Wednesday, October 31, 2007

And so it begins...

The holiday season.

Halloween is over. Christmas stuff is everywhere.

Thanksgiving hasn't even arrived but people are already planning Christmas.

I suppose for us this is a good thing. We have no decorations or anything so we need to start from scratch. I went to Longs today to buy a can of Spaghetti O's for lunch and was taking a gander at their Christmas stuff. I bought some wrapping paper. And some of that annoying string crap you tie around presents to make opening them a pain in the ass for the person receiving it. Hehe. Plus I got some tissue paper. And those little name tag-a-ma-jigs. That's right, I started shopping for Christmas. Hey, how could I not? The wrapping paper was $1.99 a roll, and there was a coupon for buy one roll, get two rolls free. That's three rolls for $1.99! That's like $0.66 a roll! Anyway, I got all that crap and two cans of Spaghetti O's and a roast rack for my turkey for a lovely $13. Not too shabby.

On top of it all, on my way over, I stopped in another store and completed Lori's Christmas shopping. I'll give her credit for being the EASIEST person to shop for in the world. That girl has the most difficult time finding clothes she likes, but for whatever reason, I have the easiest time getting her stuff. I'm not even gonna question this one and just smile knowing she is done with and I only have to get stuff for my parents, the husband (another very easy person to shop for... if it involves guns, he likes it!), and the pug child.

So yes, my holiday shopping has begun. Joy. I can't wait till Thanksgiving to make us a turkey and we can feast for days. Or the beginning of December when we start looking for a tree and when we decorate it. That will be all sorts of holiday fun :) The best part will be when we get to make our Christmas tree ornaments. I can't wait to decoupage little guns and bullets we cut out from back issues of Guns & Ammo and collage them onto bulb ornaments! Or gluing hooks onto the top of old shotgun shells. Painting the tips of pinecones with white glitter paint to look like snow. And flocking our tree. Oh the fun! I can't wait!

Ass Slow

Today is really ass slow. I haven't really had shit to do. I took an ealry lunch and walked down to Longs to buy a can opener and was rather amused to see so many people in costumes. I had spaghetti o's with the franks for lunch and it wet my appetite for more spaghetti o's but I only have/had one can, so oh well. Tonight Jesse and I are gonna take Lulu out trick or treating for a bit and then we're going to hand out candy at our place. I made a pumpkin last night and it came out all ass-shitty cos all the stores were out of pumpkin carving kits. So I had to use our steak knives and I was worried I'd bend them or something. None the less, my pumpkin came out all boring but whatever. At least I have one. That's better than not having one. There's rumors going around that in the past the bossman lets us out early because he doesn't want us to drive home when the kids are out trick or treating. That would be nice.

Ah, other than that there's not really much going on here. Oh, my costume for work is Devil's Advocate. I took a picture in bossman's chair when he was at lunch haha. I'll post that as soon as we get all the pictures situated and uploaded.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sundays are the worst.

I really hate Sundays. They're the worst days ever. I always try to get myself to clean the apartment and can't get myself up to do it. Then, once everything is all in order and situated, there isn't shit on tv. It sucks. And on top of it all, I'm always home alone and it sucks even more and it's not like I have a car or money and can go out and do anything. So I'm pretty much confined to the home. Shit, I'd even settle for getting out and doing laundry. I really don't care! I just hate being stuck at home with nothing to do and no money to do anything.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Nevada Day

So one of the things I learned upon starting my job a few months back was that we got some day off in Friday called Nevada Day. To my understanding, this holiday is a state holiday that a good part of Reno celebrates to honor the day Nevada became a state. Originally it was on Halloween but because of that, they decided to observe it to the last Friday of October. Thus, every year the schools shut down, some banks close, my job gives us the day off, and it's another excuse for a 3 day weekend.

Well, apparently, Nevada Day is nothing to be made fun of. It is a big holiday out here. Right up there with 4th of July and what not. Today every idiot was on the road this morning and Jesse was like "Oh, not all of you could possibly have Nevada Day off!" Apparently he was wrong.

So we celebrated Nevada day by making a big breakfast and going out shooting $20 worth of pumpkins from Walmart that were on sale for $1.98 each. Fabulous, I know... Then these little shit dirt bikers show up seeing us shooting and decide to ride in the line of our fire. They're real smart. They try to get mouthy or something but it's like, come on, you're on dirt bikes. We have guns. You really gonna give us shit?

