Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fiesta on Wells

Jesse left to do some stuff and my mom called. I talked to her and then when I got off the phone, I started to clean the house. When I opened the windows, I saw our street was lined with cars and barricades at the end of Wilson. So I cleaned the place up, got dressed threw on some make up and did my hair, leashed up the pug and we went out to sniff the gossip. Anyway, we go down there and a good part of Wells is blocked off and the streets are lined with vendor booths and stuff. There's a parade thing going and Lulu wants to kill everyone there. I tried to get a picture of her doing so but it was kinda hard. Anyway, I totally scored because there was a fruit cart booth and I got some mixed fruit w/ lemon like I used to get back home all the time (a mix of watermelon, mango, pineapple, jicama with a splash of lemon juice.) Then I got a fresh squeezed lemonade. The guy working at that booth liked my "FUTURE GUN OWNER INSIDE" shirt. Everyone thought Lulu was cute and wanted to pet her. The girls at the Bank of America booth thought she was cute and asked how pregnant I was and were in shock that I was walking around 2 weeks before my due date. Honestly, I'm a little shocked myself, but sometimes I just get these random energy spurts. We walked around for an hour, and after I got my fruity indulgences, we walked home, I enjoyed my fruit and lemonade in the cool apartment with the windows open and fan on and watched TV. It was nice. Lulu is super tuckered out and has been sleeping pretty good. I'm gonna make some lunch and probably follow in her footsteps. Ok, so Jesse wasn't home today, but I still managed to have a nice day with the small amount of money I had and within walking distance. Got to get out and get some exercise, a healthy snack, and sniff the gossip with the pug dog.

Friday, April 25, 2008

We get a baby May 9th! *

Looks like we get a baby in 14 days. I have a scheduled c-section and we requested May 9th (it's a Friday.) * More than likely we'll get that date cos we do have a 2 week advanced notice. They need to have 3 doctors available and what not, I dunno why, but that's just how it is.

* Disclaimer: Factors that will change this date as of right now is if by some odd reason I go into labor before then, if the date is booked, or if all the doctors aren't available. In which case, if I go in labor, then that's up to nature when that happens, otherwise, the hospital will call us and confirm a new date with us.

That's all. :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Disaster Watch '08

Apparently there's been like 19 teeny earthquakes in the last 2 hours. Seriously, the news is making it a huge deal. It's pretty funny. They're like, "Could this be a prelude to worse things to come? Could we have a 5.0 earthquake?" Bwahahaha. Sorry I remember the Northridge quake. That was an earthquake. But I guess to these small town players where there isn't really big action, a 4.1 earthquake is kinda a big deal. Stuff didn't even get knocked off shelves! I thought the rattling was from wind or something and I was just dizzy lol! Oh it's amusing how this is panning out!

Reno shaking and quaking

So apparently there were 3 earthquakes up here recently. I felt two. But they seemed so tiny compared to the ones I remembered growing up in California. Anyway, here's the stats for anyone who is interested:

Earthquake 1: 3.8 Thursday, April 24, 2008 at 3:47:04 PM

Earthquake 2: 4.1 Thursday, April 24, 2008 at 3:55:48 PM

Earthquake 3: 2.5 Thursday, April 24, 2008 at 4:00:15 PM

I only noticed the first and second ones, the 2.5 must be an after thought that I may have mistaken for a dizzy spell like I did with the first one, till I noticed that shaking building sound. And the second one was a lot more noticeable. But still, wasn't no Northridge quake. The fault line for these things is near the place where we go fishing out in Verdi/Mogul. There's been some activity with the Verdi place lately but I haven't felt anything till now.

All I know was after the quake, I had really bad back pain. That gravitational pull and shifting of plates better not make me go into labor haha.

Oh, FYI, if anyone is curious as to how bad these quakes were, Lulu slept through them all and I thought I was just dizzy and only knew they were in fact earthquakes because I could hear the building shaking. Nothing fell. We're fine. I'm gonna make some lunch now as I plotted doing earlier before I got side tracked...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It just doesn't get better than this...

Just when my cold seemed to be getting progressively better in the middle of the day, it took a turn for the worse again in the evening. The cough came back, progressively worse than yesterday, my sinuses feel like they're on fire and I am so light headed from being pregnant and sick I just feel like I can't function anymore! It's not fair! Just as I'm going to get my body back, it decides to start to fall apart.

On top of it all, I have 15 - 20 days left of being pregnant. Less than a month. Literally, now when Jesse tells me it's almost over, I actually believe him and feel happy. But, the horrible side to this: I have 15 - 20 days left to have sex till I'm on the 6 week no-sex punishment period. 6 weeks of no sex!!! I'm married, I should be allowed to have all the sex I want! Unfortunately, it's more a recovery thing. As soon as I get the clear from my 6 week follow up check up, I'm getting Mirena popped in me and having some sex again without a watermelon in my gut! In the meantime, I guess I just gotta take advantage of the less than 3 weeks I have left. Ugh. Depressing thought that is, especially considering I'm sick! I don't want to get Jesse sick. I feel like I'm on death row knowing that in a matter of a few weeks I'll be prone to marital abstinence!

