Sunday, December 21, 2008

Beer: It’s not just for drinking anymore!

Last night was Katrina's birthday party at Tweaker Bowl. The gang was there and it was good times. Till Jesse spilled my beer on me. Then I got grumpy from there on out. I wasn't even drunk to where it was funny. I had A beer. Then I got a second beer. I put that beer on the table and Jesse, who was a shot of Jager, a Jager bomb, a beer, and stealing Katrina's white zinfandel's when she wasn't looking away comes up to me for something, knocking my beer off the table and onto my shirt, my jeans and leave me sopping wet and smelling of alcohol. I was cold, sticky, and probably smelled totally gross and super cranky for about half an hour. Unfortunately, there was only 30 minutes of kareoke left, so, needless to speak, I was fussy. We rarely get to go out alone and par-tay. My mom drove us so we didn't hafta worry about limits or designated drivers or anything. But I was pretty bummed cos this was the first time in 3 months we went out alone without  the boy and with our friends. The first time in over a year the two of us were out with out friends together since the baby shower. And probably the first time I've ever gone out drinking with my husband. I wish we could do that again and go out somewhere and have fun. I have this sick urge to want to go out dancing tonight or something after Christmas is all said and done. For real! Call me kooky but we rarely will have a baby sitter for Charlie readily available and that doesn't charge us anything. Anyway, we only have today left. Oh well. I love my Boogar though even though he spilled beer on me. I'm over it now. Now I just look back and laugh. And I know if Lori was there she would be cracking up. She missed out. I thought she was coming but she didn't. :P

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