Monday, November 24, 2008


Yesterday we went to the gun show one final time. The news was out. The lady on the news said people were stocking up on "Glocks and AR-16's." I didn't know there was an AR-16. Of course the media knows more than we do, which is why they tell us everything. Regardless, if they ever outlaw AR-16's, I'll be safe cos I only have an AR-15. *snort* Stupid news people.

In the late afternoon, around 4ish, we went to testfire the Bersa. Some ass hat was out at our new shooting spot with some construction equipment thing shifting the dirt around like a jack ass. There were two wild horses next to him too. So we drive around figuring, it's desert, we're bound to find somewhere to shoot. We find this nice little spot where there are no cars in sight and all is well. Jesse places the bottles, I get out and fire 7 rounds. Jesse loads the gun wanting to try. Next thing we know, a little head pops up from beind the mountain and a guy is flailing his arms like "DON'T SHOOT!" OK, we stop and leave. But what the hell? This guy had NO CAR anywhere to be found, no one knew he was out there. How were we to know he was shooting? It put a damper on our evening cos we didn't get a good testfire out.

We did scare this car full of Mexicans though. OK, so there's this turquoise early 90's looking Toyota on this dirt trail in the mountains with these Mexicans in there. They see us driving up the way they came from. Then they see us leave. They were parked in this one spot and every time we drove by we looked to see what they were doing. It looked suspicious, like a drug deal or something. Then we pass them again to go back up and once again. That's at total of 4 times passing them.

Well construction man leaves and we're steaking out his turf to go and shoot and as we drive to get there, he stops to make sure we don't go to his little spot. Jesse and I are like, "This sucks, let's just go home." So we leave. Oddly enough, as we get on the road, who is in front of us but the car of Mexicans! We follow them on the road home, which is the only road back into town from where we were at. I guess they were freaked out by us or something cos they pulled over on the opposite side of the road and let us pass. Weirdos. I guess something about a '76 Oldsmobile in the desert with people shooting is a scary thing to some people. I dunno. We were just trying to shoot bottles. That's all we wanted to do. Then go home. I didn't realize we were that frightening. We had a baby in the back seat and a pug on my lap. But I guess people just see the car and it looks like something a serial killer would drive or something.

The end.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just when you think Saturday night couldn’t get any worse...

It does.

Jesse and I were watching the fancy pants cable last night and I saw a listing for Reggaeton Rush Hour on one of the music channels. Jesse put it on to see what it was all about and I told him that, "Reggaeton takes the idiocracy of rap videos and meshes it with the absurdity of Tejano videos all to a funky hip-hop-reggae beat." So what do you have? Some thugged out MS13 looking guys in baggy pants doing some sorta break dancing dance off while girls in short shorts with suspenders over cut off tank tops dance around in knee high boots wearing cowboy hats. Seems pretty wholesome, right?

Damn! It doesn't get better than that! No wonder everyone likes Reggaeton. The kids like it cos its got the hip hop vibe, the parents like it cos got the Tejano style. Everyone wins! Reggaeton: something for the whole family!

The end.

FYI, the only reason I found that somewhat enjoyable and entertaining was cos I had a Bloody Mary earlier in the evening at Chili's. They made it really strong and I got a decent buzz from it. I think if I were sober at the time of watching, I probably would have had the same reaction Jesse had.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Beauty and the Bersa

Today Jesse and I went to the gun show in hopes of finding me a PPK. I wanted one. I was gonna spend up to $350 for one but there were NONE to be seen except for over priced collectors versions. I just wanted something to shoot. I almost bought a Bersa there, but passed on it.

I dropped Jesse off at work and headed to Bizarre Guns in Sparks. They had new PPK's but way out of my price range. Plus they were the stainless ones and those are generally more expensive than blue ones and I like the blue ones better. Instead, my eyes went back to the Bersas. I mean, for half the price and basically the same gun with better features, you can't go too wrong, right? I fondled a few different models. A Bersa Thunder 380, the Walther PPK and PPK-s, and a Sig 232. When all fondeling was done it was a toss up between the standard Thunder 380 or the high capacity. The high capacity was like $100 more and didn't feel as comfy. So I got the standard model.

It's pretty darned cute, I'll tell ya what. It's two toned. I own NO two toned guns. It's made in Argentina. Fun! I thought Debbie might enjoy that fact. She doesn't like guns but she's Argentinian and always delights in how I find new ways to encorporate Argentinian stuff into my life (like people, chimichuri, now the Bersa...) I'm gonna go fire it Sunday with Jesse.