I must be close to the end...

For the past 9 months I've been really healthy but my body is getting worn and torn and I've been getting sick really easily and it's pretty gnarly. The sad part was last night I couldn't sleep for crap cos I was sick and I was actually happy because I couldn't sleep from sickness pains and not pregnancy pains. Anyway, at 5 am I wake up and take a bath cos I hurt all kinds of bits and pieces. After I get out I decide it's probably a good idea to call in to work cos I'm not feeling any better and I have some sort of Charles Bronson hair thing going on and I just feel all sorts of sick and pregnant. Bad combo. Trust me. So I spend most of the morning sleeping. I got up a little while ago just cos the sun is in the bedroom now and I'm feeling kinda vampirish and want my darkness. I might make some soup in a bit too cos I'm feeling a little hungry. On a completely unrelated topic, I wish Jesse were home with me and I could sit around rubbing his fuzzy shaved head. It feels like the pug's ears. Besides, I love him to pieces and can't even go on about what a great guy he is. The pug has been super needy following me and being all up in my business like sitting on my lap when I'm on the computer or trying to pee. Oh well. I'm sure she'll be happy to join mommy for the after lunch nap. Ok I'm too tired to continue this thought.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


My boobs grew being pregnant. And they're gonna get bigger after this baby gets out. But I don't really notice it so much because I see them by my belly and they look small in comparison still. But this morning I was laying in bed and the blanket was over my preggo belly and I just saw boobs and blanket, not boobs and belly, and they looked pretty decent sized. The only pitfall to them is the stretch marks and veins but I can look past that and appreciate the fact I have some nice boobs for the first time in my life! I just wish I were skinnier and they weren't all gnarly looking or leaking. Oh well, God didn't design me to have a nice rack. (I'm still not sure what I have been designed for or what my physical blessing is for that matter!) The one time I come semi-close to having one, I have a fat belly, they drip and are covered in nasty markings. Talk about a disappointment! I wish I had the boobs I have now, minus leaking and road maps, with the body I had right before I got pregnant, and the hair I had in New Mexico hahaha. I just wish I could pick and choose bodily elements from various points in life. My only gripe with the boobs is they seem to sit kinda far apart. Damn you boobs! Why can't I have a nice set of boobs like everyone else!?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday blog

I gotta admit, I like the direction Sundays are going in.

Jesse was off today. It was just plain nice. I slept in to the best of my abilities. Woke up around 9:30. After that, I hung out for a bit while Jesse slept his little heart in. Then I went back to bed and laid down with him and Lulu and spent the next hour or so being all sorts of lazy. Jesse got up and went to the store to get some stuff to make breakfast. While he was at the store, I was cleaning up the place. When he came back, I made pancakes and we watched some tv for a bit. I don't really remember what happened the next few hours but we went out shooting for an hour later in the day and got back around 4:30 or so.

I don't think I'll be shooting anytime till after the baby just cos the whole drive was way too jostly on my tummy. I felt really horrible when we got up there and spent most of the time basking on a giant rock like a lizard. When we got home, I spent most of the time laying in bed. Jesse made me a bath and I hung out in there for a while. I had to have him help me shave my legs cos I couldn't reach them. When I got out, I laid down in bed for a bit cos I was feeling really crappy. Basically before and after my bath, I felt like my stomach was being ripped out from inside of me. Jesse comforted me and I fell asleep. I woke up and we got dinner going.

Anyway, that's basically the day. Nothing spectacular, nothing huge. Just a nice relaxing weekend spent at home with my darling husband. On that note, I'm gonna call it a day since all weekend I seem to be lacking any energy and I'm getting some sort of little cough...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Baby Update

Well today's doctors appointment was rather interesting. I got my strep B swab test, it was confirmed I do indeed have a yeast infection (the third one since I've been pregnant dammit!), and I am NOT dilated or effaced, just in a state of softening... which is good because apparently, the baby is still in a breach position!

Seriously, a month and a half ago, I learned he was breach. They told me, "Don't worry, you have time till they flip." Ok. Then, when I went in at my 32 and 34 week check ups, the doctor said it felt like he was head down. But she seemed to only be poking around at my lower abdomen, not all over.

Now, I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure babies usually sit with their knees tucked up and feet down in a triangle position. Mine felt more like a zig zag with something hard at my top left lung, something hard on my pelvis, something hard on my right lung and something poking out of my right side. I could have been wrong but as time went on, it didn't feel like a butt that was under my left rib. It felt like a head.

Anyway, the doctor is feeling around and she says that there is either a head under my left rib, or a very bony butt. She says she'll get a better idea once she does my cervical exam. She feels around inside and I'm just in a state of softening, but she is also a little concerned because she says it doesn't feel like there's a head back in there.

So she orders me to get dressed and tells me to go get my husband and she's gonna do an ultrasound. Yay! An ultrasound! This is the second time we've got to see our little guy (who now doesn't look very little anymore!) Sure enough he was hanging out EXACTLY the way he felt. Head under my left rib, butt in my pelvis, knees under my right ribs, and feet poking out at my right side.

