Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sometimes it's ok to talk to strangers

So a few months ago, I get a random myspace friend request from a gal out here. I didn't add her right away because I was like, "Um, I dunno." I look at her profile and decide I'll do the add thing and if she turns out to be a douchebag, I'll just delete her. She seems close in age and fun and I figure maybe she can be my ticket to a more interesting life in Reno. Plus all of her little random posts are highly amusing in a way similar to my own so I figure they've got to be someone worthy of knowing. Plus she did go out of her way to friend me. After random writings back and forth with each other we decide one day we'll hang out so that was today. We went to lunch at this place that has really awesome sandwiches, the Beach Hut. Yeah, weird, beach in Reno. I could see it being great back home but I don't get it out here, but whatever. It's good eats. We talked and had a nice time. I invited her shooting with us tomorrow. Just now it crossed my mind about how odd it is that you meet a total stranger online, go out to eat with them and then agree to go shooting with them. I'm sure under most circumstances that could scream out DANGER! DANGER! But, we're going to a range and we're good people. Besides, we have a kid and a dog. That doesn't scream out psychopath. Anyway, I have a new person I can add to my list of Reno Friends now. I just feel sad that I'm meeting people now that we'll be moving in a few months.

If Murphy's Law were a perfume...

I'd be the person who you'd be standing next to in an elevator giving you a headache from reeking of it!!! I kid you not!!!

So the other day, Charlie broke my camera's USB cord to upload. I ordered a new one online for $5 (price includes shipping.)

I keep thinking that by some magical act of God, maybe, just MAYBE, if I keep trying to upload something, the thing will work.

Guess what?

The last two days nothing worked.

But, after I ordered the new cable last night, I try it again today and it works. Oh the irony, it hurts!

I'm not to upset though because now I'll have a new cord. I foresee myself investing in a new camera in a few months anyway. I won't buy a new charger even though the one I have should be replaced. I will just get a new camera. I saw a nice one at Target for $120. I can swing that for how often I use my camera. Which is more often than I use my cell phone if you're wondering.

Two things...

1. It gets really old when I go to Jesse's work and meet either people he works with or customers who like him and he introduces me as his wife and they make the joke, "Last time he introduced me to his wife, she had *fill in another color* hair." It's supposed to be funny and make me think he has two wives but I find it completely not-humorous nor amusing. It doesn't anger me, I just find it terribly common as several people have made that same joke. It's just as bad in my mind if they were to tell me a really crappy knock knock joke. I'd be more amused if they said something they read on a popsicle stick or something.

2. Maybe I'm having one of those weird depression phases or something. For the last two days Charlie has been ridiculously clingy and acting like the Screamapillar on the Simpsons. Everything makes him scream like he's being murdered. If he's mad, he screams, happy, screams, tired? You guessed it, screams. I'm just so over it. It reminds me of the days where he was crying all the time and wanting to be held constantly but at least then he was only a few days old and needing to be fed or changed every time I blinked and he had thrush too. Now I don't know what the hell his problem is. I wish he were like a sweater from Macy's or something that had a flaw and I could just exchange it for one that wasn't messed up. I'm just completely irritated with him right now. I don't have the patience to deal with this screaming and I would be a little less frustrated if I knew why he was crying but he seems to just be doing it because he's being an asshole and that's whats irritating me.

3. I would like an evening of silence. If it's not the crying, it's the tv. Or music. Don't get me wrong, I like tv and music, but not when I have headaches and I'm just sick of everything. I want everyone in this building to shut up. Just for one night.

OK, I lied. I know I said two things, but the last one was an afterthought. I don't feel like changing the subject. The end.

Friday, January 30, 2009


My FICO score went up 50 points from what it was 3 years ago. I find that a little odd considering I was making more money then and my debts weren't as bad. Although I guess if you take in consideration the amount of debt I have for how long I've had credit plus the fact I've paid some of it off and mended a few things, I guess it's getting there. It's still nowhere near where it should be but it's better than it was 3 years ago by a good point margin. That's all.


It's sad when you don't know the actual reference something is making in a show and when you try to reference the original, you have to refer to the source you saw that is based on something else. Case in point: that episode of The Simpsons where the family gets a pool but Bart breaks his leg and is forced to spend summer vacation in his room with a cast. In his isolation, he becomes neurotic and thinks he sees Flanders killing his wife. It's based on an old movie I can't remember what it's called. Anyway, I can't help but think my life feels like it's become a hybrid of that and Death Wish 3.

I sit in my apartment all day long, spying on the world around me. Becoming slightly agoraphobic, but more than anything, my imagination goes on a wild goose chase. Every tenant around me who gets evicted or homes that foreclose, I peer through my blinds to see who the new prospective dwellers may be. Currently I watch who has been looking at the house across the street, but know that no one decent will ever move in as the apartment complexes behind it are swarming with scum. Not to mention the fence in the front yard is all tagged up. I don't know about you, but I would never live somewhere that had tagging. That's a blatant clue to someone trying to claim territory, like a dog pissing on a wall, it's his and he will fight for it.

There are fairly new residents in an apartment complex at the end of the alley. They have become my new show. I watch the illegal activities that occur there constantly. I'm convinced they have tried to steal from us in the past. One of the guys has one of those mini bikes, you know, the little motorcycles that look like they're made for a 4 year old or midget? Well, the one guy rides around on it in the alley constantly. He's stopped in front of our place during the day with the engine idling but not doing anything, just casing the place. I think he knows the girl downstairs is never around and is trying to figure out how to get in to her building from the window where her swamp cooler sits. He has cruised down at night as well at suspicious hours, like after 10:00PM doing the same thing, with his lights off. There's a lot of drug activity with them as well. I don't know if he sells or buys. I just know there's a lot of different people who visit him for 2 minutes in his parking lot or in the alley and leave.

The Bronson in me tries to figure out ways to booby trap these people to clean up the neighborhood. Maybe put secret spike traps that will flatten their tires in the alleyway. Or set up a secret flashlight that can be remotely activated to shine in their area like a cop light to scare them away. I don't know.

Some days I feel like we have nicer people moving in who will bring some potential to the neighborhood. But they all seem to go to the brick building across the way from us.

Other days, I feel like we get rid of scum like blaring rap kid for new scum, like Randy. I missed out on this one, but I was coming home from the store one day and Jesse told me there was a cop car across the street at one of the scuzzy apartments. Then he hears someone saying, "Come on out Randy, we know you're in there" or something along those lines. Cops pounding on the door saying if he doesn't let them in they will kick the door down or something. Funniest thing he's ever seen in his life. Then the same building I come home one Thursday afternoon to some girl and her friend on the porch at "Randy's" place yelling that he is a "FUCKING ASSHOLE!" in a teary voice. What was that about?

