Friday, October 31, 2008

Rosemary’s Baby makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside

Seriously, how wrong is it that there exists such a movie that is a heartwarming tale of motherhood and Satanism? I mean, who the hell decided to mix the two? Watching it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside though. It made me flash back to pregnancy days when things weren't painful and they were still nice. Little kicking and what not. Knowing there was a baby in there. But then at the end where Mia Farrow takes on her role of mother, that whole concept of "only a mother could love" comes to my mind. I mean, could you imagine that? Being a pious woman all your life and giving birth to the son of the devil? But raising this child regardless because despite your faith, it is still your child? Talk about the ultimate mother's love.

Compensating for not being sick in over a year

Last week I had tonsillitis. That was the first time I was sick in over a year because for whatever reason I had super immunity when I was preggo. Literally, the last time I was ill was in spring of 2006 or so. Anyway, I got medication for my tonsillitis. I finished taking it on Monday. Three days later I get a sore throat. My whole throat is in pain, swollen, red, and I just feel horrible. The worst part is I am so weak but can't sleep cos the pain hurts so bad. I can't take anything for it, swallowing is like pulling teeth. I want to curl up into a ball and rest. Then again, I have Charlie to feed. I wish I had someone to take care of me and Charlie and I wish I wasn't so ugh. I really need some rest. You know when you can tell you've been over working and your body is just worn down? That's me right now. I feel horribly ill and like no matter what I won't get better.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sportsman’s What-the-hell-house

Shortly before I woke up, I had this dream that I had to go to work for Jesse. For some reason I made him miss a day of work and I had to make up for it by working on Sunday for him. So I had to wear one of his work shirts and I wore a nice black skirt and my cherry cowgirl boots. I went to the gals in customer service with him and checked in. I had to sign a form that I understood what was going on and that I would abide by their terms for the day. I was afraid they'd put me in the hunting department and I would have to explain things to people and didn't feel comfortable doing so. I asked if I could work their wedding department instead. I was told I could and I sat on a chair eating a sandwich the whole day but hid the sandwich when people came cos I thought I'd get chewed out for having food out on the counter. There were no customers and at the end of the day, Jesse came and picked me up. We went home and watched fireworks outside our windows near the strip. I tried to take a picture of Jesse and Charlie with the fireworks in the background but it wouldn't work. Then, Mark, our neighbor, was trying to find new tenants to live in this trailer that was downstairs. Debbie and Ralph, our two other neighbors lived in one of the trailers and their apartment was vacant. He was also trying to fill that as well. We were trying to word the ad so we wouldn't get any riff raffs in. Anyway that's all. It didn't go anywhere else from there on.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Milk, evolution & creationism

It's no surprise that I get 90% of my great thoughts while in the bathroom. Anyway, tonight's thought isn't a new one to mankind, let alone a great idea, more of a thought. I was taking a shower and my boobs were hurting really bad for some reason. I was using the hot shower water for comfort. For some reason I thought they hurt cos I had a clogged milk duct or maybe milk was building up, alas, it was nothing. My boobs just felt like two deflated balloons and looked just about as saggy and gross. I then got to thinking about the milk. It baffles me how in one instance my body can create 5 or 6 ounces of milk from hundreds of tiny little glands that remain otherwise inactive. Seriously. Does anyone else find this mammalian trait curious? I recall the days where it seemed like I was constantly leaking something somewhere, but now my boobs are like two dormant volcanoes that only erupt when nature needs them to. But still, how is it that the body can create something from nothing? How is it that a sperm cell and an egg can join together to create another being? At what point does magic happen and life begin? I mean, science can only go so far to prove things. There has to be some point in human existence where people just admit that they have a little hint of blind faith. Man has tried for centuries to make gold. Yet it exists in nature. Science can't decide where or how gold formed so they just dub it a "natural element". Well, science, how do you explain other natural elements? Who created hydrogen, oxygen, helium, silver, copper, boron, and so on and so forth? Why do these great minds of science believe in evolution, but instead of believing in creationism or that a greater being has plopped all that is to be out here, they just assume that somewhere in time a few stars collided and life was formed. If that's the case, then who created the stars? Or were they just creations from something else being destroyed? If so, who created that other thing?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another gun show, another interesting day...

