Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jenny’s secret ammo spot

Jesse had to test fire a PPK he worked on recently. I wanted to test it out too so we had to buy a box of .380. He had a few spare rounds in his truck but we forgot those and even if we did have them, it wouldn't be enough rounds to test fire and let me try out the gun. So we go to Sportsmans and they are out of .380. So we go to Big 5 and they only have some $35 box of hollowpoints which we're not gonna use. So I tell Jesse it's a long shot, but let's try ****s by my old job cos they had a sporting goods section and sold ammo. We go to ****s and sure enough they have it and at a reasonable price. What were the odds of that!? I feel all happy and proud now that I knew a secret spot and saved the day without us having to drive across town in the opposite direction. The end!

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