Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Guns & Housework

I think I've hooted and hollered about how Reno is cool already, but there is another aspect of Reno which I love a lot. That being is the new pseudo-family situation that has been established. There's Mommy, Daddy, and the Pug-Child. I know it sounds pretty warped but frankly this is the closest thing to a family I have now seeing as my own is some 500 miles away.

Mommy does the mommy things like washing dishes, cleaning the house, sewing Jesse's pants and buttons on his jackets, and helps cleans the guns. Daddy takes the Pug-Child out to go to the bathroom and cleans and works on guns and does random house hold repairs to faucets, knobs, and what have you. And the Pug-Child? Well, she just does little doggie play things like gettin hyphy with Daddy and chewing on things when she's not shitting and pissing all over the house.

I really enjoy it so far. I love spending time with Jesse and Lulu. The three of us sitting on the couch watching Mythbusters or random documentaries on the history channel. How Lu sits and watches Jesse teach me how to disassemble/reassemble his guns and clean them (which I'm pretty psyched cos since I got here he taught me how to do the P-38, AK, AR-15, the shotgun, and how to clean a revolver. I feel accomplished yet I want to learn more!) He's teaching me more about guns as well and helping me get over the goober feeling I get whenever I go gun shopping. We've discussed the over-popularity of the AR-15 and 1911 and Jesse says they are the '69 Camaro's of the gun world. I wouldn't be able to make that reference but I can see where he's coming from after reading about every other G&A having some sort of articles on the AR or 1911, and I think we've both come to the conclusion the XD is gonna be the next in that line of popularity.... oh my, that's quite a tangent!

Anyway we got a nice little family here in Reno. I enjoy it. I'm glad Lu took to Jesse as well as she did. She's pretty good with people. Some of Jesse's friends came over the other night and she got along with them really well. She has this funny thing where she doesn't like minorities, gays or yuppie kids. Any time they come around she barks like she wants to kill them. It's pretty funny...

Other than that, well, Reno is Reno. I enjoy the location of my computer by the window. Being able to look out and see what's outside. Speaking of which, funny thing. Today there were some "questionable" looking teens hanging out across the street close to the alleyway. Our windows were open and we were keeping an eye on them. Jesse and I decided we were gonna tinker with our guns. He got the 10/22 and I got the Remmy and I was clearing the shells out and it's pretty loud when you pump it and I guess the kids heard and looked up into our window and saw us with our guns. Shortly after Jesse decided to walk Lulu and when I looked out to see him leave I noticed the teens had bailed. Maybe they thought we were gonna shoot them or something. I just went back to practicing assembling/disassembling the shotgun. Ahahah funny stuff...

I also like how our apartment is totally NOT kid-proof. We have couch-.38 in the living room, the .45 in the bathroom, the Glock on Jesse's night stand and the .357 on my night stand (and lil' Deuce Deuce is inside for "back up". Hah!) Couch .38 is kinda the universal gun in our household. He fits nicely in my apron. The only room that doesn't have a gun is the kitchen and that's just because it's connected to the living room. I enjoy all the guns and learning about them and knowing they're there for us. I really enjoy the P-38, not only cos it's another German gun, but because it's just a nice gun all around. Shoots nice. Fun to take apart. Jesse even trusted me to clean it! I can't even explain how excited and happy I was that he actually let me clean it! His guns are his prized possessions and the fact he allows me to touch them, shoot them, take them apart, and has the confidence in me that I am capable of taking care of it to his standards, well... I can't even find the words to describe how that makes me feel!

I don't want to sound like a creep or anything, but I think Jesse and I compliment each other's personalities to extremities others find rather frightening. Hahah. I do believe we were destine to be together with the pugdog in a free state. Life is good...

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