Friday, November 21, 2008

Beauty and the Bersa

Today Jesse and I went to the gun show in hopes of finding me a PPK. I wanted one. I was gonna spend up to $350 for one but there were NONE to be seen except for over priced collectors versions. I just wanted something to shoot. I almost bought a Bersa there, but passed on it.

I dropped Jesse off at work and headed to Bizarre Guns in Sparks. They had new PPK's but way out of my price range. Plus they were the stainless ones and those are generally more expensive than blue ones and I like the blue ones better. Instead, my eyes went back to the Bersas. I mean, for half the price and basically the same gun with better features, you can't go too wrong, right? I fondled a few different models. A Bersa Thunder 380, the Walther PPK and PPK-s, and a Sig 232. When all fondeling was done it was a toss up between the standard Thunder 380 or the high capacity. The high capacity was like $100 more and didn't feel as comfy. So I got the standard model.

It's pretty darned cute, I'll tell ya what. It's two toned. I own NO two toned guns. It's made in Argentina. Fun! I thought Debbie might enjoy that fact. She doesn't like guns but she's Argentinian and always delights in how I find new ways to encorporate Argentinian stuff into my life (like people, chimichuri, now the Bersa...) I'm gonna go fire it Sunday with Jesse.

Here's the happy part. OK, I take pride in this bigtime. Partially cos not too many women in the world can do such a thing. Any woman can shop for a gun, right? But, being a gunsmith's wife, I have expectations to live up to. For starters, the guy at the shop for some reason knows Jesse and I on a first name basis and we don't even go there enough for this but some yuppie couple with their eight million kids thought it was a little scary that the guy working there knew me. I think it weirded them out even more that I was not there with my husband and was buying a gun whilst holding my 6 month old son in my arms, who was staring gleefully at the rifles behind me while chewing on my necklace. Lastly, after completing my purchase, I went home, took the gun apart and cleaned and lubed it. How many wives can do that huh?

Anyway, I promised Jesse I'd go back to the gun show and get him a M1 Carbine t-shirt and I gotta go before the he show closes at 6. Otherwise I gotta go back tomorrow ugh. I gotta get there before everyone gets off work too eeew!!!

FYI, it was a madhouse there. First post-election gun show. Horrible. Everything was jacked up in price. One booth was selling AR lower recievers for $189, which Jesse said was way too high for those as they were selling cheaper last time, and another booth I saw them going for $350!!! For another $100 you could buy a parts kit on the other end of the hall! Talk about raping people! Here I thought there was this fraternal brotherhood of gun owners but apparently everyone wants to make money off of bad circumstances. It's just awful.

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