Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Filling In The Blanks

Well after a little over a week we finally got our internet up. Yay.

Anyway here's a rundown of some stuff that's gone down in Reno:

Lulu has been crapping in the apartment every day. It sucks. We've been working with her a lot but she still is going. I think she might be sick cos the consistency is kinda weird and she hasn't been eating much.

The shopping out here is pretty descent. There's a lot of the same stores as the valley. Speed limits are a little higher than in the valley so you get to where you're going quicker. We haven't really discovered too many restaurants out here yet.

Local commercials are the BEST!!! My favorite includes the Ragin Cajun auto dealer with his sidekick Craw Dad and the annoying Super Burrito commercials.

We live near 3 gun shops that I can think of off hand. The one on Kitzke, Plum, and Sportsman's Warehouse.

On guns, Jesse took me to my first gun show last Saturday. It was cool. He bought me a Smith & Wesson .357 revolver. Naturally we went out to shoot it the next day. I also bought a Remington shotgun at the pawn shop. I traded in the ring Matt gave me to get it hahahha. Poetic Justice! I'm going to let Jesse take those to school with him next semester to fix them all nice like. It's cool cos I got 2 guns in 1 week and didn't hafta wait for them. I really like that.

We went fishing at Virginia Lake. It's kinda like Lake Balboa but cleaner, more trees, and stocked with trout, bass, and catfish and what not. We didn't catch anything but some dude a few feet away from me did the other day.

Lulu got to venture out in the dog park. It's not cool like the Sepulveda off leash park. It's basically like a big gated dirt area where dogs can romp around and get dirty and what not. Its cool cos the dog park and Virginia Lake are like right down the street from us.

I got my Nevada license. Their DMV rocks! It took us only a few minutes to get in and get out and they give you your license the same day so you don't hafta wait! I still need to get my car registered but I hafta wait for my funds to be available to do so. I just opened a checking account with Wells Fargo cos the nearest WAMU is like 130 miles away.

Other than that, I've been enjoying domestic bliss of cooking for my man and what not. The weather has been really nice out here. It even rained on one of the days. Some of Jesse's friends from school came over and visited us this weekend. That was nice. Company is always a good thing.

I think we're pretty much situated in the apartment now. Stuff seems to be set up to the best of our abilities. Most of Jesse's tools are hanging out in the living room for lack of better place to keep them. We have our mini armory in the bedroom. It's sweet. There is a decent amount of guns between the two of us but it's going to go up only cos Jesse needs more guns for school and I have a few more I'd like to get myself when I get the money.

So far, I like the Reno. I also like gun shows. Reno has proven to be rather promising. I have a good feeling I'm going to like it here.

Oh yeah, odd bit of trivia: the air up here has magically done something to grant me back my sense of smell!!! It's crazy! I'm still trying to adapt to it but it's pretty neat to have after not having for some 20 plus years...

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