Jesse and I go to gun shows more frequently than we go to church. Today's show was more promising than those in the past. Why you ask? Well, not only was today the Crossroads of the West Gun Show, but it was also the Psychic Fair, a Wedding Expo and the Fall Home Show. So we have a wide variety of people from all corners of Reno coming together under one roof for a day of debauchery.

Not really. But there were some good sights.

Let me just say I saw a bunch of horrific hair cuts at the gun show. People, mullets are not a fashion statement. They're like a billboard letting people know that you are more than likely a questionable person. So that's the deal on the hair front. I had the best hair and outfit though at the gun show but that's a whole other story...

I got to meet one of Jesse's Golden Girls. He teaches gun cleaning classes and there's these older ladies who came in and they're totally sweet like the kinda people you want for your grandma: they'll make you cookies and take you shooting. Anyway, I got to meet one of them.

Then there was this dude, I don't know what his deal is, but I guess he's a total asshole customer. He comes in and buys guns at Jesse's work and then turns around and sells them or something. He was bothering the mobile shooting range people for at least an hour and the guy at the booth had one of those looks like, "OK, you're not buying anything, and you're scaring off potential customers, get the hell out of here!"

There was a fat albino guy who Jesse sold a gun to once and said, "No sweat" after the deal and then he felt like an asshole cos I guess albinos don't sweat? (Has anyone else heard of this? Can I get confirmation?)

There was ths guy there in a white tuxedo who looked like a transplant from the wedding expo. And on the wedding expo, there were gals walking around in bridesmaid dresses everywhere. I don't know if they were in a fashion show or what but it was pretty tacky. I feel bad for them cos it's not like you're dressed up for a fun event, like a wedding, and there's other people dressed up and you're having fun. No, they were dressed up for a convention and were the center of a specatacle. Not like dressed up for a convention like where nerds dress up like comic book characters and everyone does and it's cool and dorky, but like it was just plain sad cos they were the only ones doing it. Poor them.

Jesse and I were having brunch nachos at the food court and playing "guess which convention they came for" at various people walking around. It was pretty easy. The Sex & the City crowd were there for the wedding expo. The bad haircuts were there for the gun show. The overweight boho goths were there for the psychic fair. And the Generic Yuppies were there for the home show. Well, that seemed to be the majority of people. There were others who didn't fit into those classifications but I like to generalize to simplify. If you don't fit into a major category, you don't count. Much like how America views it's voters...

Anyway, the nitty gritty: Jesse scored at the gun show. He got some wool shirts from a military surplus booth. Then he got a tool to work on AR-15's with at a pretty good price. Now he can do more AR work so it pretty much has paid for itself. And on the note of AR's, he bought a parts kit for mine. He already had the lower reciever and needed a parts kit. I'm still toying with the grips. He has these triangle ones I kinda like but I'm not sure if I want those or more of a traditional style. Anyway, it's getting real close to completion. If you care, his name is Eugene. His namesake is Mr. Eugene Stoner, the man who created the AR. I will make him green so that if anyone ever tries to take away our gun rights of owning "evil black rifles", I can say, "Oh, but my gun, alas, is green, therefor it is not evil." Har har. But that's not how they work. They go for bullshit things like no detachable magazines, no more than so many rounds in a magazine, barrel length can't be shorter than we tell you, bla bla bla unconstitutional bullshit... Along those lines, Jesse also got 500 rounds of 5.45x39 for the AK-74, my new favorite rifle. Apparently he wanted to stock up on it cos one of the major manufacturers is coming out with a new rifle of that caliber and he knows that it's gonna jack up the price of that round not to mention make it harder to get.

