Monday, November 24, 2008


Yesterday we went to the gun show one final time. The news was out. The lady on the news said people were stocking up on "Glocks and AR-16's." I didn't know there was an AR-16. Of course the media knows more than we do, which is why they tell us everything. Regardless, if they ever outlaw AR-16's, I'll be safe cos I only have an AR-15. *snort* Stupid news people.

In the late afternoon, around 4ish, we went to testfire the Bersa. Some ass hat was out at our new shooting spot with some construction equipment thing shifting the dirt around like a jack ass. There were two wild horses next to him too. So we drive around figuring, it's desert, we're bound to find somewhere to shoot. We find this nice little spot where there are no cars in sight and all is well. Jesse places the bottles, I get out and fire 7 rounds. Jesse loads the gun wanting to try. Next thing we know, a little head pops up from beind the mountain and a guy is flailing his arms like "DON'T SHOOT!" OK, we stop and leave. But what the hell? This guy had NO CAR anywhere to be found, no one knew he was out there. How were we to know he was shooting? It put a damper on our evening cos we didn't get a good testfire out.

We did scare this car full of Mexicans though. OK, so there's this turquoise early 90's looking Toyota on this dirt trail in the mountains with these Mexicans in there. They see us driving up the way they came from. Then they see us leave. They were parked in this one spot and every time we drove by we looked to see what they were doing. It looked suspicious, like a drug deal or something. Then we pass them again to go back up and once again. That's at total of 4 times passing them.

Well construction man leaves and we're steaking out his turf to go and shoot and as we drive to get there, he stops to make sure we don't go to his little spot. Jesse and I are like, "This sucks, let's just go home." So we leave. Oddly enough, as we get on the road, who is in front of us but the car of Mexicans! We follow them on the road home, which is the only road back into town from where we were at. I guess they were freaked out by us or something cos they pulled over on the opposite side of the road and let us pass. Weirdos. I guess something about a '76 Oldsmobile in the desert with people shooting is a scary thing to some people. I dunno. We were just trying to shoot bottles. That's all we wanted to do. Then go home. I didn't realize we were that frightening. We had a baby in the back seat and a pug on my lap. But I guess people just see the car and it looks like something a serial killer would drive or something.

The end.

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