Well at this point 36 weeks, we're told it is a little late in the game but we can try some exercises to see if the baby wants to flip. This isn't really a definite thing at this point in time as she said he is sitting pretty low in my pelvis, so flipping will be kind of hard with how he's in there. The other thing is, if they don't flip on their own, the doctors usually will get you in labor & delivery, hook you up to an IV and do a manual repositioning. It's supposedly very uncomfortable and it can cause distress to the baby resulting in an emergency c-section anyway. Regardless, I am not a candidate for this procedure as my placenta is apparently attached to the front of my stomach. So any trauma to my belly can cause my placenta to rupture and cause a whole slew of problems.

At this point, I'd say we're looking at a 85% chance of needing a c-section. I'm not gonna complain about this. I know lots of women hate the idea of not getting a vaginal delivery as if they're somehow being ripped off of the complete birth experience. Personally, I could care less. I want this kid out. And if it means I have more control in terms of how things work, better! We can pick a birthday. I can have set dates for maternity leave instead of guessing when I might go into labor. And most importantly, I don't have to have that fear of wondering if I'm in labor or not. Instead, it will be a nice laid back day in which we wake up and say, "This is it! Today's the day!" and just take our time, get everything in a calm and leisurely manner and head down to the hospital. I've only had surgery once in my life and when I did, it was a planned one, and I came out of it very well and in good spirits and even though I had some complexities in my recovery, it still went very well and I recovered pretty good. The only downside to this is that if I do need a c-section, because it is a major surgical operation, the recovery period is a lot longer than a regular vaginal birth, so I'll need to rework my maternity leave situation out at work. I need to find out from the doctors roughly how long I will need to be out, but the good side of being out longer means that my son won't have any age issues when he starts daycare.

We'll work everything out. I'm not upset. I kinda felt things hadn't changed. I doubt they will either. The only thing I am upset about is that dang yeast infection. I can't understand why I get them so often but I hate it! Anyway that's all on that subject.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

All kinds of WOO HOO!!!

This weekend is going to be great! I can't believe how fast this week went by to start. Anyway, I was grumpy earlier because our window broke on Monday and it didn't get fixed for 2 days but we have glass again. Thank God! Also, yesterday the Judas Priest and Motorhead onesies I ordered came in the mail! The girl in customer service contacted me saying they didn't have the sizes I originally requested and I told her not a problem, as long as at some point he can wear them. So she replaced the sizes and sent me a $10 gift card as well. So I think we're gonna get Jesse a matching Judas Priest shirt since he already has a Motorhead one to wear hehe. It'll be so cute to see those two wearing their matching metal shirts!!! I can tell you already, there will definitely be a photo of that in the future...

Tonight is birth class 5 and according to our instructor last week, this week will be really "fun". Not sure what that means... I'm curious and can't wait!

Tomorrow is my 36 week check up. I am beyond curious to see what happens then. I think I will be requesting a cervical exam if they don't do one for a few reasons. First, I've been having a lot of contractions lately, and on the weekend felt like I was going into labor with it hurting and progressing and then out of the blue it stops. I'm curious if I've started to dilate or efface. Second, I want to have a check for a yeast infection and urinary tract infection. It could be a few things factored in here, but my discharge slowed down about a month ago, but it's getting heavy again. It's not yeast infection heavy like paste or anything, more like a watered down version of Elmer's glue. But it's pretty heavy. The other thing is, I've been kinda itchy. But that could be contributed to peeing more often and wiping just as often. And for bladder infection same thing with the itching, but that would explain lower back pain. Doesn't hurt to check. Besides, this late in the game, it's not really something I want and I'd rather check and be safe then not check and be sorry.

Saturday I think we might go to Snoozinville to hunt rock chucks. One last hunting expedition before birth sounds like a good idea to me. After all, fishing wasn't very eventful, maybe we'll have better luck with varmints. I'll even settle for a squirrel lol! I don't care! Besides, we have .22 coming out the wazoo at home so it only makes sense. The last time I remember going shooting was back in January when Jesse's family came up. It's been a while... We're long over due!

Sunday Jesse starts his three day weekend day off. That's right! This week is the start of his new schedule so from this point on, he's going to be home Friday through Sunday! I love it! It's great to know that I get to spend my weekends with my husband! This will make laundry easier. He can take me out to do that now on Sundays. And we can go to the casinos for a brunch haha. Plus he works so hard, he deserves that time off! I'm happy for him! I'm happy for us! We get to spend more family time together now. Good stuff!

****Side note: Myspace should have the moods in 2 different fields of positive moods and negative moods so I don't have to sift through all of them to find one that describes how I'm feeling hahah!!!! *****

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I can't take it anymore!!!

Our window did not get fixed today as we were told. I called and was told the glass needed to be ordered and that was done but they will call the glass company tomorrow to see when it will be ready. WHAT THE HELL!? In the meantime we have the saran wrap special to keep the air out. Of course it does nothing in terms of keeping sound out as well. I can hear every murmur of anything happening outside and it's annoying.