Here's the happy part. OK, I take pride in this bigtime. Partially cos not too many women in the world can do such a thing. Any woman can shop for a gun, right? But, being a gunsmith's wife, I have expectations to live up to. For starters, the guy at the shop for some reason knows Jesse and I on a first name basis and we don't even go there enough for this but some yuppie couple with their eight million kids thought it was a little scary that the guy working there knew me. I think it weirded them out even more that I was not there with my husband and was buying a gun whilst holding my 6 month old son in my arms, who was staring gleefully at the rifles behind me while chewing on my necklace. Lastly, after completing my purchase, I went home, took the gun apart and cleaned and lubed it. How many wives can do that huh?

Anyway, I promised Jesse I'd go back to the gun show and get him a M1 Carbine t-shirt and I gotta go before the he show closes at 6. Otherwise I gotta go back tomorrow ugh. I gotta get there before everyone gets off work too eeew!!!

FYI, it was a madhouse there. First post-election gun show. Horrible. Everything was jacked up in price. One booth was selling AR lower recievers for $189, which Jesse said was way too high for those as they were selling cheaper last time, and another booth I saw them going for $350!!! For another $100 you could buy a parts kit on the other end of the hall! Talk about raping people! Here I thought there was this fraternal brotherhood of gun owners but apparently everyone wants to make money off of bad circumstances. It's just awful.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jenny’s secret ammo spot

Jesse had to test fire a PPK he worked on recently. I wanted to test it out too so we had to buy a box of .380. He had a few spare rounds in his truck but we forgot those and even if we did have them, it wouldn't be enough rounds to test fire and let me try out the gun. So we go to Sportsmans and they are out of .380. So we go to Big 5 and they only have some $35 box of hollowpoints which we're not gonna use. So I tell Jesse it's a long shot, but let's try ****s by my old job cos they had a sporting goods section and sold ammo. We go to ****s and sure enough they have it and at a reasonable price. What were the odds of that!? I feel all happy and proud now that I knew a secret spot and saved the day without us having to drive across town in the opposite direction. The end!

Battle of the Bulge

So I was working on making me a new purse and after completion realized that it was all wrong. In my mind, I had an idea of what I needed to do, but for whatever reason, I couldn't bring my idea to life in real life. *Note: my brain is still a little hazy as I write this.* Anyway, I went a day or two with it done as originally sewn, but then today decided to fix the problem. I disected the purse and pinned and placed things in different spots, added a few panels and voila! It made sense. I then spent the next few hours trying to sew things to function and cursing and throwing things till I got it to a point I will tolerate it. I say tolerate cos I'm not 100% with how it looks but it'll do till I either feel enthusiastic enough to make another or just say screw it and deal with it. The big problem was that when the purse was in use there was this big ugly clump of my contents and nothing fit in there. Now it has a smaller clump and everything fits in there better. I think I have a rash or something. My neck itches. Anyway, yeah fixed the bulge issue. Oh, FYI, I made a conceal carry purse. It looks totally like a purse you'd get at Old Navy or something but it holds a gun. That was the huge trick involved in this. Getting the carry pouch on the outside to work with the design and sewing around all that crap. My machine gimped out on me  a few times but all is well and right in the world now. I'm eagerly awaiting Friday as I'm gonna go to the gun show first thing in the morning in hopes of buying a PPK or anything else that tickles my fancy. That's all I got for the night. I'm going to bed cos even though it's only 11:33, after going to bed at 9:14 last night, I feel like it's more 3:33. My brain is currently on the test pattern BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPP channel right now. 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Everything hurts more when you’re wet

I have the gnarliest gas bubble or cramp, I'm not sure, but I thought I'd take a bath to soak it off. I figure Charlie needs his bath today so I might as well take him in there too and let him sit on my belly for some counter pressure. Yeah. All good and well. He gets bathed, does the swim swim and then I call Jesse to get him out. Just as Jesse goes to get him, he turns and heads towards the boob. Is he hungry perhaps? No. He bites me! I scream in pain and he lets go. Then he goes back and bites me again harder and I scream again in pain, louder, and tell him to stop it and hold him away from me. At this point he starts this shrill screaming crying that is echoed in my face by the nice bathroom acoustics. All I gotta say is things hurt really bad when you're wet. And if you've never been seriously bit on your nipple, it is a very unpleasant experience. Times two.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bad dream and other crap.

