Friday, December 19, 2008

Global warming my balls

Seems like everyone and their left nut has snow right about this time of year now. So. Cal. Texas. Louisiana. It makes us northerners not feel so special anymore. I'm convinced Global Warming is something some dumb ass politician made up in hopes of getting elected into office. Or like a fad, like slap on bracelets or furbies. My point is, life evolves around cycles. Lunar cycles of full moons, quarters, new moons, and whatever the other one is. Tidal cycles of high and low tides. Weather and seasonal cycles with warming and cooling. Long story short: the world isn't going to over heat. The ice caps aren't gonna completely melt and flood away New York. There won't be some weird apocolyptic end of the world scenario. It got ass hot a while back and now it's gonna get ass cold and then it'll get ass hot again. The only reason no one ever noticed this crap is cos no one ever cared to chart it. I'm sure if you look back like 400 years ago, similar shit was going on. So environmentalists, chill. It will be alright. Nothing wrong with recycling and conserving and what not, but just cos you drive a Prius doesn't mean you're better than me and my good ol' American gas guzzling hunk of metal. It passed smog, yo! Anyway, that's all I hafta say about that. The end.

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