I think the guys down at the other end of the alley may be on to me. I know yesterday they realized something wasn't right during their SCI deal and took it mid alley. Well now they're doing whatever it is they're doing in their parking area. That's fine I guess. Till someone opens fire. Fortunately I have an edge on location. Not only am I up high and concealed, I also have a better selection of defense mechanisms to choose from, all of which I am highly efficient with. Not to say I'd do anything of the sort, but if shots were ever fired at my home, I would definitely fire back. My home is my castle. Crappy as it may be, a castle none the less. I saw them up to something and I was watching them from a corner angle I assumed wasn't visible to them, but it seemed as if one of the guys was staring directly at me and I went on pretending to be doing stuff in the room like folding laundry. Maybe he saw me, maybe not. I just hope if he saw my head he thought I was not looking at them but doing something else. But it was enough to make me paranoid.

When I was leaving Walmart today, I left through the back way. A car seemed like it was following me. I don't know what kind of car it was but I thought it was Jeep at first because of the way the lights were shaped, but then when I made a left, I realized it was a car, possibly a mid 90's luxury sedan of sorts. Those lights seemed like they were following me and then I had a swarm of thoughts that if I went home, they would know where I live, so I thought I'd drive around for a while to lose them. Well it never got to that point because when I got to the light, I made a right and they went straight so it was never an issue. It made me wonder if they were following me, or if it was the guy in Walmart.

I know mothers make very nice targets. They are too busy watching their children to be on guard of their surroundings. I manage to do both pretty efficiently. I was in the baked goods aisle. I was price comparing vegetable oils and a suspicious white male, 5'8"ish, shaved head, medium build closer to the small side, some facial hair, gentle but vacant looking eyes, black hoodie and jeans comes up in the aisle behind me. He is also looking at the oils. I get mine and move down to cake decorations to see what they have to offer. I am a fan of the sugar decorations even though they are probably very bad for me. He follows not too far behind. I make my way over to flour and I do need flour. I look at the prices and what they have and he seems like he is going to try to steal my purse from me or come up from behind me and stab me in the kidneys. I know this sounds crazy but it would be very easy to steal my purse at that point and time. I am with a child. I am watching my child. If he took it and ran, as a mother he thinks I will be more concerned about watching my child than following him and the place is so crowded, he probably can get out and escape easily. However, I am not that good of a target much to his disappointment. I stay in the orange when I am letting my guard down. Yes, I'm a paranoid person and view everyone as a potential predator, but I have yet to have any issues ::knock on wood::.

It makes me wonder then, when I was driving home, was it him following me? Was he mad that he couldn't get my purse in the store? Was he that desperate that he would blatantly follow someone in attempts of mugging them? Could I really have a lot of money? I don't know. I just would have felt bad for him if he did try to mug me. If he did succeed to get anything from me, whatever he would get would all be maxed out or no funds available. I always joke that I feel bad for the person who ever steals from me as I have nothing to offer. I am the person who, if unarmed, would be shot or severely assaulted because of that.

I try not to go anywhere after dark or in busy places when I am alone though. That's just my rule. I believe that the best way to prevent an accident is to avoid dangerous situations. It only makes sense. And oddly enough, Walmart parking lots are crime havens.

When I got home, the first thing I did was put Charlie upstairs and do my half-and-half grocery drop. Take half the groceries to the inside hall, then the other half. Shut the security door and carry half the groceries upstairs and come down for the other half. Suspicious activities from the time I got home included what looked like a black or dark colored mustang driving slowly down the alley. I stayed in my car till it left. Then, when I was taking Charlie inside, a man walking down the street in the dark, smoking a cigarette with a hoodie on. I don't think he saw me, I did see him. I saw him coming back with a friend as I did my grocery half-and-half. Again, I don't believe they saw me, but I saw them. They walked down the street and said nothing as they passed. It seemed odd.

As always, when putting Charlie up, I do a full check of the house to make sure there aren't any intruders, as well as when I bring the groceries up. I always shut the gates behind me so that if anyone tries to run, they have to get over the gate and by that time, if they make it out of the house unharmed, once they get to the gates, they will be shot. If a precision shot with a .380 doesn't get them, a generalized shot from the 870 will.

Yes, I'm paranoid. Yes, I would shoot someone if they tried to harm me or my family. I wouldn't think twice about it. My home is my castle. It may be crappy but it is my castle. If you come in uninvited, you are up to no good. You deserve the ill fate that is ahead of you.

At this point, I am back into the red. I will go to sleep again with one eye open, both ears alert, waiting to hear any questionable sounds outside or fussing from Charlie. All the more reasons to move. I just don't see this neighborhood cleaning up any. And with the economy the way it is, the only people we do have are all the drug dealers and criminals. Lord knows they don't have any qualms in their drug induced states doing the unthinkable to keep their consistent highs.

We need to get out while we can.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ugh! Random

1. I decided to put some more pink in my hair because it faded. When I was washing it out, I got some of the color tinted shampoo in my right eye and it has been burning for the last 2 hours. Ouch!

2. While rinsing my hair out, Charlie woke up crying. Not just crying but screaming crying. Nothing I did could calm him. I don't know if he was teething or if it was a daytime night terror. All I know is he was screaming hysterically for about half an hour before he stopped and then it was all giggles from there out. Weirdo.

3. I just spent the last 5 minutes sending mass emails to various property management companies in Utah in hopes of getting some information on some rentals or help finding one. I told them our time frame is 3 - 6 months. I hope I'm being realistic here.

4. Being realistic, it will cost us around $2,200 to get out to Utah. This amount includes a first month rent/deposit, a U-Haul that can tow a vehicle (less if we just get a little thing that we haul with one of our cars), plus gas. This doesn't include whatever it will cost to get our utilities set up. I'm just wondering if this will happen. I'm stressing. I really want to move.

Three more months...

That's how many months rent we have to pay till our lease is up. The scary part is that now we need to start saving up if we plan on moving. I think right now our hopes are that our tax refund can at least carry the weight of a security deposit and first month's rent and that any other money we get can pay for a U-Haul and gas to get out to Utah. I'm just worried because I don't see any luck of going out there by the beginning of June. I haven't seen any good rental listings and we haven't heard of any jobs or seen any available transfer options for Jesse. I'm freaking out a little because our lease terms are 30 days written notice of moving. We can transfer over to month-to-month after our lease is up but we still would need 30 days notice. Which would mean in any situation that we'd have to pay for another month of rent most likely on top of any other moving costs we'd need. Is it too early for me to start stressing? That's how I feel. I really want this to happen. I want to be in a bigger place soon and have storage and not stare at Jesse's tools or worry about what Charlie might get into. I really would love for him to have a big living room to crawl around and his own bedroom to play in. I'd love to have a dining room table to eat dinner at as a family. It's a little hectic thinking that this might not happen. Again.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do you ever see something and think to yourself...

"If that's not suspicious, I dunno what is?"