So yeah, that's our story of the gun show today. Oh, not that it matters, but it was in a different hall this time and seemed a little bigger. I've seens some more guns I want. I still want a Sig 232. I don't know so much that I want a CZ-75 anymore. I don't care what Jesse says, I still like the Walther PPK's. He says they're snappy or something but I am pretty sure I'd have issues with one at first and then get good with it, much like I did with Josef. I've been liking Bersas too. I might want one. I saw a little FEG that was cute, Jesse said it was a Hungarian FEG in 9x18. I thought that was a neat little gun. They only wanted $199 for it and now that I think about it, I should have bought it. I haven't got a gun in well over a year. I feel sad. I want a M1 Carbine too. And I'm looking for a Hungarian AK. I have a cool idea of how I'd like that to be finished, if it matters. I guess my wish list is ever growing and my funds are ever decreasing. Funny how it happens that way right? One day, I'll be totally out of debt or out of debt enough to where I can go and see something I like and get it. Oh, I'm still looking for a new stock for Josef. I think before I get anything else, I'd like to take care of the guns I already have.

Maybe I should make a new gun wish list hahah... I've just become inspired...

Friday, October 24, 2008


So today on re-run Yo Gabba Gabba! (the old re-run eppisodes on Noggin at 2:30), some Asian dude is teaching kids his cool trick of playing the theramin. WHY!?!?!

If religion has no place in school, then neither should sexual preference...

My friend Kevin posted this article. Your kids can be learning to be gay in kindergarten: School holds surprise 'Gay' Day for kindergartners Parents outraged at public elementary's secretive 'coming out' event

My take on the whole thing: I don't care what your sexual preference is. At the same time I don't believe people should preach gayness or straightness in school. If it is unconstitutional for my child to learn about the Lord in school, then it should be equally unconstitutional for him to learn about sexual preference. Sex education is one thing. I understand teaching about the birds and the bees. Learning how life is created when a sperm fertilizes an egg. I believe it's ok to teach that and about STD's and health related issues. I do NOT believe my child should learn what being gay or straight is all about and celebrate it in school as if celebrating his founding fathers, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. I don't know how I feel about these new "PC" holidays that don't pertain to history or religion. I especially feel elementary school is the wrong place to hold such things. Maybe in junior high, when children start to discover more about who they are, I could see a support group being acceptable. But it's almost as if they are going about things in all the wrong way, teaching children that it is somehow wrong to be straight and that they can only be accepted if they are gay. A child will grow up being one way or another. They don't need to be confused thinking that it's wrong to be gay or straight. People will feel out of place regardless. They don't need teachers confusing them even more with lessons that their parents' aren't even being told are happening. I can tell you if this happened to my child, having a "surprise" Outting Day, I would be PISSED beyond belief. I think there's a reason they didn't tell parents. I wouldn't be upset if the school sent home a letter stating they were going to teach about what being gay is and have a parent consent form to sign like they do with sex ed classes. Gay has to do with sexual preference. Anything pertaining to sex education, be it scientific or lifestyle choice, should have a parental consent form. If my child can't see an R-rated movie that has sexual content without my supervision, why should a school be allowed to do the same? I believe this is stuff that is a parents' choice to teach, not the school's choice. It's just another sign of desensitization in society. What next? Classes on the acceptance of abortion and promiscuity?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cake & Ammo

I have been plotting making brownies all night tonight, since I took chicken out to defrost around 4:30 today up till now. Anyway, we ate dinner around 6:00 give or take. Fried chicken with the seasoning mix from Jesse's work. It was pretty good. Light and airy. With a barbaranch dipping sauce (bbq ranch if you can't figure that one out.) Then a side of potatoes augratin (sp?) and corn. It was pretty good. I haven't had fried chicken in a while so it was nice.

So, I took a bath and after that thought, "Gee, I still want those brownies." I sat down and knit for a bit and then announced to Jesse, "I think I'm gonna make some brownies."

There was a glimmer of joy in his eyes as he told me, "You're the best wife ever!"

I scootched to the kitchen and got out the ingredients. We were short an egg, but no biggie, right? I mean, 2 out of 3 isn't bad. But no eggs, I could see a potential threat. Anyway, I put it in the little dish and pop it into the oven and bring out the bowl, two spoons and a glass of milk. Jesse and I sit down at the coffee table and delight in our brownie batter, which is looking rather thin considering it has one less egg than it should. Something taste weird with this. Almost cake-like. I go to the kitchen and look in the trash and see I just made devil's food cake.

