Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jesse gets peed on, Lulu makes friends

This morning Jesse was changing Charlie and he was holding him up in front of the heater butt naked and was like, "Look at this naked butt boy!" And I look over and Jesse's looking at me like "heheh meh" and Charlie is giving me the same blank smile as Jesse and I look down and he's peeing on Jesse!!! I was like, "Jesse, you realize he's peeing on you right?" Jesse looks down and was like, "DAMMIT!" I was laughing so hard!!!


Since I now have a car, I was able to go to the Sparks Marina dog park and we met some other pugs. They were just on a walk but their owners told us about this first Sunday pug meet up out here and I looked on and sure enough they do have a group posted with pics of pugs and all so we're gonna go on Sunday next month for this. I can't wait to see Lulu in her element.

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