Today some dudes were in front of where I normally park in the alley. The car is still running but the driver gets out and goes to his trunk. He pulls out a promotional camo SCI bag (Safari Club Int'l. Just in town, $180 to get in, I doubt he went.) He gets out a brown box and gives it to another dude and then takes out an aluminum baseball bat and puts it in his car between the driver's seat and passenger's seat. Then, they realize maybe the location of their transaction isn't a good spot so the driver gets in his car and they drive down the alley mid way. They park and continue business. After, the driver gets back in and hauls ass out towards the end of the alley and leaves. The customer then goes to his apartment building. Normally I'd say drug deal but I think this was an illegal gun purchase because the box was about the size of a gun case. Plus the fact it came out of an SCI bag makes me wonder if the guy worked at the hotel and stole something or something along those lines. You'll hafta forgive me, for all I know they were getting a ride home from somewhere and getting something out of the trunk and I have a vivid imagination. But yeah, stuff like that isn't really normal behavior. People who are up to no good usually do so in the alley and never in front of where they live. That's like the code of illegal behavior down the alley apparently.

Am I crazy?

Seriously? Am I? I keep thinking my microwave isn't turned on sometimes. Case in point: I put in a tv dinner for lunch. I set it for 3 minutes on high per the instructions. I took it out to stir the mashed potatoes, also per the instructions. Here's the kicker: the damn thing is still frozen! Not like how sometimes you heat something and parts of it are frozen, no it's a block of cold hard food. I know I turned it on because I heard the stupid thing humming for three minutes and then dinging to let me know it was done, but alas, nothing was accomplished. Now I feel like I have to do this 3 minute thing again to see if it'll work or what.

In other news, I made sprout happen! A week ago I bought this strawberry plant thing in the dollar bin at Target. It was a little terra cotta pot, some seeds, and this foamy looking disc thing that is actually soil if you add water. I kept thinking that it's not going to grow because it's too cold, there's not enough light, fill in excuses here, but I followed the directions and kept it moist and in sunlight and now there's two little sprouts coming up out of the soil! I feel so proud. This is way better than the crocus plants I got where you just had to add water and watch them grow and all mine did were turn fuzzy and mold and probably smell awful too. So here's a pic of my little sprouts. You might need to enlarge them to see them better.


This morning I had to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to go in for a 7:45AM teeth cleaning. I just keep thinking, "Who does that? Who goes to the dentist that early?" Then I thought, "It's probably for people who like doing things before work," and I thought, "Who likes doing things before work? That's just not right."

Anyway, whenever I go to the dentist, I think of Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors. His amazing portrayal of the sadist dentist. Usually I don't freak out at the thought. It's more the sounds. Scraping. Drilling. Stuff like that. But my teeth were good and just needed cleaning so no biggie.

I woke up early and left Charlie at home with Jesse. It was so cold outside still that my windows kept frosting over after scraping the frost and ice off, even after I had the car running and defroster on.

Well I get there and park in their parking lot and there's only one car out. The doors to the building are locked and I'm thinking, "Is someone playing some sort of cruel trick on me? Making me wake up before 8:00AM and coming out in the cold to be greeted by locked doors?" I go to the other entrance, also locked. Finally, I head back again to call and the door gets unlocked by one of the dentists who asks if I'm there for a teeth cleaning and then says their dental hygienist is running late because of a flat tire. That's fine.

About 20 minutes later the hygienist calls back. There's an issue with the spare so her husband is going to pick her up and drop her off. By this time the receptionist is there and asks me if I want to come back another day. Are you kidding me? I woke up before 8:00AM, I'm sitting in your office right now and you want me to come back? I tell her no and that she is gonna hafta take me because I'm already there and I'm not gonna do this again. Period. So she calls the next appointee and tells them to come back another day and all is fine.

Finally, my 7:45AM teeth cleaning happens around 8:30AM. To give you an idea of how tired I am from everything in general, I fall asleep during my teeth cleaning in the dentist chair. Not like I'm at a day spa or something, I'm at the damned dentist! Finally I wake up to rinse, all groggy and tired. But I get a new toothbrush, a blue one, and I ask for another color because my husband's brush is blue and I request green and get green. Yeah, you better give me my choice of toothbrush color. After all, you were the late one, not me. Honestly, I should be able to charge you $40 for being late. I'm sure they'd do that if I were late. I know they will if I don't call within 24 hours to cancel an appointment. Geez.


For whatever reason, the last few days I've been feeling really snappy. Like any wrong move will make me want to throw pots and pans at people or something. I dunno why I feel this way, but I just have been feeling really agitated lately. I've been grinding my teeth a lot and for a while I thought they felt thinner but now I realize they don't they just feel like your teeth feel when you grind them constantly. I went to the dentist this morning and found out my teeth are good, which was a great comfort.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pet peeve

Jesse has this pet peeve and I'm starting to see a lot of it in myself now too. He hates when customers call magazines "clips". FYI, if you don't know anything about guns (we've both been learning that this audience goes beyond that of non-gun owners but also a majority of gun owners), a magazine is that little thing you put your bullets into and then shove into the gun. When you run out of bullets, you can remove the magazine, reload, etc. They sell spare magazines. You can buy extras. A clip is a strip of metal that rifle rounds sit on that you can stick into a slot on the rifle for quick and easy loading. For me, and maybe it's because I lack the gusto and finger umpf to do it properly, I find it neither quick, nor easy. Anyway, I've been finding it really annoying when I hear someone say something like they're looking for another clip for their gun. Here's a really nice diagram on the mechanisms of a Glock magazine.

And here is a nice photo of some rifle ammo on a stripper clip being loaded into a Yugoslavian SKS.

