Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Worst Christmas Adventure EVER!!!

I lied. Just the drive home.

I departed for LA on Thursday morning around 9:20. I made a few stops, got great gas mileage and made ok time. I got in early enough to visit Lori and let the dogs play.

The next day we took pics with the dogs and had lunch. Lori's leg was all gimped cos she injured herself and couldn't really do much. That thing looks mean gnarly gross. But it's crazy how much better it got day by day.

Saturday I visited family, did some errands, picked Jesse up from the airport. He missed his flight cos the airlines were taking forever to check people in. But after a mini-ordeal he got on another flight and got to LA an hour later. We met up with Katrina for her birthday at Tweaker Bowl. Elizabeth, Sophie, Danielle, Joey and Katrina's bf Marshal were there. That was a night of craziness. Jesse spilled my beer on me and I was freezing but all ended ok with that.

Sunday we visited my grandma, came back, did the tree. Jesse and Charlie took a nap. We were gonna go out but were way too tired and so we just hung out and relaxed. Then in the evening, Lori, Craig, and Rene came over and we did dinner and presents. After that, Jesse and I went for a late night shoot at my old indoor range and they let us stay after they closed cos they were doing stuff. We got some vidjas and pictures and all was fun there. We were then talking to the guys at the range about Nevada and life in a state with less gun laws and making them all jealous.

Monday was our departure home. We left around 10:30 am and were making great time and mileage. Charlie started fussing when we got to Sacramento and could do for a feeding and changing but I told Jesse to wait till we got out of the city and then there was a loud noise and we had to get off the freeway. We wind up pulling over by some park and find some pump on the car blew or something. Jesse knows the details on that. Anyway we call AAA and get towed to a mechanic who says he has the part and can fix it and all is good and right in the world. He tells us how much it will cost and we can squeeze that into our budget but it would be super tight after. Then cos the shop is closed for the night he can only take cash. I go to an ATM and try to pull out money and it doesn't work. Nothing works. Apparently cos I was out of my home location and trying to pull out a large amount of money from a foreign ATM at an odd hour of the night, Wells Fargo put an automatic lock on my card as they thought it could have been stolen. So I call the bank and they say they can't do anything but to try tomorrow, which doesn't help. The mechanic gets pissed off yells at us for about half an hour and then calls some other dude and I'm thinking someone's gonna come and like beat us or something like Pulp Fiction gimp style or something. Then he tells us to get out of his shop and what not. It was a mess. We told him we would get him the money as soon as we got the bank situation fixed. So he got his money Western Unioned to him today and he was happy and surprised cos rarely do people hold true to their words.

Well as if that wasn't bad, we get out of the shop around 2 am and get to the Donner Pass and there's a snow chain requirement. No chains, no go. Fortunately I bought those chains for $20 on Craigslist before I went and it was so freezing we had to get one of the guys to help us do it cos we just weren't having any of it. At that point, we had 90 miles to Reno and could only go 30 mph tops so we didn't get home till 5:10 am. Jesse thought he had to be in at 8 this morning but then they rescheduled him for 2 - 10 and he just called in cos there was no way he was going in. We are both super tired. Cranky. Wanting sleep and maybe more sleep. Jesse says no more holiday travel and no long distance trips for a while because of this.

On the plus side, we decided to open our Christmas presents today as a way of making all right in the world. I got Jesse his 30 carbine die set, some 30 carbine ammo, and a George Carlin dvd box set. Jesse got me a sweater, some house shoe moccasins made of sheepskin, a crocheting needle set, some .380, and a new blowdryer. Charlie doesn't get to open his presents till Christmas day though.

Anyway, that's the shortened version of the weekend. Again, I'm tired and the house is a mess and I gotta unpack and get it cleaned for Christmas as we might have some guests.

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