I told Jesse, who didn't seem hurt by this. I was though. I was so mad. I wanted brownies. I still want brownies. I feel betrayed by the Pilsbury Doughboy. He fooled me into thinking I was making one thing when in fact I was making another. He's a cruel little bastard, despite his fluffy white welcoming demeanor.

Anyway, I'm pretty booty hurt about that. On a side note, Jesse's 5.45x39 ammo came in today and he keeps asking me if I've seen it. No, I haven't. So he takes out a loaded magazine from the AK-74 and hands it to me. I look at them and tell him, "They look like they'd hurt." He says they will. It's a nasty little round that will "fuck shit up". I follow up by telling him, "I like that caliber." Not only cos of what it's capable of doing, but it's really easy to shoot. I used to really like shooting .223, but after I shot the 5.45x39, I think I like that round a lot better. It feels more controlled to me. Granted a lighter round should feel easier, but I have this thing about heavy guns and heavier calibers. I like that combo. For instance, I can shoot  a .22 rifle and be less accurate than I am with my Mauser. Maybe it's a combination of the fact I've been shooting my Mauser longer and I'm more comfortable with 8mm? I don't know. I just know I do better with a heavier gun and a bigger round. Regardless, I think I still would make a mighty fine sniper when the revolution comes. 7 out of 10 times I can hit my target from 150 yards or greater. And that's an average. Some guns I'm better with so we'll see. Plus I've gotten a lot better since I've gained some upper body strength thanks to 5 months of vigorous weight training with an ever-growing infant.

Jesse just came by to ask if I was blogging and about what. I told him, "Cake and ammo." Originally I was gonna call this blog "The Cake Incident" but upon making that statement to him, I changed it. It sounds way better. Jesse said, "Those are good subjects to blog about." He's right. Hooray for cake and ammo!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Not every candidate is a total idiot

So in a fit of not being able to sleep this morning, and election day coming very soon, I decided to see who is all running for office. I saw the usual dummies, but I saw some other names and looked up their stances on issues. FYI, is a great site as it gives you the basic rundown on issues without being overly wordy as some of the politicians private sites tend to be. Anyway, Ron Paul isn't on the Nevada ticket but there's a guy who is on there who sounds rather promising. I doubt he'll win cos I don't think he's only on a few other state's ballots, but the thing is, as long as my vote isn't going to Idiot A or Idiot B, I don't mind. His name is Charles Baldwin. He's some ex church guy turned politician who seems like he wants to clean up the office. He supports a lot of the same ideals as Ron Paul which is cool. He's pro-gun, anti-amnesty, believes a federal income tax is unconstitutional and should be abolished (wouldn't that be nice!), he wants to get rid of that no-child-left-behind crap, doesn't believe in gov't health care (sorry those of you for this, my dad had gov't healthcare in Viet-frickin-nam and when he got his teeth worked on, the gov't didn't believe in spending extra money for anesthesia), he wants to end foreign aid, let Iraq deal with their own issues on their own and quit trying to oversee that which happens overseas, etc. etc. Anyway, I advise you to not just accept the two idiots everyone preaches about for president. Look up who your local candidates are. Maybe there's someone better out there. No, there is someone better out there! Ultimately, I like Ron Paul and if I can write him in, I will. But if the write in factor isn't an option, I think Mister Chuck is a good back up plan.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Angry Fat Man At Sportsmans

Despite me having tonsillitis, Jesse took me out to breakfast this morning at Heidi's. We got our usual Vikingsholm, me with my egg over medium and with a side of bacon, Jesse with eggs scrambled and a side of sausage, me with hot tea, and Jesse with hot cocoa. We discussed our shooting outing for tomorrow and decided to pick up another box of .40 since I liked shooting a .40 last week. So we hit Sportsman's to get some ammo.