It doesn't take a genius to see the difference between a magazine and a clip. It's not rocket science. They're simple words, easy to remember. Easy to spell. Hard for people to grasp the concept of. Learn it. Love it. Don't sound like a jackass. It makes the rest of the gun community look like idiots.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I'm not gonna lie. I'm pretty cranky right now. I'm one of those people who can easily be made cranky because of my surroundings. For example, last night I asked Jesse if he would be kind enough to wash the dishes. There was less than 10 things needing to be washed. I made home made chili and did dishes from the night before, as well as lunch, not to mention the stuff used to make the chili. All he had to wash was Charlie's dish and spoon, our dishes and utensils, a ladle and some cups. He said he'd do it. Cool. So what happens? End of the night, they're still not done. I figure I'll just do them but Jesse makes a valid point that if I wash dishes now, Charlie will wake up. Again, further reasoning why we need a bigger place. If Charlie has his own room, I could do dishes whenever I want. OK, so they don't get done. Instead, Jesse and I stay up till almost 1:00 am watching joke remixes of Vince from Sham-Wow and various Billy Mays products that spawned as a linking away from a DANZIG Shakira mix parody. We laugh so hard it hurts and of course Charlie wakes up. At that point, it's time for him to go to bed. Jesse rocks him to sleep and I crash out in bed. An hour later he wakes up with a night terror. He's been having those lately. Apparently babies who are overly tired get confused because they get caught up in two different states of sleep and become disoriented and freak out and will cry hysterically and not be able to be calmed down till they snap out of it. I find blowing on his face works, of course Jesse says, "Why are you doing that!? It's cold!" I say, "It works." I don't care if it's cold, the kid is in a cold sweat because he's freaked out from his night terror. A little cold air on his face isn't gonna kill him. Anyway, the night sucked all kinds of butt and the morning wasn't any better. Charlie has been waking up at 6 or 7 and staying up from there on out and it's making me crazy. I haven't been able to get to sleep till well after midnight and now I only have 6 or 7 hours that are interrupted anywhere from once or twice a night depending on how much he wants to snack in the night, throw in a night terror here or there and maybe you can get where I'm coming from. Or not. I just feel completely worn out and depressed again lately like I did in the first few days after Charlie's birth, only difference is I'm not all doped up on pain killers to care less. The headaches I have now linger and get worse with each shrilling cry and every time the phone rings I want to throw it at the wall. I'm in one of those states right now where my mind and body aren't happy with my surroundings and I just need a vacation, nap, or some form of pampering. Maybe I might see if I can find time to do my nails or something. I feel like crap right now. Oh, back to complaining though. So this morning I asked Jesse if he would do the laundry while I go out to coffee and he said yes. I was relieved. All he had to do was wash the clothes and bring them home and I'd fold them. I really hate doing laundry because it's a huge ridiculous ordeal for me. Haul laundry downstairs. If no one is around to watch Charlie, I need to have him in tow. Get the stuff out and Charlie at the laundromat. Get him situated, put my stuff in and wait. Hope Charlie doesn't fuss so I can fold clothes. Try to get things back to the car without falling. I HATE doing laundry. I wouldn't care if we had a laundry room or better yet a washer and dryer in our unit but we don't. I get home from coffee and Jesse is hanging out, lounging with Lulu. The laundry is still not done. In fact, the laundry is not done, the dishes are still sitting in the sink, the bed isn't fixed and there's dishes and garbage all over the house. I feel like all my efforts I make throughout the week have been a waste. I don't understand why I'm the only person who can pick up after myself AND everyone else. Charlie can't help it because he's just a baby, but he gets into everything and I'm constantly chasing after him. But Jesse gets preoccupied with youtube AND the tv at the same time and can't even wash the dishes, which have now doubled in size somewhere between last night and this morning. I'm at the point I want to pull my hair out. Yeah, I know, it's my job to clean the house and what not but there's a fine line between that being my work and just common courtesy of picking up after yourself. I'm half tempted to give Jesse a swift kick in the ass lesson about cleanliness but I'm not going to because quite frankly, there's no room in this stupid apartment to get that mad at things. And I don't feel like bitching for bitching sake. Because that's what it will come off as. But it's not like I ever go to Jesse's work and take shit off his shelves and leave a mess for him to pick up after. Maybe I do have a point here? Maybe I should find out what aisle he's in charge of cleaning this week and go there and pull a bunch of things off and put them in other aisles or where they don't belong. Maybe then he'd know what a pain in the ass his little things he sees as no big issue is...

Oh he's bitching to his mom about how he thinks hunters are maladjusted because they start talking before the season about how they wanna go out and kill stuff. I got kinda annoyed because even though I've never gone hunting, I've gone fishing and I know how excited I would get for tuna season. How is it bad to be excited about going out doing something you love doing? What if you were only allowed to plink during certain times of the year and then plinking season starts? Don't you think he'd be all excited about that?

Sunday Random

OK, so every Sunday I go with Charlie out for coffee with some of the moms and their kids from Thursday group. Anyway, we try to pick a different spot every week and each week someone else gets to choose. Well today we go to this coffee house that looked really neat and modern but was kind of a hipster place. We didn't stay too long because you could totally feel the looks of annoyance at a table of moms and kids. They weren't even fussy or anything, but you could feel the vibe. The weird thing was before I left it started snowing. Snowing! I thought we were done with snow for the year. But I guess not. It wasn't long and it didn't stick to the ground much, but it was snow none the less. It didn't even feel cold enough for snow which is what surprised me. Then, after coffee, Jesse and I went to Walmart to get Charlie's new carseat and high chair. He loves his high chair and the car seat, it's actually a convertible booster seat. Instead of getting one that goes from rear facing and converting to forward facing, we got a forward facing that converts to a booster. I thought on the online thing it said you could use starting at 22 lbs and up but it actually starts at 20 lbs and 27" so we can start using it now! I'm excited because I am getting so sick and tired of lugging that rear facing seat up and down the stairs. I measured Charlie from head to heel with the help of Jesse and he was 28" or 29" depending on wiggling. On the scale he was about 20 lbs so I'm just gonna go with it. Anyway we're done for the day here. We're getting leftover chili for lunch and Charlie is due for a nap soon. I can't believe it's almost 4:00 already. Where did the day go!?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Bad Dream Lighting

Our bathroom light decided to crap out on us twice in one month. Now we have one of those energy saver lights. I've become a huge fan of them. We have one in our living room in the lamp and it's great. It starts out dull and then warms up to a bright glow. We decided since I love that one so much we'd put one in the bathroom too. Well it doesn't have the same effect under the frosted dome covering. When you go into our bathroom, the lighting is dull, like the lighting you'd expect to see in a bad dream. Then it warms up to a normal dull bathroom lighting. I'm not fond of it in there. I wish it were brighter but it's not. So now when I pee after dark, I get a little scared that I'm in a dream that is not on a good path.

Rainy Day Random

1. In honor of the weather, I thought I'd make life a little more fun by drinking my new favorite juice (white grape and cranberry) from one of Charlie's big boy cups. It's clear and has whales, fish, seahorses, and turtles on it. Very grown up. He can't use them yet cos he hasn't mastered sippy cups. In fact he seems kinda uninterested in them to tell the truth. So I'm putting the cup to good use. My juice looks pretty fun in there. I'm also eating Cheetos. I feel like a big kid now.

2. Last night I went rollerskating. It was family night and we were going to have this mom's night out thing but that didn't happen so it was just me and another mom. We were probably two of the older skaters out there and we're in our mid 20's! I think the DJ had the hots for us cos we requested not one, but two songs, and he seemed eager to play them for us. I have lost so much weight and am healthier than I was pre-pregnancy. My wedding band fell off my finger at the food court and Tara and I were combing the hideously designed carpeting trying to find it. We found it after 30 seconds but I told her if 10 more seconds passed and we didn't find it, I would have started bawling uncontrollably. I know I don't have some million dollar diamond ring. In fact, if you've never seen my ring, all it is is just a gold band that was $64 at Helzberg Diamonds. But the thing is, it's MY wedding ring. It's the symbol of my marriage to Jesse. I would feel horrible if I didn't have it. Anyway we skated our hearts out. I thought I would be like I was after the last time I went skating where my legs were sore. Nope. I didn't even feel any pain. I did have to sit out during the fast skate because I didn't feel like I could keep up. Slow and steady wins the race! Oh, flashback to when we first got there. I totally forgot this part. So we get a locker. Both of us are in mom brain. We put in the two quarters, close the door, turn the key and it won't come out. We keep turning and turning and we're wondering what the heck is wrong with the thing. I think we spent like a good 5 minutes trying to get it to work before it phases us to try another locker. Tara turns the key in another locker to see how it works and realizes someone put money in it but no items and was like, "We could have had a free locker!" Seeing as we know this locker works, we put our stuff in it. We then skated the rest of the night and had all kinds of fun.