I'm pretty cranky cos I'm also hurting again, as usual. My back was hurting earlier but that went away, thank God. We need to do grocery shopping tonight. This week's budget is pretty tight. No room for extras. Next week will most likely be the same.

My stomach looks like the shape of a shoe box now. I have a shelf that caps off and I haven't dropped, this kid won't stop moving, and I'm gonna be seriously pissed off if I haven't dilated yet when I go to the doctors on Friday. I feel massively frustrated and this stupid spot on the top of my tummy hurts really bad and the pain is spreading to my boob and the rest of my belly. It feels like it's been stabbed or bruised internally or something has been ripped. I can't quite explain it well, it just HURTS.

I swear, I am going to have a break down or something. I can't take any more of this pregnancy crap or window thing or anything for that matter! I'm DONE!

Monday, April 14, 2008

High winds and an unpleasant surprise

It's been a little warm here lately. We've been sleeping with windows open and all. Nice change of pace! Anyway today when Jesse left for work it was a little breezy so he closed the windows a little bit. Around 5:00 he calls me from work saying he's gonna get me a little early cos power is out at Sportsman's. He gets over around 5:30 because a bunch of lights are out and people can't remember how to drive. Anyway when we get home, we notice our living room window is blow open and the glass is broken and there's shards of glass all over the alley. When we get up inside, Lulu was hiding in the bedroom completely freaked out. There's a bunch of dust all over the place. The wind is howling and blowing in and the blinds are flying. I call the property managers and inform them of the window, but I guess our downstairs neighbors already called for us. Thank God for them! If they didn't do it, the maintenance guy wouldn't have come out till yesterday! Anyway, they just put some plastic over the screen for tonight as it is too late to get the window fixed, so they're going to come in tomorrow and fix it. It just sucked to come home to a broken window. I'm glad we're on the second floor cos I can't imagine what would have happened if we were on the ground level. I mean, someone could have broken in easily. So yeah, tomorrow our window is getting fixed and they're gonna check our other windows too to make sure they're working right.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lunch and a 2 hour nap later...

Everything seems fine. Go figure. I'm convinced my body is mental.

Sunday blog

Well, after last night and this morning, I'm just going to say I'm not doing crap today. Period. I might wash dishes if I feel up to it, but for the most part I've been hurting all kinds of bits and pieces. Right now seems to be alright but about an hour ago things were looking pretty bad again with the period crampy pains and dull lower back pain. I guess I'm putting myself "on call". I decided the one thing I would do today though, is pack my hospital bag. All it needs is the fuzzy robe, ray ray, and the comfy blanket. Other than that I guess it's fine. Besides I'm right down the street from the hospital so it's not a huge deal if I forget something. I can just send Jesse home for it. Either way, I thought I should pack it just in case things get worse today.

I guess at this point, it's a little scary. I don't know if I'm just aching as part of the fun "part of pregnancy" third trimester crap, or if it's false labor, or if it's real labor and I'm just not sure of what to expect. Either way whatever the situation, I'm about 2 days short of being 36 weeks which I believe is still technically considered pre-term, so who knows. Part of me wants to make something to eat but part of me is feeling pretty noxious from pain and another part says "just eat something little." I'm trying to figure out which part to listen to cos I feel like I have 80 different people shouting at me to do things at once and don't know how to prioritize them. I need a mental triage or something hehe.

I keep peeing every two minutes and checking to see if I've lost my mucus plug. I would imagine something should fall out or have fallen out with how much I've been having contractions lately! And they haven't really been little ones, they're pretty decent. Just yesterday was the first time they've become painful so to speak. I feel lost and confused right now. I wanna take a nap but I know if I do that I'll really notice the pain so I'm trying to keep busy. Hearing the Mexicans downstairs arguing is pretty good at keeping my mind off the pain...

Ok this time that hurt...

Yesterday was a weird day. I had contractions on and off all day long after fishing but nothing painful. Last night around 10:30, I started to get pretty crampy. Jesse offered me his bath water to soak in to ease the pain. Not a problem, I say. I'd like that. I soak in there. He left to meet up w/ some people from school regarding an emergency and was just down the street at Renown. Meanwhile, I'm soaking in the tub, hurting, tired. I get up, get my jammies on, pick up the dishes, drink another big glass of water, take some Tylenol and go to bed. Over the course of the last hour, I had been having contractions but they weren't the normal painless ones I have. They hurt, they were stronger and felt like really gnarly PMS, and basically everything from my upper belly down to my vagina was hurting. It seemed to hurt constantly and then in waves get more intense. I know it wasn't anything having to do with pooping cos I pooped earlier. At the same time I didn't think I was going into labor cos I still haven't lost my mucus plug and my water hasn't broken. Anyway, I am laying in bed in a lot of pain and try to go to sleep. Eventually, I do get to bed. Jesse gets home around 2:30 am and gives me some more Tylenol. He goes to rub my belly to make me feel better but I was hurting so bad I snap at him, "DON'T TOUCH ME!" and then seconds later just sit there and hold his hand. I appreciate the comforting effort but I was hurting too much to be comforted. The pain was getting worse and I didn't want to be alarming or anything so I did another one of those, I'll wait 2 hours and if it doesn't get better, I'll call the doctors things. I fell asleep eventually and I guess the pain did go away then. I woke up several times from that point on to pee but no pain really other than the usual. Right now I have a little bit of cramping pain, but I'm taking that all with a grain of salt. As stated earlier, I haven't lost any plugs or water so I don't really think anything of this. At the same time, if it gets bad again today I might go to the doctors just to be safe. I have no idea what to look for in terms of labor so I'm pretty confused on this one. I just hear stuff like "Your water breaks bla bla bla" well, my mom's never broke. I'm not sure about contractions still. Sometimes I feel like I have definite squeezing pain sometimes it just feels like period pain and sometimes it just is back pain so I don't know! I do know I'm feeling a little noxious again right now so I'm gonna try to lay down for a bit and just take it easy or something.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Probably not the best idea...

