Sunday, May 6, 2007

My precious....

today i was at walmart with my parents and we all got lost and i was walking around the entire store looking for them. i passed every aisle and every product. i noticed a couple looking at wedding bands. it made me think of friday afternoon at work. noreen saw my finger and asked me where i got my ring from and i told her i bought it for myself. she got mad that it was on my "ring finger" and said that it was bad luck. seeing those people shopping for rings kinda made me a little bummed out. don't get me wrong, i have been bought a ring before, but that ring meant nothing. i was even told that when i got it. but that ring is trash now which was why i bought myself my other ring. because as long as i can remember i always wore a ring on my ring finger. part of me wants to be given a ring and have it mean something, but the other part just thinks its a waste of money. sigh.

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