Anyway, we shot the shit outta those pumpkins. Jesse brought a wide array of rifles from the Mausers , AR-15, 10/22, Savage 64 and a few pistols like his Sig, the .357, the P-38 and his Mark III. So he had a lot of guns to clean today haha. I stuck with the Mauser and AR-15 today because I felt like shooting at my set up long range rifle shooting area with pumpkin targets. They were placed out around 100 - 200 yards away according to Jesse. I'm not good at mental distance calibration so I'll take his word on that. I'm really fond of his AR-15 as are like 99% of most tactical wienies. I mean, after shooting that thing a few times, it's easy to tell why all those little dick tactical wienies love them. They're accurate as shit and have no recoil. Anyone with or without a prick could shoot it with ease. (By the way, I'm not making fun of the AR-15, it's a great gun. I am, however, making fun of those guys who swear by it as being THE only gun worthy of owning...) It was nice taking Josef out again too. It's been a while since I've shot him. Maybe like half a year, even. Of course, much to my pleasure, I am still fairly good with him even though I haven't shot him in a while. I credit my shooting skills to Jesse who gave me good information for hitting my targets. Maybe I might not always have the proper stances or holding positions, but when push comes to shove, I don't think people will care if you hold a gun or stand properly when the revolution comes, so long as you can hit a man in one shot.

Anyway, we came home and our neighbors were all outside bbq'ing on this lovely Nevada Day. They offered us some of their bounty so we ate with them for a bit and it was nice. Then we came up and Jesse cleaned the guns, I crashed out with the pug dog and a few hours later, here I am awake and blogging. Anyway, Nevada Day is pretty bad ass. The end.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Yesterday was one of those odd days. The morning went by too fast, the afternoon went by too slow. When Jesse picked me up he was like "Do you still wanna go to Juicy's tonight?" FYI, non-Reno people, Juicy's is the best hamburger place we've been to out here. I put it up on the same pedistal as Fat Burger and Tommy's, equally different but all equally good in their own special ways. Anyway, we got there around 5:30 or so. Jesse and I got our burgers and shared cheese fries. Phil, the guy we met up with, got a burger and then a bowl of chili. Before I go any further in this story, I need to tell you about Phil. He's a real cool guy. I thought I could talk someone's ass off and go on and on and on about stories, but this guy totally tops me in that skill! He looks like an older version of this guy my sister dated in high school, Drew. He's a little chunky, but in a squishy teddybear friend guy kinda way. Anyway, he gets this bowl of chili and it's covered in cheese and under the mounds of cheese he discovers it's lathered in queso because it's only half full of chili. So he goes up to the counter and asks the guy if he could add some more chili cos he paid for a bowl of chili, not some half bowl. Then it turns into one of those ordeals where the guy behind the counter pretty much looks put out and is like "I gave you ONE scoop of chili. I'm allowed to do ONE scoop of chili per bowl." Then the queery guy who always wears a pink shirt and looks like what Andy Dick and Napoleon Dynamite's kid would look like if he were chunky comes over and is looking as if some sort of "scene" is starting. Basically, long story short, Phil is denied more chili and it ruins his love of Juicy's. The rest of the time in Juicy's is spent talking about what an atrocity this was, the chili incident, and other stuff too like how some pool hall had a bitchin jukebox and badass old arcade games and how some weird ass family lounge act was playing at the Atlantis that night. We wound up going to the pool hall as Juicy's was closing and spent an hour there before heading down to Atlantis. There's a lot more about that night but quite frankly, I'm hungry and want to cash in on lunch before the future boy lunch crowd hits Port of Subs. So I'll just leave it at that. Phil, I'm sorry you were ripped off on your chili. That was just ass.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


This morning I was taking Lulu out to potty and Neighbor Lady came out to sweep her porch. I was telling her about how I wanted to carve a pumpkin but had no place to put it and she said she usually puts pumpkins out and if I wanted to put one on the porch she didn't have any problems with it. So we decided we would carve pumpkins and sit outside on Halloween and pass out candy because her husband is gonna be at work that night and she would be all alone. I told her I wanted to pass out candy so I guess it's a date? I hafta take Lulu down later today because her 4 year old grand daughter is going to be visiting and she said she would love to meet Lulu, so I don't see any harm in that. It's good to make nice with neighbors, especially nice onces who seem like the type to bring you cookies for Christmas hehe.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

"I beat her like my rights..."