So Jesse took me fishing this morning. We went to our normal spot this time. I had Jesse carry the rod and tackle box and I took the pug and backpack. Well the pug I can let go and she'll follow Daddy down, but oh Lordy, was I screwed! Let's just say hiking down a hill 9 months pregnant is NOT an easy or fun thing to do. It just got to the point I went from crab crawling down to just sitting and collecting my thoughts. I was miserable and wanted to get down to the bottom. Once I was down, it was so much better. Sadly not much has grown back yet after the winter. The water seemed a little higher and faster. There wasn't any luck fishing, but I was amused watching Lulu eating an apple.

After she finished her apple, Jesse threw it into the river for the trout lol. Lulu ran to the side and up onto a rock because she wanted that apple and was so mad at her Daddy for throwing it away! She then came back to me for reassurance, and I didn't have her apple. So she went back to the water's edge and stared in hopes it would come back to her, but it never did. Sorry Lu...

Shortly after, Jesse's back was hurting so we decided to call it a day. Sadly in my pregnant glory, I can't be outside for prolonged periods of time. That includes walking or not walking. So it was back up the hill. Jesse carried everything this time to help me out. And wouldn't you know it, that which is normally a simple uphill climb for me was an ordeal! I got stuck and had to crawl on my knees to get up! Then, towards the top when it was kinda rocky, I had to have Jesse help me up. It was pretty sorry. By the time we got back to the truck, I was pretty much done! I was getting contractions, cramping, and just feeling so gross. I knew I wasn't going into labor or anything, just over worked.

When we got home, I took a nice long cool bath and soaked in my Burt's Bees achy muscle salts. It was fabulous. I fell asleep in the tub and woke up almost 2 hours later. Maybe it was shorter but it felt long and great!

I didn't catch any fish today. Oh well. But it was nice to be at the river. And it was nice to see all the little lizards (they were actually pretty big compared to the ones back home! Like 6" of body and another 6" of tail! One was doing push-ups on the rocks!) Anyway it was nice to get out and get some sun. I didn't burn as bad this time cos I piled the sunblock on pretty thick. The end.

Friday, April 11, 2008

This is just WRONG and GROSS!!!

Seriously this is wrong on SO many levels!!! Talk about raising sexual deviants, listen to how creepy these kids are and the drawings!!! EEEW!!!

I wanna go fishing...

I really wanna go fishing tomorrow for some reason. I guess it's cos the weather is so pretty. I wanna go back to the secret spot and try things out in the morning, if even for just an hour :( But Jesse's back has been hurting pretty bad and he doesn't want to go out this weekend cos he has to work today. It would be nice to go though to get out one last time before I pop out a baby. Its been a while since I've felt good, you know? Normally I feel like crap and don't want to do anything, especially this far out, but right now I feel like I could climb a mountain. Maybe it's the weather. It would be nice to sit by the river again with some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and just enjoy the outdoors. I need to catch my first trout of 2008!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

**** UPDATE: I wanna go fishing****

Jesse has informed me he will in fact take me fishing tomorrow morning for a little bit. Yeee!

I have no idea where this spurt of energy has come from. Perhaps it's the sun...

Tim is a LIAR!!!

I was at the other office and I sat in Tim's massage recliner. He joked that it will induce labor. So I sat in there longer. It didn't. He's a liar. I'm disappointed.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Feeling all kinds of sick