3. I've decided to attempt writing a memoir of sorts. I've had too many people tell me they enjoy my writing of random observations, commentary, and mostly my voice. The consensus is that reading what I write is exactly like listening to me speak. And I'm not sure that's a good thing, but I suppose for someone who always felt they didn't have an adventurous life with lots of great stories, I have found a way to take the mundane and things that everyone has dealt with at some point or another and make it seem exciting. It's a little thing I like to call "false sense of importance". It's also what psychiatrists would call a "false sense of importance" and link it to narcissism or mania. All I can say is sometimes it's what keeps me going in my boring life. Everything is so routine sometimes and well, like now, Charlie is napping which means I get to 'pute.

4. I had this weird flashback last night in which I thought about that whole R. Kelly Trapped In The Closet thing. I was really putting a lot of thought into it. I mean, the poor guy's career really hit the wall after those sex with minor allegations and what does he do? He writes like 6 different songs about what happens when he's trapped in the closet of some chick he's sleeping with who has a man... Talk about jumping the shark. Was he trying to do some sort of Tommy thing or what? I just don't think it worked. Even the lyrics were bad. Everything about it seemed to scream, "Please, I'm desperate! My career is over! Let this save me!" I mean, really, he would have been just as successful trying to save his career if he wrote a country song and tried to be serious about it. Maybe he should have tried to get into acting or sports or something. I just feel bad for him and a little ashamed. Oh well, not much I can do about it. That's long gone done and over. I didn't even like his music in the first place to begin with, so it's baffling as to why I'm so concerned about the whole Trapped In The Closet thing.

"Are you there, God? It's me, urine..."

I was going to the bathroom just now and I hear the sound of peeing. But it's not my peeing! No, the walls in our apartment are so paper thin, I can hear the sounds of my neighbor peeing! Of course my neighbor is a dude and fairly tall and likes to drink early in the morning so he had what sounded like a decent flow of pee coming out in spurts falling from his standing height into the toilet below. He washed his hands afterward because I heard the sink. At least we know he has good hygiene.

Note to self...

Remember to write blog tomorrow about rollerskating and the Izzy cake. Charlie was a butt tonight when I got home and insisted on eating again even though Jesse fed him. He also demanded to stay up which makes me wonder if Jesse let him take a nap even though he's not supposed to take any naps before bedtime... Anyway I'm going to bed.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I love new nap schedules

Charlie has been a total butt lately. He doesn't like to go to bed at night and sometimes won't go to sleep till almost 10:00 or later. Then he wakes up twice a night to eat. He was taking three naps a day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. Well I decided to see what happens if I cut a nap out. It was like a miracle was performed from above! He still wakes up at night to eat but I figure he'll get over that one day. But now he wakes up in the morning and takes his first nap under normal conditions around 10 or 11 and sleeps till noon. Then he takes his second nap around 3:30 or 4:00 and wakes up at 5. Sometimes he'll sleep till 6. Anyway he goes to sleep easily. He is tired when it's nap time and I can pick him up, give him his binky and by the time I make it over to the crib he is getting drowsy. I just put him in and cover him up and he rubs his eyes once or twice and falls asleep! Same thing with bedtime. For the most part he goes to bed ok still. He tries to fight it but not as long. Before he'd fight sleep sometimes for an hour. Now he fights it for 10 - 15 minutes tops. But his bedtime has been kicked up an hour and all is WAY better. I think we're all a little happier under these circumstances.

Skinemax just gets dumber and dumber

I don't even know how to comprehend the level of stupidity involved with Skinemax. As I've blogged in the past, they keep airing shows earlier and earlier, more frequently, and with more series. The latest in this new level of idiocracy is a movie titled Bewitched Housewives. I suppose they're trying to play on the Desperate Housewives title. But obviously they chose the wrong series to dub this title. You see, there's another Skinemax movie called Witches of Breastwick, which is basically like the tv show Charmed if you have the chicks sleeping together, etc. But Bewitched Housewives apparently takes place in colonial America during the witch hunts. One girl is falsely accused of being a witch and a real witch magically appears in her cell and tells her that even though she's not a real witch she has the spirit of a witch and if she surrenders her body she can join the sisterhood of the witches on all their magical adventures (read: let me bang you and then you can come join my all girl orgy.) On one hand you have the really crappy lack of acting abilities of the Skinemax girls but then I'm totally baffled cos on the other hand, there's an attempt at acting as well as a plot from a character who I'm guessing will not be getting any action and is presumably gay. Jesse and I watched all of about 5 minutes of this show to try and figure out what level of stupidity this show gets. I say on a level of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most absurd, this show gets a 7. It's pretty dumb. Alas, I think this show should have been called Witches of Breastwick and it would make more sense for WIB to be Bewitched Housewives, but obviously no one thought that far ahead, let alone thought at all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Charlie Random

[1] Charlie is at that age where he's deciding he wants to walk soon. So he does a lot of standing, cruising, and going from here to there. I have noticed a trend of him crying with the big ol' crocodile tears he stumbles and I'm looking directly at him, but if he does the same thing and thinks I'm not paying attention (ie, his back is facing me and he thinks cos he can't see me I can't see him) he just goes on with his business like nothing happened.

[2] On that note, I had to place a baby gate in front of all of Jesse's tools and gun stuff to keep Charlie from trying to play with it. But he really wants to play with it! His new thing is trying to climb over the gate. However it doesn't attach to any walls so it's just free standing and leaning up against the stuff. But this crazy boy is sticking his fingers and toes into the fencing and well, see for yourself...

[3] "I'M LIKE MUNO!!!" Charlie discovers that like Muno, he has two teeth showing. But in reality he has six, count that, six teeth that have cut through. Two on the bottom that are completely out, the front two on top that are cut but not completely grown, and then the two little fangs next to them, which just cut out a few days ago. On the note of teeth, Charlie also has a trait from my family and that's the middle tooth. My bottom teeth don't line up properly, nor do my mom's and it looks like we have a middle tooth. Charlie has the same thing.

[4] Lulu isn't safe anymore. Charlie is obsessed with Lulu. She's the most interesting thing in the house because she makes sounds, she has different textures, she moves, and most of the time, he shouldn't touch her the way he wants to. He likes to grab her and we tell him no and try to teach him to pet her and he's been getting better at it. But yesterday he discovered that he can grab her mouth. However if he does that, she will nibbly chew him to warn him to back off. He should read it as a "BACK OFF" sign, but instead he thinks it's funny. He grabs her mouth, she nibbles him, he laughs. Seriously. Lulu has learned that if she wants to relax her best bet is to just leave wherever Charlie is till he discovers where she is hiding and then leave that place. I foresee a bright future for her in Jesse's hamper again.