Today was kinda a shitty ugly day. So instead of going out or anything we just stayed home and were blessed by a COPS marathon on tv, yay!

Scenario: Cops in Fresno, CA get a call from a woman at a pay phone saying her husband tried to stab her. They find the woman and she's in tears saying she was at a meeting and came home and he was mad and threatened to stab her and she ran out and he said he was going to shoot their children. The cops go to their home and the guy is drawn out of the house at gunpoint, walking backwards, cuffed and they ask for his side of the story.

Jesse is sitting around making fun of the situation. He then role plays the follows:

Jesse as Asian dude: I beat her like my rights.

Jesse as Cop: You beat her like rights? What do you mean?

Jesse as Asian dude: I beat her like my rights, you know, my rights. It is my right to beat her.

Jesse as Cop: You beat her up?

Jesse as Asian dude: I no beat her up, I make her understand.

We both snickered and then went back to watching the show and wouldn't you know it, the guy on cops was telling the officers his side and he said he threatened to beat his wife to make her understand!!!!!!!!!!!!! At that point, we were laughing hysterically and gave each other several high-fives in victory at Jesse totally calling that one!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Ultimate Satisfaction!!!

This morning I spent a good deal of time looking for a font. If you've ever done this you know it is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Anyway, after I tweaked the best result I could find around in Illustrator for a while, I wound up completing that project and moving on to the next.

We do a lot of stuff for these Voice Over Internet Protocol phones (VoIP). Geek aspect of VoIP: transfering voices over the internet, i.e. using an internet connection for your phone line. There's so many reasons why this is better than the traditional phone line as it saves a lot of money because you can route both your internet and phone services through one network and you also don't get slammed with those long distance charges phone companies offer, not to mention the fact you can easily set up more than one line, thus making it an office favorite. Basically VoIP is the wave of the future of land line phone connections, not to mention the earliest experiements in VoIP stemmed from the early 70's with Network Voice Protocol. Fascinating. (Hey, I do my research. I don't believe in advertising a product I know nothing about!)

Anyway, one of the biggest things we have problems with is finding VoIP phone images. Until today. Apparently iStockphoto now carries images of VoIP phones! I was so excited when I saw this. I know if you're reading this you're like "what's so great about that? I don't get it." If you're part of that group, it's probably best you don't try to understand my joy and just accept it at that.

Anyway, back to image hunting, which, while is usually a boring task, is a lot more interesting than finding a font.

Friday Random

1. This morning when I got to work there was a bounty of bagels, muffins, and fruit in our break room. I choose a bagel and cream cheese with a strawberry, 4 blueberries, and a DrPepper.

2. Taking my husbands name is a daily reminder that he is a part of my life. Even though he is always in my thoughts, seeing his name next to mine is yet another way I am reminded of him. It is always a pleasant thing. Especially since seeing him brings me such happiness.

3. I've been thinking about wanting to go shooting today after work. Josef has secretly been nagging me that he wants to go out and play.

4. Hearing from long lost friends is one of the best things in the world. Its nice to know people aren't mad at you when you think the world is down on you sometimes.

5. I like my Electric Six shirt. It's red. It's got a silver logo. That silver logo makes me feel like I can take on the world. Today I'm gonna kick butt!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

******** UPDATE:TWEAKER NEIGHBORS **********

Timeline (Note: actual dates before October 6th may be off):
Mid August - Tweakers move in. Befriend Crazy Lady. Always home. Always fighting.
September 11 - Tweakers disappear for 2 weeks.
September 21 - Tweakers return, Crazy Lady's officially evicted.
September 25 - Tweakesr disappear for 3 weeks. A woman from tweaker dude's work comes looking for him and leaves him a note. The maintenance man comes looking for them and leaves them a note.
October 6 - Tweakers 3 weeks of mail has been removed from their mailbox.
October 9 - Tweakers served with eviction notice.
October 10 - Tweakers return. Very odd behavior starts up. Car is there, they're home, but stay in their bedroom. All lights are off except for tv in bedroom.
October 16 - Jesse says he thinks Tweakers are moving as he sees them taking loads of crap out to their car. That night Tweakers disappear again.
October 17 - Jesse is questioned about Tweaker Dude by two parole officers.