So I’m at this point in my pregnancy again where I’m being flooded with hormones. Hormones that cause gnarly constipation. Literally, I’ve pooped 3 times in the last 2 weeks! I call them labor poops because they hurt so bad they feel like what I imagine a natural labor would feel like. They usually start to cramp and then the cramping progresses after 3 hours or longer and then I make a little poop and it’s usually followed by diarrhea. The whole pooping process takes about 30 minutes. This morning, the process wasn’t working well. I started cramping but not a gradual cramp that builds up but like a full on hurting cramp around 3 something in the morning. I could barely move and was in so much pain, it woke Jesse up, who checked to see if I was ok. At some point, I don’t know if it was then, or later, but I just remember him rubbing my belly and petting my head and I fell asleep. Well, from 3 to 7 it was back and forth to the bathroom to try and poop with no luck. Finally at 7, whatever was in me, HAD to get out of me. I threw up. It hurt for some reason, possibly due to the stomach pains, the fact there’s a 5+ lb baby in there, I was having contractions making my digestive tract hurt more, and I was freezing my ass off, but it was NOT a pleasant experience. I felt like I was going to cry. When I finished, I cowered on the bathroom floor for a bit till I had enough strength to get up and go back to bed. Of course once I got up, I realized I wasn’t done barfing, so I barfed some more. After about 5 minutes of that it was done, so I finally got back to bed. I was freezing. I didn’t have a fever this morning but I had one last night of 100.4º and I felt fine then. Who knows. I feel so gross right now and I’m tired and feel absolutely worn out. Part of me wants to stay home and sleep but there’s stuff to do so, I kinda put that one out of the way. I feel cranky and tired though. I need a hug.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Presents for me!

So I got some stuff today for me for when I hafta go to the hospital. I got a new night gown, the most awesomest robe, and some granny panties so I don’t hafta wear the one-size-fits-all hospital undies aka "onion sacks". Hehe. The robe is so awesome. It feels like someone tied a cloud around me. I love it! I feel all sorts of cozy. Anyway, I’m in my robe and my jammies and arranging baby stuff. I’ve been doing it for the past two days now. There’s a LOT of stuff to go through, it’s crazy! I haven’t even got past soft goods, just clothing and bedding!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend recap: Doctors, Shower, the Valley...

Lordy, is it possible for a weekend to seem so long and so short at once???

I guess you could say things started out Thursday. I had my work baby shower. All the girls of the office went to Mimi’s Cafe for lunch. We splurged on eats courtesy the bossman footing the bill. Then we did presents. Got a "daddy friendly" diaper bag that’s camouflage and was stuffed with all sorts of goodies/necessities, some gift cards, some clothes, and a little puppy wrist rattle thing. After work I got my hair colored and that took longer than planned. We got out and didn’t go to birth class. It was better we just eat and go to bed because I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning and Jesse had to get his check and cash it and fuel up.

At the doctor’s on Friday I was measuring at 35 weeks. I was about 34.5 weeks when I went in. Our little guy is head down still, but he hasn’t dropped yet! And I don’t even want to know how much pain I’ll be in when he finally DOES!!! My blood pressure was good and after squishing me a bit the doc said he feels like he’s a good 5 lbs and some and he’ll be doing some rapid growth these last few weeks. She said I could easily have a 10 lb baby!!! Eek!!! But I don’t think he’ll get that big, I think he’ll be more like 8 lbs. Anyway we talked about birth control as well, I was asking about Mirena cos I like the idea of an instantly effective birth control that I don’t need to take every day that lasts up to 5 years and is reversible. (Note: I just got off the phone with my insurance provider and they cover it! Woo hoo!)

Anyway, after the doctors appointment, we hit the road. We left at 9:45 and made our first stop around 11:30 for a potty break and got some Wienershnitzel (which I so want right now!) The rest of the drive was exactly what you would expect a drive through cowtown California is like for a good 4 hours. When we got near Bakersfield, there was only 1 lane of traffic which was at a stand still for the most part. Jesse even turned his truck off on a few occasions. We sat in that crap for 40 minutes or so. It sucked. The most insulting part was seeing miles and miles of non-used highway that was perfectly in-tact minus sporadically placed Cal-Trans trucks and the occasional road worker shooting the breeze with someone, and then a sign that flashed, "ROAD WORK AHEAD... PLEASE SLOW DOWN... GIVE THEM A BREAK." Give them a break? Are you kidding me!? They weren’t even working!!! I was pretty miffed. Especially since I was sitting on the side the sun was on. I was all pregnant and burning up and sweating and not a happy camper. Finally we got moving and we got in to the valley around 7:15. Jesse and I were pretty shocked at how much Santa Clarita/Valencia/Stevenson Ranch is developing. I remember going to school out there between 2000 and 2003 and there wasn’t anything on the other side of McBean and the Old Road by the shopping center. Now that side is covered in homes!

Anyway, when we got in, Lori wanted to go to Killer Shrimp. I was ok with going too personally. But I guess she wanted Craig to go with us and he didn’t want to go. She was pretty upset cos she was like, "How often does my sister ever come out? Can’t you go?" He didn’t go. We wound up hanging out with the dogs for a bit watching them play and then we went to Denny’s. I felt pretty sick and not hungry so I got a salad and ate a bbq chicken strip thing. That made me feel more sick. I didn’t sleep well Friday night, partially cos I was nervous about Saturday, partially because I felt sick, almost flu-sick, something that started to develop when we got around Bakersfield. Possibly from exposure to the sun? I dunno. Anyway, I was really uncomfortable on top of it all and well, I woke up on and off all night long. Not to mention it seemed really hot and muggy and I was feeling all sinusy and weird.