Grandma Presents

So Alissa and I were discussing the Grandma Presents application on Facebook and she was confused about whether I wanted her to be a hippie or a metalhead cos I sent her some Black Sabbath shoelaces and a tie dyed thermal. I told her that as her grandma I "knew she liked art so I got her a shirt with lots of colors and saw the shoelaces and they had purple in them and I thought those would look so nice with the shirt." Total grandma logic right? No idea what either mean just get them for some oddball reasons. And so on that note comes a story of a grandma in the summer:

I was at Ben Franklin Crafts getting some fabrics to make more diaper covers and I saw a grandma looking at what could best be described as some impressionist looking floral fabrics that could make a really sweet dress for a grandma in the 80's. Not age, but like decade. It was a white background with these ugly huge flamingo pink roses. The other one was also pink but had some brown in it and like butterflies and flowers and was a little more modern looking but still horrendous none the less and looked like it could be a cool apron if you're over the age of 55. She asks the lady working there her opinion on which fabric she likes better and the lady goes with the brown and pink one. Grandma doesn't like her answer so she asks me for my opinion. I ask her what she's making and she says a backpack. Really? A backpack? With roses? Gross. She tells me it's for her grand daughter. Is her grand daughter in kindergarten or younger? I ask what her grand daughter is like and what she's into. She the describes to me what could be either a goth or emo chick in junior high. She says she like black and pink and grandma wants her to have more color so she thought the pink roses or the other one. I tell grandma she's going in the wrong direction entirely with her fabric choice and just with making a backpack in general. I show her some more appropriate fabrics like some cool damasks, graphic stuff, and grungy designs that would make a more appropriate backpack. Of course she doesn't like any of them and winds up going with the horrendous pink roses anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if at this point in time right now there is a backpack made with a hideous pink rose pattern shoved in the dark depths of a junior high girl's closet right now, hidden for the world not to see. Ever.

Moral of the story: Grandma's have an odd logic. That being said, they marry ideas. They find something they like or think is 'neat' and try to find a way to apply it to your life so you can have it. Usually it's something they would want but know they just could never use. Part of the same logic as to why so many people wind up with fruitcake for the holidays. In theory they look neat, but you would never want one.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sometimes I'm just tempted...

To exercise in our stairwell. We live upstairs and I have OCD when it comes to checking the mail. I swear I go down or look out the window every 20 - 30 minutes. Right now I'm waiting for my new glasses to come in but usually I'm not waiting on anything important. Which is why it's so weird that I'm obsessed with the arrival of the mail. On an unrelated note, I'm sending out a few Valentine's Day cards. I found some cute ones at the store but they only had 3. Anyway, back to stair exercises. I go up and down them so much. If we didn't have neighbors home, I'd probably get some cans of soup and jog up and down a few times and some stair lunges and what not. It's just sometimes when I go up and down too much in too short of a period, I can feel it in my thighs and butt. Not that there's anything wrong with that, other than it makes me want to work out more. I just wish I could work out sometimes. I miss the gym.

Izzy for MVP - photo contest, please vote!!!

For my sister's dog!

Yeah, she doesn't have kids and the only thing she does have is her dog, Izzy, a purebred papillon. She spoils her rotten, has her own special dog house that looks like a home, and well, she entered her in a photo contest with Bissell vacuum cleaners. If she wins the weekly prize she gets some Bissell goods and if she gets the top prize, she gets her dog's pic in their advertising and then $10,000 to go to a pet charity of her choice. Please feel free to forward this on to anyone. Thanks!

End of the Road

Jesse was reading a blog and he put on The Doors End of the Night on and I thought he said End of the Road and was like, "Boyz II Men? End of the Road?" and he was like, "No! The Doors! End of the Night. Night." So we're listening to it but in my head I keep hearing End of the Road, which is amazing because under normal conditions, if I have a song stuck in my head, if another song is being played in real life, the song in my head disappears but this one didn't! So then Jesse is putzing around in his playlist and I was like, "Are you gonna play End of the Road?" And he was like, "No! Stop asking!" or something along those lines followed by a joking threat involving an AK-47. I continue laughing and he's like, "What is so funny?" and I tell him that I keep hearing End of the Road. Finally he punches it up and plays it! I was laughing so hard. Then we cruise around listening to some other Boyz II Men hits and he puts on Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday and was saying how it's the gangster funeral song and I joked I wanted it played at my funeral and then he was looking at something on his playlist and I was all excited and like, "Are you gonna add it [Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday] to your playlist!?" And his response was classic! His tone was the same as if I asked him to blow another man or something. His exact words, and I quote, "Fuck no! Are you out of your mind!?" I laughed so hard. He then told me he felt a blog coming on about this and I told him I was waiting for him to get off the computer so I could do so. So now I do it and I'm playing the Boyz II Men for inspiration. It's a disaster and amazing all at the same time. Jesse said, "1992 called, they want their music back..."

Sham-Wow! Beware of imitations!

Oh, ok, so I totally feel like having some sort of Alex Jones moment and going to the mall with a bull horn calling out the imitation Sham-Wow they have at a kiosk at the mall. It's like Shammy Wammy or something. A blatant rip off. What's worse, they do these "presentations" during the day and it always makes walking out from Macy's to the fork in the mall road impossible because they actually draw a crowd. There's this guy who works there who totally wants to be Vince and wears the Madonna headphone thing just like him and it's horrible. It's the most blatant rip off of a product I've seen since, well, I won't mention it. I just feel like going out there with a bullhorn and saying stuff about how Shammy Wammy is a fraud and that buying it will support the New World Order and that the head set the guy at the kiosk is wearing is actually some sort of remote viewing device that tracks the people interested in fake Sham-Wows and then the feds will come to your house and break in and steal your Shammy Wammy and take your guns and put you in a FEMA camp somewhere... Hahahahahaha. But yeah, they gotta really kick back on the blatant copying of Sham-Wow commercials and trying to re-enact them at a mall kiosk. It's just sad.


Jesse made me make another cake tonight. Ok, he didn't make me per se, he just told me that if I didn't get to cooking dinner quick enough, he'd kill off the cake and I wanted cake too so I jumped on dinner but alas, we both kinda killed the last piece of cake, which was more like half a piece. Anyway, I told him I'd make another cake. This time just one layer and from scratch. The last one was a box cake. I had some frosting left over though so I used that. It was super good, chocolate frosting with small chocolate chips. Mmmmm. I totally felt like Loc Dog from Don't Be A Menace From South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood during the part where he's making the cake from scratch for Crazy Legs when he gets hit by Toothpick's car in the drive by and is in the hospital.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King... Murphy???

So Myspace has this banner ad on the login with Obama and MLK on there but for some reason the graphic of MLK looks like Eddie Murphy. WHAAATTT???