Anyway, as Jesse was going to work, a man and woman ask if he's seen the guy. He can't recall the name at first and then it hits him, it's tweaker dude. He was like "No" and then tells them about their strange behavior. From the gone weeks at a time, returning for a few days and leaving again. He overheard something about a warrant over the officer's radios. I'm guessing they skipped town like their predecessors.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Breakfast Blog aka Monday Night Recap

I'm attempting to wake up to the best of my abilities. I got my original ruffles and Coke in hand as I recount the events of last night.

I get home and talk to Lori for a few minutes. She makes me nearly barf from laughing so hard at her Tigger lady story. (For those of you who don't know, ask her, she tells it best!) Then, I hop in the shower, dehair, dry, and do my hair. The chick who usually does my hair always makes it look great. I mimiced what she did with the nylon clay crap in my damp hair, blow dryed it, and it looked wrong. I took pieces and sorta teased it for volume and it still looked wrong. Finally, out of frustration I give up and finish getting dressed. I decided last minute to throw on a fat belt with my ensemble, thus changing the jewelery assortment, but in the end, it worked. I didn't want to cook so I had Jesse take me to McDonalds. He didn't eat so I felt like a fat slob. We also discussed how he made me feel bad earlier in the night for saying my feet smelled like dog shit. I mean, Lori has told me in the past my feet smell bad and usually it's her just being mean and truthful but Jesse never told me anything about it and he says it's cos it never happened before but, come on! What kinda husband says his wife's feet smell like the dog crapped in the house?! Just say they smell funky or something! Jesus!

So after McDonalds we go to Club Underground. There's some lame band opening, We Are The Fury, who sound like a blatant Space Hog rip off and the guys look like they wanna be Mick Jagger. Then the next band was Gore Gore Girls. We were wondering how they would be assuming they'd suck like the first band. But as they played on we started diggin on their sound and they turned out to be alright. I told Jesse I might have to download their album hehe. About 3/4 through their set, I threw my purse on Jesse and ran to the bathroom where I proceded to vomit pretty good and thick for about 5 minutes. Eventually it got so bad I had lost control of my body while pushing so hard to get puke up that I sorta had a minor wee accident. At which point, I halted barfing and switched positions to finish off the peeing (which, ironically enough, I didn't even know I had to pee at that point!) After, I wiped and went back to barf stance and continued there. When I finished, I rinsed my mouth with sink water and dryed my face and what have you. I took a quick look-see in the mirror and was like "holy shit, my hair looks great!" I guess all it took was 5 minutes of my head in the toilet to get the perfect volume. :::shrug::::

After that, I went back out to Jesse, who put my purse on the floor and asked where I was, to which I replied "BARFING!" Then, I made an exit to the bar to get some water. On my way back there, some creepy solo perv was like "I really like your dress..." "Thank you" I say as I walk off. "No, really, that's a beautiful dress..." and I continue walking and he says some more crap and I just ignore it thinking about how some people have absolutely no cooth and hit on any lone girl. I could picture him being the type of guy who would hit on low self esteem girls and buy them a few glasses of wine and have them suck his dick and leave them drunk in a parking lot somewhere or something. But not me. I got a husband and dignity. I won't stand for that shit. I go to the bar and have some water. I turn around and who is below me but my husband. He stands up on a bar chair to be up at my eye level as the bar is elevated some 8 or 10 feet from the floor. I keep telling myself in my mind that this is probably a very adorable sight and reminds me very much of a Romeo and Juliet balconyesque scene. Only in a bar. I tell him of the guy and I think he was disappointed he let me go alone without him there to protect me, so when we leave, he asks "Is that the fucker?" aloud to every creepy solo male we pass.

Finally, we go out and Electric Six comes on. They play a good set mixed with new material, the classics, and danceable tunes from Switzerland and Senor Smoke. I was glad they played The Future is in The Future, but would have been a much happier camper if they played Be My Dark Angel and Dance Epidemic. Oh well. No harm, no foul. It was still an excellent show with a lot of dancing. Jesse and I got some cool merch.