I kept checking my watch every 30 minutes around 5 am and was relieved when my mom woke up around 7 because then that meant I could get up and not have to be alone in the house bored all morning. I got dressed and what not and woke Lori up around 7:30. Of course she didn’t get ready, instead we were too preoccupied watching the dogs playing again. Jesse was up and watching the same thing. Fortunately Danielle called and said that she was running late, so we just met up at Millies for breakfast. After we ate, we dropped off Jesse. He visited his friend Katrina at her salon and me, Lori, and Danielle got our nails done-did. Lori bailed after to get a hair cut and get ready so she could decorate. I went with Danielle to Target so she could get her allergy medication. They didn’t have it but she got more diapers and I got a night gown because I was so ridiculously uncomfortable in the pajamas I brought down. After that, we came home and did our hair and make up. Danielle and Lori went to go set up. I stayed home with Jesse and took a cat-nap in my parent’s bed to get more comfy.

Around 1:45, Jesse and I took off to go to the shower. Lori did all kinds of awesomeness setting it up and just with EVERYTHING!!! It looked super awesome. She had some silly games. People seemed to be having a good time so that’s good. I felt kinda bad cos I was super tired all day and then towards the end I was just beat! Charlie was sitting all high up in me and my lungs were being crunched and every time I bent over to get stuff out of gift bags, I was losing oxygen! I felt like I ran a marathon or something when I was done with the presents! Anyway, the whole thing overall was beyond great. The thing that baffles me most, though, is how in the world Lori managed to get everything done. I mean, she works more than ANYONE I know, living or dead. She’s always on the road going to different stores from Central and Southern California, to Las Vegas and the tip of Salt Lake City. When she’s not doing that, she’s in the office catching up on her office end of things. And when she’s not doing that, she has to do special events and trade shows and I can’t figure out how she had time to do her job AND throw a baby shower AND sew our baby bedding AND crochet a blanket and beanie!!! I think she must be part octopus or one of them Hindu gods because there’s no way a person with 2 arms can do all that!!! Anyway, all the work she did, words cannot describe the excellence!!! Jesse and I were really happy. We got lots of awesome gifts and I think we are ready to have a baby!

It’s funny cos the whole shower thing, this is new and unusual to us both. I mean, we’ve had birthdays. We’ve got presents from people before. But we’ve never had anyone go so all out for anything. It was really cool and we’re very grateful to have so many awesome people in our lives.

After the shower, I was pretty much as good as dead. I felt like I was gonna pass out during clean up time. I sat down with Lulu and managed to keep my head up and not fall out of any chairs. I’m convinced now that a lot of the sick feelings had to do with pregnancy hormone related constipation, but more on that later!

When we got home, we were going to attempt to go to Killer Shrimp, but once again, that never happened. Instead we just watched the dogs play some more and put on our pajamas and watched Superbad. Of course we started to fall asleep. We were super tired. Jesse turned the tv off and we went to bed. Shortly after, I was having the worlds gnarliest pelvic bone pain. Then my mom’s dogs were barking non-stop in the back yard. I was hurting, I couldn’t sleep, I hadn’t had any sleep from the night before, I was feeling sick, and the dogs barking didn’t help any. So in a moment of pregnant frustration, I began to cry. Jesse woke up and got me some tissues, some Tylenol, and helped me try to figure out a pillow arrangement to make me more comfortable. Then he rubbed my back and my head to try and comfort me to sleep. It worked pretty good till the dogs kept barking more.

Needless to speak, we woke up around 9:30 the next day, with kinda bad sleep due to waking up on and off from dogs barking all night. Thank God Lulu slept like a beast, she didn’t even snore! She must be a heavy sleeper or just didn’t care. I think if she was barking back at them, I probably would have lost it or something. So we scratched the idea of leaving around 10 because we woke up pretty late. We thought maybe noon instead. We loafed around in our pajamas for a while and watched the dogs rough housing some more. What can I say, we really liked to see our little pug child playing with her cousin Izzy. It’s not every day Lulu gets to have social interaction with other dogs. And they were so happy playing together!

Jesse and I discussed picking up lunch before we headed out. Lori wanted to go with us and we said she could. Well, my dad caught wind of that conversation and decided maybe we should all go as a family as one last meal before we go back home, so we were fine with that. So we had to wait around for everyone else to get dressed and what not and we wound up going to Chevy’s. It’s a good thing too, because I had been wanting to go there for a few weeks now and I finally got to go! I got this really good strawberry raspberry lemonade, and like a pregnant baffoon, I dropped it when I went to pick it up. I almost had another pregnant moment of breaking out into tears over spilling a drink! The waiter came and cleaned it and they got me another one. It was really good tasting. I tanked up on water while we were there and got a sea food plate. It was surprisingly filling. Anyway, Lori and my dad got desert, Jesse got his fajita nachos to go as a snack for on the road. We headed back and started to pack everything into the back of Jesse’s truck.

It took us probably 20 minutes to get everything in, but it ALL fit. I mean EVERYTHING. My mom was telling me before how she was worried we couldn’t get it all in and I told her, we’ll make it fit. We did. Well, my dad and Jesse did. Lori and I worked on the small things like getting all the clothes and goodies out of bags and into the storage containers. My two neighbors who lived next door were on their way out somewhere and saw us and said hi. I guess it’s surprising to the people who see you grow up when you go away and come back and are ready to pop out a kid. Heh.