I had this dream last night my family and I were at Disneyland. We all went on Pirates of the Caribbean and instead of going down the final drop in the boat, Lori and I went out on a slide next to it. Our clothes were soaked. I went to dry off and realized I was dripping blood, thinking I had my period. *FYI, simultaneously, in real life, I am hurting a little. Sometimes my c-section scar hurts on the inside and feels really crampy, but tolerable.* I freak out and tell my mom I gotta go to the bathroom RIGHT AWAY. She says I'm acting up and that she'd like to go somewhere as a family just once without any incidents. I find a bathroom and go to change into clean underwear, as it's just my undies that are wet and bloodsoaked and not my pants. I take them off and then poop drips out of me. That scares me and I go to the toilet and poop and it hurts REALLY bad. It's practically spraying out but it sounds like rolls of quarters being thrown on the floor. I look down at my poop, which is solid, but has tiny sprecks of metal in it. By this point it hurts really bad and my butt is bleeding and some nurse comes in and tells me I have endometriosys (which is actually a reproductive issue, not bowel issue.) She tells me something like I need to drink a LOT of OJ cos the calcium counteracts the "quarter effect", both with sprecks of metal in my bowels and the heavy dropping sound. Then she takes a bottle brush and some special liquid cleanser and sterilizes my butt. This is all hapening, granted, in a filthy public restroom. After that, I go back to my family, where my mom is mad cos she gave my sister $20 in change to hold and she suspects my sister spent it  cos my sister doesn't know where it is. Later in the day we search the house and find the change in another pair of pants that my sister didn't even have on that day.


So this morning I heard the honkers flying around outside. Charlie was being a butt last night after he went to bed, around 10 - 11:30. Then again around 4ish. And again at 6:30 and he is still being a butt. I can't say I slept well last night to be honest. I'm tired as shit. I'd kill for a day off in which I don't have to do anything, childcare included. I just want to sleep for a week actually. I feel like I haven't been getting any sleep anymore. It's bullpoop. I shouldn't be this tired. On top of it all, I keep spotting from that stupid ass Mirena, don't get me wrong, I love not being pregnant for up to 5 years, but it's really throwing my body off in this "adjustment" period. Speaking of periods, I don't know if I've had mine yet or if I've just been spotting consistently. It is messing up my milk supply. The lactation consultant said Charlie should be getting 40 oz. of milk PER DAY. As of now, he is only getting around 15 - 18 oz. He has zero desire to suppliment either. He doesn't want extras from a bottle. He's finally gaining weight again. But not a lot. I guess I'm concerned but they told me I shouldn't be cos he is making a lot of dirty diapers. I never should have started weiging him.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The best kind of car is one that’s paid.

After one and a half years of managing my way around Reno without a car, I am happy to say, that I am again with a vehicle. Now to those of you with car payments, it is not the most beautiful car. In fact, it's pretty ugly. It looks like something a 65 year old man would be driving around in circa 1976 with a turtle neck and vest and tan corduroy pants. It's an Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale. Here's the deal:

When I went to my group on Thursdays, I used to walk up Kirman. I saw the thing in the driveway and figured some old dude owned it. One day back in September, a FOR SALE sign went up on it. I saw it there for sale for what seemed like forever and a day. My guess was that either the guy wanted way too much for it, or there was a lot needing to be fixed on it, or it was just in a bad area and didn't get enough publicity to get sold. So out of curiosity, I call the guy and he only wants $500 for it because it was his wife's car, they got another car and they didn't have enough money to insure three cars and he was hoping to get rid of it soon (hence the low price.) He claimed it ran great, of course the last few times people have told me their cars run great, I've wound up spending a LOT to get them to run again, or in the case of my last car, donating it to charity because it was beyond my ability to save. This car is not that case. It actually does run great.

Now as I said earlier, it is not the most beautiful thing in the world. The car was beat up inside as if it hadn't been cleaned out since 1976. I had to throw out what seemed like decades worth of trash. I did so. Then I took it to a carwash where some nice men washed it and vacuumed it and now it doesn't look as horrible. However, this hunk of gross polluting American craftsmanship is in the truest essence a luxury sedan. It has automatic windows, heat, ac, cruise control, a state of the art original AM/FM stereo, automatic seat adjusters, and filthy velour seats. The front seat can be either a bench or you can pull the center seat down to act as a console. The thing drives like a boat.

His name is Beater but you can call him B.