At the end of the night, I think I won the award for best shoes and all in all best outfit amidst a sea of art fag girls who tried too hard to be hip. There was this one girl Jesse and I swore was like Alissa. This girl had all her mannerisms in terms of how she acted with her friends, her dance moves, and just general demeanor. When the Gore Gore Girls were gonna play they let out some fog machine and her and her art fag friends got all excited and I was like "Wow, fog. That's so conceptual!" all loud like. They stopped and the girl looked around like "Oh my god someone made an art reference! I learned about that term in my Intro to Art History 101 Class at TMCC!" kinda look. All the lame art fag kids were so retarded. When the Gore Gore Girls came on we stood uncomfortably close behind them to see how long it would take them to notice us and leave, which was about a minute. one lame girl was shaking her long hair everywhere whipping us in the faces with it and I motioned like I was gonna grab it and yank her ass to the floor. Then I made a fist and just held it out in front of the back of one of the art fag girl's heads long enough that if she made a wrong move, she would get hit. I got a good laugh out of Jesse for those ones.

In between sets we kept referencing Binky and doing his dance moves and singing his theme song. It was a good night. We got home not too late. By the time I got all my stuff together and took a shower it was close to 1:00 AM. So I'm tired at work now, sipping on a Coke to wake up and eating salty chips to ease my stomach. Life is grand, eh? No cooking dinner tonight. I'm just gonna loaf, watch Cavemen and House and sleep somewhere in between.

The End.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Please forgive me for my like-ness

Today I was having lunch at work. I had told one of my coworkers about the first time I had felt old. After which, she said something about how I said like sometimes up to 3 times in a sentence. I found it odd that someone had been counting all the times I said like in a sentence. Then I was asked if I do it intentionally to give myself a "valley girl" image, to which I retorted I would never in my life intentionally try to sound like a valley girl and that my like impediment goes deeper than a filler word but reflects in my writing as well (as many of you have noted on several occasions, I'm sure.) I told her a lot of it stems from a lack of vocabulary and that when I'm speaking, because I don't have an extensive lexicon to work with, I sound like an idiot because I need to make extended sentences to explain what I want to say and that when I write, it usually comes off sounding more scholarly as I put more thought into what I write. The only time I say like frequently in writing is when I am writing in such a frenzy that everything comes out as if I were talking directly to someone.

Their advice to me was that if I wanted to sound more professional, I need to drop the like out of my vocabulary and then they advised I join a toastmasters club to learn how to do public speaking because it is important for people to master the lingustics of the english language. Ok, I'm not some fresh off the boat ESL person, but I feel I have enough knowledge of my native tongue to where I don't need people telling me that I'm not speaking properly. I'm not some public speaker. I have never had to give any presentations to a mass audience. I see no point in it. Once again it was someone trying to make me feel bad about myself because they are older and somehow saw my story of me feeling old when I was 23 as an attack on their age or something so they had to attack my speech impediment. Whatever. I'm not really in the mood today to deal with other people's crap.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The epic adventures of Slut Mom

Tonight Jesse and I delighted in some of the decent parts of LA culture and saw TSOL out at Club Underground. During the first act, we were introduced unofficially to Slut Mom. Now granted, we had already taken in and discussed how bad the punk "scene" was. It has pretty much grown to the state of the art fag scene— people spending more time on their appearance, their outfits, hair, accessories, than on the music. It was more about who had the most patches for the most obscure bands. Only difference with these kids and the art fags is that at least their taste in music is decent. Anyway, amidst the clouds of stylistic clones was Slut Mom. She stood out like a white boy in Watts. She definitely did not fit in. While the first band was playing, she was standing alone in the cleared floor where a pit existed a faster song earlier, but now, alone during a slower song, she was doing some sort of drunk bar hag swaying dance that seemed to mimic stripper moves. Because she was 40 something, slightly chunky, and wearing a black tank top tucked into her mom jeans, it was quite a sight to see. Now, granted, this sight alone was one to laugh at, but it had to only get better. Suddenly the band goes into a faster song and she totally gets wailed on by some guys in the pit, knocking her onto her drunken ass. Jesse and I laughed and gave each other a high-five. Then, when TSOL played, she was back out in the pit doing her drunk dances and at this point falling on her own two feet without the help of her fellow pitmen. It was great. Other sights to see there included this little boy who was maybe no older than 9 with a little mohawk that was down who was going in the pit - he has a bright future ahead of him, art fag girl and her boyfriend Donnie Darko - who should have been beaten to a pulp, the breaker boyfriends - who Jesse totally wailed on because he knew they were pissing me off, and emo boy - who the band made fun of and Jesse wailed on in the end for shits and giggles. Over all it was a good show. We decided we like Club Underground.