We walk in and say hi to the gals at customer service when we hear the angry complaints of what could only be an overweight hillbilly in camping. Much to our surprise, we were right. We see this fat thing that was about 6' tall and 300 plus pounds wearing shorts, sandals, and a dayglow green most likely 4XL t-shirt in the 50 degree morning weather, yelling at one of the employees and demanding to see a manager. Jesse was yelling things at him from other aisles mocking him. It was pretty funny.

Anyway, he was going off on the gal who came in to help him making her walk all over the store to wait on him hand and foot. I don't think it was so much a case of him not finding a product as it was his fat ass was too lazy to go get a cart, let alone push it around the store. The girl who helped him looked like she was going to cry if someone didn't offer her the chance to shoot him. He was a total prick. And in the end, he just walked off. He did eventually get a few things at the store, but none of what he was looking at and bitching about. I'm sure in the end he wanted a discount too. I just have no idea of how to comprehend what I witnessed today. I mean, just cos he is going into a retail store doesn't mean he's better than the people who work there. It doesn't give him the right to be an asshole and treat the people like they don't know anything. He claimed he had a retail store and his employees know everything. I dunno. I just feel like idiots like him should stick to their good ol' Walsmart. I wish I knew where he worked so I could go there and give him shit so he'd know what it's like to have someone totally demean you and act like a juvenile dipshit in front of a store full of people. Then again, people like him wouldn't get the irony of it all.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What do they know???

I am thinking about selling some stock art of illustrations and photos I've done and signed up with a stock photography site. Well, long story short, since a lot of my stuff has to do with guns, I was looking at what my competition is for the pieces I do have and I have found several horrendous errors in imagery, keywords and descriptions. I saw a picture of a man with a hunting rifle and belt of brass and the description is listed as "man with shotgun." It is clearly not a shotgun. And even still, if it were a shotgun, why the hell was he wearing a belt of rifle ammo around his neck? Another flaw? Well, there is a gal holding a revolver. OK, no harm there. But she also has a belt of rifle rounds around her neck. They look about the size of ammo for a 1919 and yet she's holding what looks like maybe a .45 revolver. Why? Clearly the people who have taken these photos have no idea what they are taking pictures of. I know that as an artist, any time I take on a project, I research it a little before doing anything so that I can accurately depict that which I am working on. I mean, you have access to these items, why not get info on them. Why not learn what you are taking a picture of. Or at least picture it with the proper accessories. I mean, that's just as bad as taking a photo of someone who is an artist and showing them with a canvas, easel, smock, beret, and painting equipment for painting your dining room or something. It's just absurd. I guess that's my gripe for the day.

There still are things harder to do than getting a gun...

Like getting baptized. My 5 month old son is still not baptized. In order to do so, I need to pick two practicing Catholic godparents, both need to be free of sin, and at least 16 years or older. We know lots of practicing females but not sure on the male front. I asked Jesse for help on this one to see if he knows anyone. Anyway, we need to have our godparents, all of us need to go to classes, I need to get my current parish to write a letter to the parish I want Charlie baptized at saying its ok for them to do the baptism and then I need to pay a $35 fee to baptize. Oh, and in order to register with a new parish, I need to sign papers there and be with them for three months.

Here I thought getting a handgun in California was hard! All you gotta do for a gun was pass the handgun test, fill out some forms, and pay for the $25 background check and you could purchase a handgun.

Both are rights. You have the right to believe what you want. You have the right to own a gun. You would think that the church would be welcoming and like, "Oh, you like our God and Jesus and believe what we believe?! Welcome! Join us!" Instead it's more difficult than buying something that could take the life from another person should the owner choose to do so!!! WHAT THE HELL!!?! I dunno why I'm so bothered by this. I understand the church wants that level of commitment but isn't the fact you're going through with the baptism commitment enough? Isn't it enough of a commitment to say this is what I believe and I've been believing and will teach my child to believe good enough? Did Jesus tell people they had to fill out papers, and take classes, and pay a fee and get a letter of approval from their town before he'd allow them to practice his faith? I'm a little frustrated. I mean, this is ridiculous. And it's the same with all areas. It's standard practice everywhere within the Catholic church. Ugh.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I am listed as an Independent American as a voter. I am not affiliated to any parties just cos I don't want to be lumped in with certain things. However, the democrats seem to think that because I don't affiliate myself with any parties, that I will join with them in their causes. OK, if I were a clueless American who didn't know who to vote for and was easily swayed by people telling me things, I'm sure the Obama people could talk me into stuff. But I am not that way. I'm not politically savvy but at the same time, I don't want to live in a big brother joke society. Nor do I want to be part of the GOP nation with McAmnesty, so I'm gonna write in Mr. Ron Paul. Anyway, back to people thinking they can talk you into their cause...