Anyway, it's nice to have a car again. The best part is he is paid off. No monthly payments to make. I'm rather shocked I got such a great deal on him, but I guess it's one of those odd "meant to be" things in which everything worked out this way. It's crazy. So yeah, here's the guy. FYI, I got him registered, new plates, and smogged all in one day and I just need to get him added to our insurance policy but everything is all situated!

I get the asshole award

Jesse received this phone call from me about 20 minutes ago:

Me: Hey Boog... um, I was folding your pants and there was a paper in there and I opened it up and it was that check you got today from your Golden Girl...

Jesse: F*CK!!!!  (Charlie wakes up crying.) Awww, it's alright Charlie, it's not your fault...

Yeah so apparently, I swear I checked Jesse's pant pockets before I washed them, but, the check he got for doing a trigger job on a revolver for this old lady (he calls her and her friends his Golden Girls) was in the pocket. He just got the check today. He was exceptionally upset today cos its the only money he would have had till he gets paid on Friday. He went on his lunch break to the bank and they were closed cos he thought they were open till 2 but they closed at 1. He tried to cash the check at the Atlantis but they only do business checks. So he was gonna cash it on Monday and now he can't cos he has no check, just crumbled up washed remains of what once was his check. I told him he could call the lady and blame me, I totally take full blame for this one, and he was ok with it. He said things like this happen and she won't be all mad. It happens. Oh well. I feel pretty dumb right now.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The pieces of the puzzle are coming together...

Around the time I was 5 or so I started to have these bad reoccuring dreams. I still have some of them but they are different as if during different phases of my life new messages are being brought up and somehow they are starting to be pieced together. Then, I remember one of my friends telling me of this "end of the world" scenario her dad used to tell her about. I guess I should try to put this all together, but I am convinced the world is coming to an end.

The first dream I used to have was just a scenario where there is a rioting crowd coming down the street and they are coming for me. They want me dead for some reason but I don't know why. I just remember trying to hide in my house, but then realizing they would find me, so I leave and run down the street to get away as fast as I can. However, I am running as hard as possible yet it feels like I'm running in sand and that my running just isn't fast enough.

Then, a few years later I had a prelude to that dream. A military person came to our door with a gun. They wanted something but I couldn't tell what they wanted. I just remember them being very intimidating and forceful and I guess they gave us an option and left. I just remember trying to hide to see what they wanted but I couldn't get too much info in.

A few years later, there were dreams of hiding in the neighborhoods trying to get away, mixed in with those other two dreams.

I constantly have these visions of people knowing what is happening inside my home. Like someone is watching my life. They know what I have and what I do at all times. I keep my blinds shut all day because if I open them, they will know what I am up to. They can't know about the guns. They want to disarm us all so that they can control us. Anyone who refuses to be disarmed will be killed. They don't give you an option to leave because there's a chance you will get through to others and they will rise against them. What if they are watching everything you do? They have remote access to everything. Google images can show your neighborhood and the street view shows houses. I can see where I live on Google. They can hack into your computers. They can hear your phone conversations. What if there's more to it? What if they can see you through tiny cameras in your electronic devices like cable boxes or TVs? Is that REALLY what the digital conversion is about? They monitor what you watch on TV. What websites you go to. They tell you it's for your own safety. They tell you it's so they can find predators and get rid of them so that you feel safer and your children can go outside and not worry about being kidnapped. They teach your children lies in school, training them to be perfect little puppets for when they become voting adults. They tell them only criminals own guns and if you own one you are a criminal and turn children against their parents.

The last dream, and most recent, we were trying to escape. They had found us. We hid the guns and did all we could to escape. The only safe place was the places that had no monitoring, in the mountains. But even those weren't safe.

Does anyone notice how the gov't is trying to create a police state all over the world? Does anyone else think that it is just "practice"? Trying to take over other countries to see how difficult it will be to get full control of civilizations before they try to do it here?  Doesn't anyone find it suspicious that we've been at war with a country for the past 7 years even AFTER we killed their leader and "liberated" their people?

We're being lied to constantly. For the adults, they tell you you have depression or some sort of medical condition and pop you full of pills. They tell you you can't punish your children and they grow up without discipline and then tell you they have ADD and pop them full of pills and soon everyone in the country is a drugged up zombie. Stop taking the pills. Do not take the pills. That's what they want you to do so they can control you! If you have an independent thought, you are crazy and need to be drugged up.They are so fast to drug you because they don't want the truth spread.