Don't ask me to to NOTHIN'!!!

Last night I went to sleep all ass late. Maybe around midnight? I woke up all ass early around 6:30. I had to be at UNR at 7:30 for the JDRF walk, which I've been putting all my blood, sweat, and tears into to get everything for our team organized and make sure everyone was registered and had their money and everything. Anyway, it was a decent turnout from our work. Most of the office made it. Most of the office brought friends or family. In my case, the pug dog. We all got lost but managed to meet up again in the end. I think overall we raised like close to $1,300 for our team. Not bad considering this was my first year as a team captain for anything. Not to mention I had to design our shirts, which won for the best use of the JDRF sneaker logo. Yay me and my designer excellence. Hahaha. Anyway, I just got home finally. I'm pretty tired. Lulu is totally tuckered out and sleeping on her blanket by the heater. I predict she'll be there for the next few hours. Anyway, I'm tired. Don't ask me to do house work or make dinner. I'm kaput!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Mrs. Jesse Teague

Last night, Jesse and I were at the Rotissery Diner, the buffet in John Ascuaga's Nugget. It was Bavarian Night. Our dinner was fantastic and the buffet was one of the more beautiful ones I've been to in my lifetime. While having our dinner, we sat in our little booth across one another and I told Jesse, "You know, it seems like since we got married, life has been very good." He agreed. Because it has.

We've done so many wonderful things as a married couple. I can't help but think of men who say they don't want to get married because once you get married or have kids your life is over. Ours seems to have only gotten better. I don't think that marriage is the end of your life, but the start of a new one. You make what you want of things. If you feel your life is going to be shitty, you allow it to be that way.

Anyway, getting too abstract, back to why things are good.

Today Jesse took me to Social Security and the DMV to get my name changed. Social Security totally made me have flashbacks to the DMV back in LA. Which makes me wonder how dreadful the Social Security offices are back in LA. None the less, we were in and out in about an hour.

After that, we went to the DMV. I gave them my register to vote form along with my documents to get my name changed. They then gave me a number and we were like "Great, another wait." None the less the DMV wait out here is about 20 minutes. But the lady said "Here's your number, go down to counter 30 at the end because they're going to call you right now." What the hell? At the DMV and being told to go right now because they're going to call your number next!? That's crazy talk! Anyway, I gave them my forms and went to take my new drivers license picture. Ok, I sacrificed breakfast today so I could do my hair and make up and I gotta say, I am so glad I did. Now I have a really good looking drivers license picture haha. Not many people can boast the fact they look good in their pictures! I'm not too red or too dark. I look just right!

Seriously, live is great. I love being Mrs. Jesse Teague. Ever since we got married, life has been amazing! I'm very happy. :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Bad Parent

At lunch I had entered a discussion about dog behaviors and praised my dog for how adorable and good she is. Even when she occasionally tears the house apart when we're gone, I still love her, no matter how good or bad she can be because she is my pug child and I am her Mommy.

I was told I was a bad parent. That I was reinforcing negative behaviors. I was told that instead of spanking my child I should put her in a time out. Time out for a pup being, a crate or pen she could not escape from.

I didn't like the idea of making my pug child a prisoner in her own home. Sure, she isn't behaving but why deny her the rights of the household, enjoying laying on her blanket to sun her self or sit on her eyeballing spot to keep an eye out for bad people? No tv. No toys. Just food, water, and a confined little area. It just seems wrong to me. She's not a prisoner, she's my child.

They they went on to tell me the "what if it were a real child" as if somehow being a dog and a person are different. Granted I treat my pug no different than I would treat a human child. Would I lock a human child in the bathroom or kitchen all day because they're not behaving when I am not around? I mean, does that even sound ethically right? I don't understand people who say "well it's a dog, it's not a person" and then turn around and say "what if your dog WERE a person?" as if now this justifies the rules bending?

None the less, I was pretty much told I am a bad dog parent and if I have human children I will probably be a bad people parent too. That's not really the kind of thing I want to hear, you know? I mean, I know I don't have kids but who's to say that I'd be a bad parent? It's not like it's something you can be taught, it's trial and error. That's why first borns always come out fucked up and the second child is better. Just kidding.