So I am on the registered DO NOT CALL list. I never get solicitation calls. However I have been getting a BUNCH of calls from the DNC, conveniently AFTER I put my son down on his naps. They call and ask me if I'm going to vote for Obama. Or they ask me who I'm going to vote for and I tell them that if I tell them who I vote for it won't come true. Har har. But, yesterday was the lowest of lows. We had just got home yesterday from the pumpkin patch. We got some McDonalds and were sitting down eating our lunch/dinner. Just as we had got comfortable and situated someone dings our doorbell. I grab Lulu who wants to kill whoever is outside our door. Well who is outside our door on a Sunday in the afternoon? Someone from the Obama campaign. And they want us to vote for him. We have a frilly guy with a lisp who asks, "Are you Jesse Teaque?" to Jesse and asks, "Will you be voting for Obama this election?" Jesse tells him, "No, I'm voting for Ron Paul." Then he looks at me. I'm pissed that yet again, someone from the Obama campaign is harassing me and my family on our down time and he asks, "Are you Jennifer? Will you be voting for Obama?" I look at him as if he just asked me if I enjoy anal sex in front of my family at Christmas dinner or something, and tell him, "ABSOLUTELY NOT!" followed by a "get the fuck off my porch before I shoot your ass" look.

I have already determined I will not vote for either shmuck this election. Period. But for someone to call me, sometimes up to three times a day, on a daily basis, after I register NOT to get solicitation calls, and then show up at my front door on a Sunday, a SUNDAY, that's the Lord's day! Why is he out working for the anti-Christ gov't on a Sunday!? Anyway, long story short, if I didn't know who to vote for, harassing me constantly and interrupting me on a Sunday is NOT going to get my vote. Ever. So I can't wait till this election crap is over so I stop getting annoying calls and the little lisper boy showing up at my door trying to get me to vote for someone as if they're changing the world by bothering me. YOU'RE NOT MAKING A DIFFERENCE. IF SOMEONE HASN'T MADE THEIR MIND UP THIS FAR IN, THEY PROBABLY AREN'T GOING TO VOTE. AND IF THEY ALREADY HAVE THEIR MIND MADE, YOU'RE NOT GONNA CHANGE IT!


Off topic, I was actually relived to hear Alex Jones's voice this morning. I came out of the bathroom from brushing my teeth and turned to Jesse and was like, "He's alive! They didn't kill him!" He was like, "Huh?" Then he read my previous blog and was like, "You dreamed Alex Jones was killed? You're such a dork!"

Bad dream about the gov’t???

