Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just when you think Saturday night couldn’t get any worse...

It does.

Jesse and I were watching the fancy pants cable last night and I saw a listing for Reggaeton Rush Hour on one of the music channels. Jesse put it on to see what it was all about and I told him that, "Reggaeton takes the idiocracy of rap videos and meshes it with the absurdity of Tejano videos all to a funky hip-hop-reggae beat." So what do you have? Some thugged out MS13 looking guys in baggy pants doing some sorta break dancing dance off while girls in short shorts with suspenders over cut off tank tops dance around in knee high boots wearing cowboy hats. Seems pretty wholesome, right?

Damn! It doesn't get better than that! No wonder everyone likes Reggaeton. The kids like it cos its got the hip hop vibe, the parents like it cos got the Tejano style. Everyone wins! Reggaeton: something for the whole family!

The end.

FYI, the only reason I found that somewhat enjoyable and entertaining was cos I had a Bloody Mary earlier in the evening at Chili's. They made it really strong and I got a decent buzz from it. I think if I were sober at the time of watching, I probably would have had the same reaction Jesse had.

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