OK, to the end of the world. My friend's dad used to say that the world would come to an end in 2012. This is off the Mayan calandar but he said it would start in 2008. Before that a pope would die and we'd get a new one. Then in 2008 there would be a new leader who everyone liked and they all said he would bring great change. But it turns out he is NOT good and he is actually evil but convinces people that he is good and will help. He lies to get the public to accept him. There will be a food shortage. People are fighting for food and the only way to be saved is to get this chip. If you do not get the chip you cannot get food. He gets biblical then and says that by taking this chip you are accepting Satan as your Lord and Savior. His prophecy isn't the end of the US, but the end of all life.

The first time I heard of this story I was probably in 7th or 8th grade. It freaked me out and sounded goofy but now it all makes sense. This chip could be the national ID card they keep trying to press? This new leader could be Obama.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The beginning of the end

The beginning of the end **** CAUTION: This is for the mature at heart. Anyone jaded by the media should pay close attention and READ before spouting your mouths off.****

At 8:01PM, polls were closing and the words flashed across the screen of the TV : OBAMA WINS PRESIDENT ELECT. The words struck a fear in my heart as if someone had told me a beloved family member were murdered. I felt as if a huge part of my soul had been taken from me. I knew in my heart that this was the beginning of the end.

I didn't grow up in the generation of great presidents. Come to think of it, I can't recall any good presidents in my lifetime. I am alive at the height of political corruption and scandal. As are you all. Maybe you older folks out there recall some of the last great presidents, and I suppose those of you who were alive to know of them, probably were more cautious in voting. However, I also believe a lot of you were afraid to go a third party route for fear of your candidate not winning. I know a lot of people are brainwashed into believing this is a two party system but it's not. There are other parties. I am a registered independent voter and choose to be because I do not want solicitation from either party, yet I received numerous calls from the Obama campaign as well as two door visitors asking who I would vote for. There is so much corruption between the Demoncrats and Rapeublican parties these days. They all have their friends in office, they all keep the money with themselves, their corrupt friends in office and their corrupt friends in big corporations. They're a sick lot of sons of bitches. I don't need to go off on the third party rant as I've already done so today.

Now is the beginning of the end.

Many people are jaded into thinking that Obama will bring change to the world. The man's own vice president is saying he thinks other world leaders won't take him seriously and will attack the US because of his lack of experience. His own VP! He needs to rely on councils to get information because he isn't capable of solving problems on his own. This man is the head of our military. If all of the great councils below him get shot and it is up to Obama alone to strategize and save us, will he be able to do so? He has preposterous plans to take care of everything but quiet frankly, our economy is screwed up. The Federal Reserve fucked everything up for us by printing more money than we have gold available to back it up, there's all that credit bullshit, and then all those outstanding home loans with the ballooning intrest rates that were loaned out to people who couldn't afford them to begin with. How the hell does he plan to fix that? Not to mention the lot of illegals who we pay billions of dollars for on top of all other homeland issues. Everyone goes on about the economy, the war, gas prices, alternative energy, and immigration. Neither candidate gave a clear plan on how to fix any of those issues. Instead they spent 15 minutes arguing about campaign smearing. Face it, our country is in turmoil. We now have someone who has hardly any experience and basically wrote a bunch of checks his ass probably can't cash in the means of lies to get the popular vote. Seriously, Obama, if Bush and a whole cabinet of corrupt politicians couldn't fix any of the problems going on now, how the hell do you think you'll get them to listen to you? You gonna go "gangsta" on them and make them "represent" or what? But jokes aside, this man has had stated things like having Big Brother situations of friends and neighbors ratting each other out against crimes which can easily turn into a big witch hunt. I don't like this guy so I'll say he's dealing drugs or something. Can we see that one going over well? Not to mention, an issue near and dear to my heart, he will set in a bunch of new bullshit gun laws making it harder for people to own, purchase, and carry guns. He'll start little by little to take away your freedom till you have none. He is not a good man. *Note: This is by no means a pro-McCain rant, if he won, I'd go on about how things are gonna suck with him, alas, he is the loser so I don't need to mention that.*

Anyway, I gotta cut this short. Jesse needs to check his email before bed so he can go to work and sell an assload of guns before people can't buy those anymore. All I can say is in a year from now when the shit hits the fan, I'll be telling you Obama people that you fucked up the country and that I voted for a third party candidate. As a final thought, I do not appreciate people thinking that because I was pro-third party that it meant I wanted McCain to win. If I wanted McCain to win, I would have voted for McCain. If I wanted Obama I would have voted Obama. I did not want either candidate. If you care to know, I voted Chuck Baldwin. Ron Paul wasn't on our ballot.