Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So this is 2008...

I guess you could say the year started off with a bang. I was in bed, sleeping for a change. Then, I am startled by rattling and grumbling and all of a sudden POP POP POP POP and Jesse informed me there were dozens of fireworks above downtown. I would have got up to look aside from the fact I was cramping beyond belief and I had finally found a comfy spot. After what seemed like 10 minutes or longer of non-stop fireworks, it all ceased and I was able to go to bed. I was cranky.

Sometime around early in the morning, I was laying on my back and the baby was kicking all crazy like. I put Jesse's hand on my tummy while he was sleeping so he probably doesn't know about it, but I thought, maybe he'll feel it in his sleep, who knows.

Around 8:00 Jesse had to wake up for work. My alarm told me so. I kept telling it to shut up. Finally Jesse got up and left for work. I stayed in bed another hour and a half. I got out to see if the Rose Parade was on. As a kid, this was THE big thing. As an adult, it's kinda suck ass. I was sad cos it wasn't on any of the normal channels. Instead all there was were football games and you know how much I love organized sports... I did find it on the Travel Channel though. Thanks, fancy pants cable! I watched a bit of the pre-parade show. The thing didn't start till 11:00 though. By around 10:30, I went back to bed where I laid down for a bit on the phone with my mom cos I was uncomfortable again. Lulu got under the covers and took a pug-nap behind my legs. On that note, I thought that was a good idea, so I slept for another hour.

So here it is 11:45, I'm dressed but not fixed up. Just dressed. Took the pug out to potty. She made a wee and a boom. I'm stressing out over moving and the baby and stuff. I suppose now would be a good time for Jesse and I to sit down and figure out how we're going to do things financially the next five months. We're due in 4.5 months roughly. We still don't have a name. I hafta find daycare. I'm actually at one of those points of freaking out to tell the truth. I dunno. Maybe I should just have some chocolate or something and say "it's ok!"

Who knows. 2008 just means everything is one day closer to being that much more real. I dunno if I can handle this...

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