reviews Review

While I don't consider myself an avid reader, I have become an avid reader of Myspace book reviews. Have you ever read any of the book reviews they write? I have become hooked on this. It's like a new way Myspace has lured in its people to become drawn to it even more. They take recent books, some unknown person writes a witty review about it (and they're always positive reviews, because why would Tom allow a review of a crappy book on Myspace, right?) Usually they are fairly interesting reviews to read. But then the great part: the reader comments! The most recent book I've read a review on is Everybody Hurts: A Guide to Emo. Oh man I was laughing so hard at how everyone was bashing emos on the comments and how some emos were getting all defensive! It was truly hillarioius! So yea, if you're ever bored, I advise you read some Myspace book reviews...

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