Anyway, we headed out, got gas, air in the tires, and water, and left at 5:45.

I don’t really recall making as many stops going back home. We did do a potty stop when we got out of the Grapevine and I got a bunch of junk food, much which sufficed as lunch for today, and then we did another potty stop in central California somewhere. We gassed up in Sacramento and then made another stop for a potty further down cos that gas station didn’t have any bathrooms. So we made the bathroom break at a Denny’s in Sacramento. I had what I call a "labor poop". Basically thanks to pregnancy hormones, it causes constipation. I hadn’t pooped since Thursday. My body was full of food waste from Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Either I was going to throw up or poop it all out. My body wasn’t gonna allow that waste to stay in there. So, it felt like the pooping direction. Let’s just say I was in there for half an hour in the most pain I’ve been in in my life. You can feel the poop as it moves throughout your digestive tract and then you push it out and I’m convinced it’s very similar to labor. Everything is relative in size. So after maybe 10 or 13 little nuggets comes the torrential gushing of diarrhea. But it’s not over because I can feel more waiting to come out. About 5 minutes later the rest comes out. At that point, all is well. I wipe with what is the worst toilet paper in the world. It’s that cheap one-ply stuff that you need to use like 50 yards of it to get an effective cleaning result. Horrible stuff. I get up to go back to the truck and can barely stand! It must have taken me 5 minutes to get from the bathroom to Jesse’s truck. By that time, I wasn’t in a good place, but definitely in a better place than I was 15 minutes prior. I was hunched over at a 45º angle, my back and abdomen were hurting, all the pushing from pooping was triggering off contractions and they didn’t hurt but because neighboring innards were hurting, the contractions made the digestive parts hurt. I had a difficult time getting in the truck and Jesse was inquiring about my status. I told him I tore myself a new one and it would take a while to fix that heheh. About 20 minutes of a drive later, I started to feel better. The chills and shivering went away and all was better.

We got home around 3:30 in the morning. It was so good to see signs pertaining to Reno. Reno 37 miles. Billboards for our casinos. The Wells offramp. It was so good to be home because that meant I got to sleep in my own bed again! It was cold up here when we got back. Jesse brought all the stuff up from the truck. I helped with a few small things. Lulu ran straight for her heater, of course! We checked our email and went to bed. By that point it was almost 4:00. I called and let my supervisor know I was going to be a little late today. I was pretty tired but I think it must have been a lot harder for Jesse. I can’t even imagine what his day was like! He drove 9 hours down on Friday, and 9 back last night. He didn’t get to sleep or rest. His back and butt were hurting when we were at Denny’s. And after staying up driving he brought all those heavy boxes up the flight of stairs to our apartment. That guy does so much for me, I can’t possibly pay him back. I did order him a special Daddy Present online today though. I’m debating giving it to him when it comes in or later...

Anyway, it was a nice weekend. Jesse and my dad chatted about guns and stuff. I think it was a good time. I’m pretty worn out. I think Jesse’s gonna sleep well tonight. I might buy something for dinner for us tonight so we don’t have to cook or anything. Whew!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Things that contract in the night...

So two nights ago I thought I was crazy cos I thought I was feeling contractions at night. They weren’t painful, just normal Braxton Hicks (practice contractions), but stronger than the ones I felt during the day as they were intense enough to wake me up at 1 am. I told myself it must have been the baby moving and went back to bed through them.

Well last night, it happened again. Just like clockwork. Around 1 am, I got another Braxton Hicks. But this time it was stronger than the night before. Still not painful, just more noticeable. And this time it did NOT feel like baby movement but like there was a python squeezing my uterus up and down. Not painful, just noticeable. Isolated incident, go back to bed. Half an hour later, another one. Equally strong. Go back to bed! By 3:23 am, they were more "regular". Timeable even. This was new for me. My doctors told me if I had felt 4 - 6 in an hour to call. Well, I’m not calling the doctors at 3 in the morning, regular or not. Sorry. Not my style. I know that labor takes TIME and that if this doesn’t get better by 5 am, THEN I’ll consider calling, until then, get your butt back to sleep! So from 3:30 to almost 5 am, the contractions have progressed to almost every 15 minutes to close to 5 minutes apart.

I still am not concerned other than the fact I’m trying to sleep and need to be up for work in a few hours. I’ve been told that contractions are supposed to hurt more as they get closer together. These didn’t. So I tried my best to ignore them and go back to bed. Wouldn’t you know it, around 5 am, they stop. Completely.

Stupid contractions trying to ruin my sleep. The only thing I’ve learned from this experience is 1. what bigger contractions feel like, and 2. how to time them. 3. (and this is my thoughts) I have this sneaky suspicion I’ll be one of those women who’s labor starts at night so I can sleep through (or try to) sleep through the early phases of it. I hope that’s the case. I’d love to be rested enough by the time I get to active labor.