Is it cold in here or is it just pee?

For the last week and a half we've been working with Charlie in hopes of potty training early. When he poops, he grunts and then cries after it's out but I can always tell when he poops. So when I know he is going to poop, I ask him if he wants to go "Poop poop on the toilet?" and then I take him and take his diaper off and put him on the toilet and wait for him to go. While waiting for him to poop, my leg started to feel surprisingly cold. I look down to see if the heater is causing any condensation on the toilet and notice that my left thigh is wet. I look at Charlie who is pretty happy and well, he peed on me. I asked Jesse to bring me a wipe so I could clean it and just as I was cleaning the pee off on me, he pooped in the toilet. This is the 4th time he's pooped in the toilet. In the last week and a half. Awesome! I'm not sure how long the process takes to potty train but if I can keep this up, we might get poop training taught and maybe in a few weeks he might know to ask me to poop if he can learn to say Poop. We'll see.

I did it!!!

ALL MY BLOGS ARE ARCHIVED AND APPROPRIATELY DATED AND IT IS REFLECTED ON MY ARCHIVED BLOGS SECTION!!! Every blog in my existence now lives here. Every blog. Blogs from my old website, blogs from myspace and livejournal and here. 8 years of blogging!!! My mission is accomplished. My blogs are archived. My hair is flamingo pink now. I can go to bed. And all before Charlie will probably wake in a few minutes to eat.

'Puting and blog archiving to Dio. Yeaaahh!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Feeling even older and now out of touch with "it"

So I walked into Hot Topic today to buy some hair dye. I had to ask the cashier where the dye was at. Actually, I asked her if they still even sell hair dye. She looks at me like, "Duh" and tells me where it's at. I then get side tracked looking at onesies. When I pay she kinda looks at me as if I'm out of touch with "it". I'm looking around the place bewildered, not knowing who half the bands are on the shirts on the walls. I explain to her the last time I bought anything for me in a Hot Topic was well over a decade ago and that now I'm looking at things I'd like to get my son. I told her I felt old. She looked a little more forgiving at the person she was ringing up who could have been at one time cool but is now just another adult who doesn't get "it".

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Charlie picked out his swim trunks today

So I was at Target today looking at randomness and saw the cutest swim trunks! They had sharks all over.

But Charlie wanted these other ones instead.

I asked him if he liked them and he kept touching them. So then I held the sharks and the fish in front of him and asked him which ones he liked and he touched the fish ones again. So I mixed them up and then was holding the fish ones in my other hand and asked him again which one he liked and he chose the fish for a third time. So there you have it, he picked out the swim trunks he wanted. His choice, not mine. If it were mine, I'd get the sharks. I like the sharks better, but oh well.

Time for some serious assessment...

Houston, we have a problem. I just paid off two collections today. I know that if you're filing bankruptcy you're not supposed to do certain things but I'm starting to re-evaluate stuff. I have debts, but in all honesty, looking over them, my student loans are now in good standing. Yay. I paid off two collections. One was for a bogus $25 copay for urgent care that I know I paid for but I don't have the receipt (lesson learned, keep all medical receipts.) The other was for my anesthesiologist for my c-section for $200 something. I have a lot of other things to pay off, but after looking at my credit report, half of it makes no sense. I have reason to believe one collection may be bogus as there is no contact info on there (no phone number nor a number of the collection agency.) Other than that, I'm starting to think that if I stay at home, I could possibly pay off my debts. But this then leaves the issue of Jeepie. I did a voluntary repo on him and they sold him and only got half of what the loan was and want $11,000 from me still. Well this was like almost 2 years ago and I'm wondering now with the whole auto bail out if my debts to Chrysler is now wiped out? I don't know. I'm seriously wondering about that. Basically they're the reason for me wanting to file bankruptcy. I refuse to pay $11,000 for a car I don't have. Period. They got their item back, why should I still pay them that much? It makes no sense. So long story short, I'm looking over all the people I owe money to and trying to figure out who to pay and how and what not. I would love to be able to fix my credit and not worry about bad credit in a few years when we try to get a house or for a bankruptcy to clear and I'd love to just have poor but qualifying credit if nothing else. I just really hate having no money sometimes, but I hate even more having had money and spent money and now having to pay the price of living in the now from years ago. It's like if I knew then what I know now, I never would have done half the things I did...

Why it's important to brush your teeth

Forgive my less than perfect teeth. For they have endured years and years of soda and probably not as good as it should be dental hygiene. So you know how people say stuff about how bad sugar is and how you should brush twice and floss daily? Well here's why. You see, when you eat sugar, it's clear. It doesn't stick to your teeth. You don't see what happens. But when you eat cake decorations, which are sugar and have horrible food coloring that stain the inside of your mouth as well as anywhere the sugar is for ages, then you can really see what happens with the sugar. As you can see, the sugar is lining my gums on every tooth in my mouth and is also on the surface of some of my teeth. If I don't brush this off, this will sit in it's place in my mouth over night slowly working at rotting and decaying my poor little teeth. Don't let your teeth fall out. Make sure to brush your teeth.

Because I'm one of those people...

I'm one of those people who always has the necessary ingredients to make whatever I want 90% of the time. I'm also one of those people who has a tendency to want to start celebrating a holiday a month before it happens. Case in study: Valentine's Day.

I was out grocery shopping today and saw on an end cap some of those sugar cake decorations. I had been thinking about my love for them a lot lately due to one of my online friend's blog I read recently about them. Well, by chance, I happen to have cake mix and frosting at home so I figure, "What the heck?" and buy them.

Fast forward to now: my cake is done cooking. The bottom part is frosted and waiting to have the top put on it. Well every stinking time I make a cake the same thing happens to the top - it breaks. And not like a little crack or split, I'm talking horrendous crumbling. Long story short, Jesse attempts to rearrange it and tells me that frosting was invented to hide cake errors. I tell him that's not gonna work on this cake.

I attempt to fix the cake more after seeing how horrendous it looks and think, "AH! I can just flip the cake over and the beautiful perfect bottom can be the top and no one will see the broken top!" I get a plate, transfer, and voila!


The damn thing looks worse now than it did before! I tried to correct it with frosting as Jesse says, but that only made things worse. Jesse told me, "Wait for it to cool off, it won't crumble." I say, don't tell me how to make my damned cake! The cake I was attempting to frost was cooled. For like an hour! It still is being an ass! I finish frosting it and attempt to hide any possible flaws with sprinkles and decorations. As you can see, it did not work very well. I give up. I can make you anything you want, just don't ever ask me to make a cake cos it's not gonna happen.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Points to ponder...

[1] If the indie scene is so proud of the fact of being independent of what have you, why are they so codependent of parents, foundations, and anything that will support their endeavors financially? [2] Why do single men swear air fresheners work great? Do they not get headaches from them? What are they trying to hide with a tropical breeze scent? [3] Why do some parents think if they don't watch their kids, their kids will take care of themselves?