It started off like any other normal dream. We were at some camp place. There was a pond and we were swimming in there. There was a sign warning of the bass and that they bite but we didn't seem to see any. We were swimming in the early morning, expecting the water to be very cold, yet it was rather nice. When we got out, we were at my grandma's house. There was some kid there who was being an asshole. My grandma still had her pool but it was the pond we were swimming in. Behind it, Jesse was with a group of men and they were hiding around a bunch of guns. A little girl was commenting on the yard gnomes and I took her to the ones under the patio. I went back to see what Jesse was up to and they were going to burn the guns. I asked him what he was doing and he said that the feds were seizing everyone's guns. That was the new rule. He said he would rather burn his guns than give them to the gov't. I took three rifles from the pile, my Mauser, the AK-74 and the M1 Carbine and ran into my grandma's house with them telling Jesse I would not let him do that and that if the gov't wanted our guns, the would have to take them from our cold dead hands. As I walked across the yard in plain sight, I saw a big black helicopter in the distance coming our way. Jesse was yelling something at me and I ran in to the house and hid the guns in the guest bedroom under the bed. As I was doing this, I noticed the house was suddenly under surveilance from the outside. There were a bunch of black hummers driving slowly down the street shining lights at the house, and helicopters were heard outside. The house was suddenly full of women who were all in horror of what was happening and being very quiet trying to nonchalantly close all blinds and means of seeing what was inside the house. At that point, I sneak out of the room and make a trip through the house to see Jesse is not in there. On my final stop through the kitchen, I see out the window all the men are sitting on the lawn Indian fashion facing the patio. There are some feds standing behind the fence with guns pointed at them all. Alex Jones was up on a table with a makeshift blow horn telling the men to do things and none of the men were listening. He then gets shot by one of the feds and I was like, "OH MY GOD THEY KILLED ALEX JONES!!!" And I had to get outside. Jesse was off in the distance sitting down and another man was holding Charlie. One by one, the feds started going around the men taking names. They were getting their info and putting them on a list. I ran outside figuring that eventually they'd realize there were people inside the house. Jesse said nothing but rather gave me a look like, "Don't come out here. Go back before they see you." but it was too late. I looked at JEsse and at Charlie and walked up to the head man who was completely ignoring me. I demanded his attention. Finally he recognized me and told me to see another man. I pleaded with them that I needed to take care of my infant son who was out there, a means of trickery on my part, and that I had to get him clothes as it was getting cold and diapers. They said that was fine. They then took my information and gave me a pardon to do so. They were so preoccupied with everything else that I was able to go to Jesse first and tell him my plan. He got up and came with me and we got Charlie. We went back inside the house and he got the rifles I hid while I gathered some clothing items and put them all into a bag. We then hid the rifles in the bag and took Charlie and snuck out a window and ran off away from the house. We got to a mall parking lot and realized that it wasn't just the house but the whole area had been under surveilance. We ran into Katrina, who offered to give us a ride only so far and then we had to flee by foot. Jesse took the guns and I took Charlie and we planned on meeting up in the mountains where no one would find us. I managed to find a horse and Charlie and I rode through a dust storm to the mountains. We met up with Jesse but when we got there, we realized it was also being surveilanced by the helicopters and that no matter where we went, we would never be safe... or free.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Acai Berry Diet

OK, when will people learn to JUST SAY NO to fad diets? First people were told to take pills to suppress appetite and they'd starve and loose weight. That whole ephedrine thing worked and people did lose weight but they were also becoming unhealthy, the ephedrine was making their heart rate go up and die, and so now diet pills can't have ephedrine anymore. Then the whole South Beach diet came along and you could eat anything you wanted so long as you didn't have carbs. What they failed to mention in that one was that carbs are like the fuel to keep your body going and yeah, they have a lot of calories but those are necessary calories to keep you functioning throughout the day. People would only eat meat and no or low carbs and be burning more than they were taking in, once again resulting in poor health with proof of weight loss. Now there's this new Acai Berry diet. I don't know what it is but if I had to make a guess, it sounds like you eat a lot of some berry and it makes you shit your way skinny. It's ads claim "LOSE 35 POUNDS IN 35 DAYS!" Much like other diet fads, like diet pills, which claim you can lose "30 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS!" Unless you are morbidly obese, it's not a good thing to lose a pound a day. You got all these people who just want to lose 30 lbs and figure they'll go on some fad diet for a month, lose their weight and be happy again and go back to popping Fritos and Diet Coke or something. WRONG! It doesn't happen that way. What ever happened to eating good and exercising? Or was that a fad that lost it's interest years ago? With the rise of the computer age and instant results, no one wants to lose a pound a week. I mean, it would take you half a year practically to lose those pounds if you had to diet and exercise and by the time you did lose that weight, you would be trained to a healthier lifestyle. Could you imagine actually having to cook your own meals and exercise for half a year!? God forbid that ever have to happen!? At what point did people become so lazy that instead of taking care of themselves, they just accept failure and wait for a new instant solution to deal with their health? Somehow, I think Oprah is at the root of all this evil. She has her empire of Oprah sponsored books and tells the world how to think and what to buy, probably owning stock in everything she suggests. Getting rich off of over weight housewives who spend frivolously at everything the Mighty O tells them to buy. Think about it: just about every fad diet has appeared on Oprah at one time or another with a random person talking about how it worked for them. They were also very overweight and of course it will work. I mean, I've never been able to lose weight in my life, except for when I was 200 lbs when I had Charlie and I was able to lose 45 lbs postpartum. Why? Because I was way over weight. Do you think if I was slightly overweight I would have been able to do that so soon? NO! Now for me to lose the rest I have to WORK on it. It took me 2 months to lose 11 lbs. That's almost 1.5 lbs a week. It will take me just as long to lose the rest of my weight as it took me to be pregnant. Do I expect the rest of my weight to just fall off instantly? No. Would I like it to? Sure. But come on! Fad diets? Just stop already. Maybe you'll lose that weight but what's to say it will stay off? 