Everyone says I should either lock my dog up in a room all day or get her a friend. I just don't know that either would be beneficial for her at this point in time? I mean, other than tearing the house apart on occasion, she's a very well behaved dog. Maybe we are bad pug parents. Maybe we are doing something wrong. Sigh.

Wind, rain, and coons

Last night I woke up around 3:41AM to this horrendous wind. It was blowing and blowing and blowing uncontrollably. I had a dream the wind was so strong it was ripping the walls off the side of our bedroom. I thought I heard rain pouring but didn't see any.

In the morning everywhere was covered with leaves that fell earlier in the night and the floor was wet except for where cars were parked.

When Jesse dropped me off at work, I saw a big cat walking across the parking lot. Upon further notice, it was a big ol racoon. I was like, "Jesse! Coon! Parking lot!" and we were both watching him mosey along. I then followed him across the lot and he scurried off to the sewers.

That's my exciting day so far. Wind, rain, and a raccoon. He was a big furry guy!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

****** UPDATE: NEIGHBORS ******

Sunday while I was baking my pie, I was rudely disrupted by this horrible rap that was being blared from yonder across the street. I went down to get a look see at the ruckus. Mark was downstairs watering. We then got chatting about how rude those people are and how they must have their speakers facing out the window. And also something about how we'd like to take a few shots at them hahah. Then, the lady who is now living in Crazy Lady's old place was out and talking. I guess she's friends with Mark. I met her but not her husband cos he was at work. She's good people. Debbie and Ralph, they are... I then asked blatantly if anyone knew where the Tweakers went. I said I thought they'd been gone some 2 weeks but Debbie told me it was 3 cos they disappeared the week she and Ralph moved in. Mark said he predicted they'd have an eviction notice on their door Monday.

Monday came and went. The Tweakers still haven't showed up. Someone did get their mail for them though on Saturday night. And today when we got home from work there clear as day on their door was their eviction notice. Jesse took the trash out before House started and he came back up informing me the Tweakers were home and their car was outside. I told him they were probably just getting some of their things and were gonna bail in a few days.

Honestly, I hope they get evicted. I hope we get someone decent in here. I'd really like some nice people because right now there's 3 good people living in this 4 unit apartment. All we need is one more... just one. Shit, I'd even be happy with art fags at this point...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Certified Taco Technician

Last night Jesse and I were watching cops and it was sooo funny!!!!

The Scenario:
Cop gets a shots-fired call and is headed to the scene of the crime when a car hauls ass in the opposite direction. Cop assumes this person has something to do with the call and busts a bitch, following this car with sirens going. They blow through some stop signs, run a light and wind up at a home where there's 3 people in the front yard.

4 cops are now on the scene and all have guns drawn and tell the driver to get out of the car. The guy sticks his hands out the window and crawls out of the driver's side and they cuff him.

Then a woman starts asking the cops what's going on with her husband and that she got a call from him that he's coming home and there were shots and she's wearing this brown and white tube top. The cops tell her to just wait till they interrogate everything and they'll let her know.

The cop then goes up to the guy who was driving who is now claiming he didn't do anything and he wasn't driving and has no idea what's going on and at this point, the cops, Jesse and myself are laughing hysterically cos the cop was like trying to keep a straight face and says "What are you talking about!? I followed you!!! We saw you stick your hands out and surrender, and come out from the driver's side and you're gonna tell me you weren't driving this car and are innocent?!"

They then go back to the wife who has put on a more appropriate t-shirt that covers her up better. The cops tell her how the guy's getting arrested and what not. Meanwhile, Jesse and I notice her shirt. We are cracking up because it says CERTIFIED TACO TECHNICIAN!!!!!!!!! Jesse got a snapshot.

It was truly great.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Another fantastic Saturday!!!

After last weekend getting married and shooting machine guns, you'd think there's no way to top that, right?


This morning we woke up and I made a decent breakfast of eggs, toast, bacon and OJ. Then we got dressed and headed out to Sun Valley and shot a few rounds with the Savage, the AR, and the deuce deuce. While there these douchebags on dirtbikes totally rode INTO our firing line. We saw them from way off and weren't shooting. The one guy at front, the dad?, was cool and said there were 2 more people following. The second was this other guy, and lastly a kid. The other guy turns around and is trying to be all badass and is like "What are you guys shooting?" and we were like "We got some bottles set up out there." Granted we're like out so many feet in the shooting area and they should be riding further down the hill, as the signs posted when you get there say dirtbikes 1000 yards, shooters everything past and rifles have to be at least 5000 yards. Anyway the guy is then all asshole like and is like "That's a real bad place you're shooting" as if the dirtbikes, who are out of their turf, have the right of way in the shooter's terrain. Anyway, after they leave, we plink at some bottles w/ the AR at about 200 yards. I was all glad I actually shot something that far as I could barely see the bottles to sight them in. After that, we shot the .22s in our usual spot. Driving home, we were shooting at bottles on the side of the road. I shot this one bottle dead on and split it in half. Jesse made me get out and save it cos he said that's rare things like that happen. I'll take his word for it.

When we got back, we hung around the house for a few minutes and headed off to the Italian festival downtown. We got there at the end but were fortunate enough to hit the El Dorado buffet. But there was this huge ass line so it was 15 minutes till we got in. I was in Italian heaven. They had the best linguini clam sauce. I ate a bowl full of it, sans noodles. The clams were hole and cream coated and soooo good. They had really good pasta with pesto sauce too and gnocci. It was fabtabulous!!! I was totally in clam heaven though. After I got desert, and couldn't decide on whether I wanted the blueberry cheesecake or the chocolate pecan one, so I took one of each, it's a buffet after all... I also got some chocolate covered strawberries.

Finally, we finished and headed out. On our way out, we saw a monkey!!!! It had this cute little outfit on and if you gave it change, it would take the change from your hand and put it in the pockets of his outfit. He had a really cute little hat too and he'd tip it to thank you when you gave him change!!! He sat on my lap when I gave him some of my change. It was so adorable I wish I could take it home and see it play with Lulu!!!

Anyway, we've retreated for the night. It's almost 7. I'm all tuckered out. I'm gonna take a bath and get cozy for the evening. Another good day and a nice way to celebrate being married a week heh.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

All kinds of weird weather today!!!

This morning when I woke up it was like 30 something degrees. When I got to work it went up to 40ยบ. It was totally grey outside and looked like we'd get some weather. The next thing it starts raining and I get happy and sit down. Then, Sunny's like "It's snowing." Sure as shit, I look outside and there's little frothy white specs falling from the sky. But it's slush. Once they hit the ground they just melt and get all wet. It stopped for a while and then returned shortly. But then around 11:30 it fizzled out. Around noon, it started raining and then there were tiny pieces of hail. It was weird. I feel like I've seen every possible state of water that could come from the sky today. It's pretty neat. I have this feeling we're gonna have some decent snow this winter if we're already getting some fluff now. :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bad Day

I am in a VERY foul mood right now. InDesign CS3 decided to crap out on me. My color swatches are all corrupt. I've spent an hour trying to figure out what's wrong with it. The best I could find for my situation was that I need to reinstall the software, of course our IT guy has the software and is on the other side of town. Hmpf! So now I'm waiting for him to come down here and fix it. On top of it all, Entourage, my email client, has decided to also crap out on me. We're on an exchange server and it doesn't want to recognize me through it. Of course I can still get my web mail. So once again, our IT guy will be coming over to fix that. Granted I was told he'd be over in an hour an hour ago. I need to get an ad out ASAP and I can't create it because if I do so right now, there is a very good chance the file will be corrupt so it's best to just wait it out. On top of it all, my hair looks like crap today. I feel like shit. I'm cranky and no one can appreciate a tasteless joke. I don't get it. I want to be back in bed right now sleeping with the pug child. I can already predict this is going to be one of those nights I come home and NOT want to make dinner. And I have some sort of mystery charge of $18.24 to my account that I have no idea what it's for cos it just says check card activity right now and it better not be for that goddamned Earthlink!!! Oh yeah, AND, I called the Lassen County Court to get the number of my speeding ticket so I could do traffic school because I lost the ticket when I moved. They told me I was supposed to have done that shit by September 14th, so now I have a point against me with the DMV. Whatever. At this point I don't think I really give a fuck. It'll be gone in 3 years, so I don't care. It's just like one more thing added to this shit-for-day.