Friday, October 10, 2008

I know my birthday isn’t for another 4 months...

But I want to learn ballroom dancing. I've been wanting to do this for a very long time now but it doesn't help any that the Malcom in the Middle was on just now where Lois takes a dance class and is horrible hehe. Anyway I want to take a ballroom dancing class. And I want to take it with my husband. And I want to go to one of the dance parties on a Friday night and dress up and dance for an evening and I want it to be magical dammit!!!

Feminist differentiation

Why is it women bitch and moan about wanting equal pay for equal work and equal rights and all this crap equal, yet they want to set themselves apart from a man if they take on a man's job. You got jobs like a policeman or a fireman or a mailman. But a woman, who wants those same jobs and equalities demands to be recognized as a woman. Instead they make the job titles pc by giving them lame titles as police officer or fire fighter or letter carrier. Hey! Newsflash! If you really want to be equal, you'll use the same job title and not demand it be changed to reflect the fact you don't have a dick! Feminizing the job titles just goes to show you're a pussy. BE A MAN. DON'T LET SOME WOMAN TELL YOU WHAT TO DO!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thoughts to ponder

1. On Wells, near our apartment, there's about 5 stores that sell quincenera dresses within a 2 block strip. They all sell the same crap. You never see anyone go into the shops, you never see anyone come out of the shops. Most importantly, you never even see anyone buy anything from these shops. Why, then, if they aren't getting business, do they stay open? How is it they pay their rent? Hmm?

2. 7-11 has recently started offering Obama or McCain coffee cups. You can show your support of which politician you favor by drinking from a red or blue coffee cup with their name on it. That's fine and dandy, but what if you don't like either candidate? What if you hate both so much equally you refuse to drink from a cup for either person? Now I'm not a coffee drinker, so I don't have to worry about this, but this lack of freedom of choice has me so disgusted I refuse to ever drink coffee... from 7-11 at least and till they get rid of those gawd awful cups.

3. What would inspire someone to buy a school bus and park it on their front lawn? Maybe you should ask our neighbors? You see, they bought this bus for $5,000. It started out across the street. Then wound up on our side of the street. Now it is on their lawn. They have blacked out all of the windows and there's a paper registration on there but everyone is questioning how "legal" this bus is. I've heard other neighbors say they've seen people smoking from a crack pipe in the back of the bus and heard allegations they believe they are going to turn the bus into a mobile meth lab. This accusation was coming from someone who used to do meth and knows what to look for. The worst part, they could have put the thing in their drive way but didn't. Instead, they tear down 10 feet of the fence on the corner to drive up at the crosswalk into the lawn. Interestingly enough, they are renting the place and I don't think they asked for permission to do so either. It'll be interesting to see what happens when they get evicted.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

French Onion Soup

I wanted to make some French Onion soup today. I had everything you need to make it except for the proper bake ware. All recipes call for the soup to be placed in a bowl, bread on top and cheese on the very top and to be placed in the oven to melt the cheese till it boils. Well, my bowls aren't oven safe. I need corning ware to do this. I keep wishing I had corning ware but, alas, I don't! This means no French Onion soup. Smaller home made mac and cheese casaroles (sp?), and a lot of other things that would be a million times better if I did have corning ware!