The mommy swing

Again, more proof my child is a weirdo...

Happy being married moment

A few hours later last night after Jesse gave me the sweater, I was 'puting and he sneaks up behind me and gives me a big hug and a kiss and tells me that he's having one of those "happy being married" moments. That was pretty swell. We're happy all the time, the only thing is sometimes money issues make things a little hard, stressful, but we never get mad at each other over it. It's just one of those things where we work a little harder together to make things work and what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. So last night was a strong moment. It's always nice to be surprised and even nicer to be told you are loved and know that the person who loves you is happy because of it. It made me smile.


OK, so I'm not a fan of rap but I'm all excited someone made a movie about Biggie! I can't wait to see it, but I'm guessing it will be Netflixed when it comes to DVD. I have a strange feeling it will actually be a good movie.

Lori takes absurdity to a whole new level

My sister doesn't have children. Instead, she has Izzy, her papillon. Izzy is a total princess. She spends more money on her dog than I spend on my son. Her excuse is that she has the money to spend so she spends it. I told her even if I had the money she had, I still wouldn't spend that kind of money on my son. Her dog has two dog sized canopy beds, which she calls her princess bed. Her dog also has more toys than Charlie and Lulu have combined. For whatever reason, Lori decides she's going to build Izzy a dog house. Granted Izzy spends all day inside and goes outside only to potty or if Lori is outside. I don't even see the point in needing one, but Lori insists she have one. But she can't have like a Dogloo or something like that. No, Lori is going to have her boyfriend and her build some fancy pants dog house from scratch, put carpeting and a dog bed and a framed photo of her and her boyfriend and glass windows and a porch and fake lawn and flowers and picket fence and need I go on with all the absurd things she insists this dog house need!? I think Izzy would be more than happy with something that shades her from sun, protects her from wind and rain, and maybe has something soft to lay down on. Nope. The princess needs the royal palace to rest in for all of the 5 minutes she probably spends outside. Anyway, I told Lori I felt a blog coming on when she started to tell me about this project. Alas, some few days later after they finished it, here is the blog complete with photos. Enjoy.

I have the best husband!!!

Today Jesse comes home and says to me to turn around because he has something for me. OK. I turn around thinking back to the days of pregnancy and figure maybe it's dinner or strawberries. He then tells me to look and he got me... A SWEATER!!! Apparently he wanted to get me this sweater for Christmas but they didn't have it in the right size for the color he wanted to get me. He must have really wanted to get me this sweater and was pondering about it and went back or something. Anyway he got it in grey and I love it! It's so cute! Its this grey scoop neck sweater from Old Navy with a pocket on the front and a cable knit design. Super comfy and super cute. I love that I have the most random husband. I kept asking him why he did that and he kept responding that he's my husband and allowed to get me things because he loves me. To which I am totally fine with. The end.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Because archiving blogs is boring...

I decided to update the Teague Plantation. I was contemplating this in my sleep. I'm not 100% on the color scheme of the olive and burgundy. But I guess it ties in with the colors of the photos so it works. I just want something that looks more gun-related so when Jesse's customers go to the site and click on his gunsmithing link, they go to a page that looks like it has something to do with guns and not so much to do with a goofy family. That's saved for our friends/family pages. Which I have yet to update. Blah. I suck.

Auntie Anthrax

There's this lady down the alley who lives in a little apartment with three dogs and what is either her husband or son. I can't tell. Anyway, she has a lab, a terrier, and a poodle. She's got major issues. Jay, our cool neighbor across the street who owns Spike, Lulu's friend, calls her Auntie Anthrax cos he says he doesn't trust her and she seems like the type of person who would have the ring with poison in it and poison your drink when you're not looking. I guess a while back she threw some tainted rib bones over the fence in hopes Spike would eat them and die. She was friends with Crazy Lady and Tweaker Twilla. I've met her before and I choose not to speak to her as she rubs me the wrong way and I avoid her whenever possible. Well, today, I was outside with Lulu and Charlie. We were playing Follow The Pug Dog while waiting for Lulu to pee. And who is walking her dog down the alley but Auntie Anthrax! I try to avoid her but Lulu runs to the edge of the gate and her dog goes to see Lulu. Dammit. She starts talking and I passively aggressively walk away and she says she lives down the way. Yes, I know, I've met you before, remember? She says she owns the "menagerie" of dogs. Again, I know. You have the dogs that run rampant in the alley like Dodger used to do. I was really annoyed at this run-in and choose to avoid her as much as possible as usual.

I'm gonna pull my hair out till I'm done with this...

I managed to find a few more years of archived blogs or news or updates or whatever you want to call it and put them on the Ghost of Blogging Past. They'll reside there with the rest of my old blogs till I get the date stamps fixed and then re-export/import to this blog. I really disliked having all 700 something blogs on the span of 2 days. It messed up the flow of things and I am fond of order and organization. I'm convinced I will make this my project till it is done and I can rest and find something else to attempt to organize. On that note, there were a few months of archives that I couldn't access as they're no longer available. Good night.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blog archiving

Well now that I got all the old blogs up here, I am editing the dates to reflect proper yearage and what do I realize, one of my friends told me of this site that archives old websites and I find another 4 years of blogs/rants/you name it's from my old website that range from December of '01 to January of '05!!! WHY!?!? SO, it looks like my work will never be done with this, but one day it will, so I feel semi-confident about this. I feel like I will have this super rad blog that spans at this point 8 years. 8 YEARS OF ACTIVE BLOGGING!!! I feel like I should get an award for this or something!!!

Suspicious activities in the night

Last night, Jesse and I had gone to bed. It was the second night in a row Charlie decided he wanted to sleep through the night after a 4 month hiatus. Finally I could get some rest. Not too long after, I woke to the sound of rustling outside. The same type of sounds we hear when people go through out trash. Lo and behold, Jesse went outside and there was someone going through our trash for cans. At midnight. Why someone would be doing it then is a mystery to me, but it screams out suspicious behavior. I'm weary of the trash diggers now after I had someone steal my debit card number a few months back. Fortunately I caught two unauthorized mystery transactions 30 minutes after checking my bank statement and called both companies who the charges were made with to cancel and tell them to not authorize any future payments from anyone claiming to be me as well as call my bank and put a fraud alert on my account and order a new card. Whether trash diggers found something and used it, I don't know, but I don't like people going through my trash and hesitate to take it out till the day before trash pick up day or I put dog poop on my trash.

As if that isn't strange enough, tonight there is some guy riding around on this little red mini bike. I've seen this guy before riding around and he always stops in our alley by where our cars are parked. I've seen him by my car before and find his activities to be very questionable. Why is he there? What is he doing? I have reason to believe he may be a drug dealer. Well, tonight he is up to his same antics, only he is on his bike in our alley stopped, turning his lights off but the motor is still running. Whatever he's doing is very questionable. He's been up and down the alley at least 20 times in the last 20 minutes. So Jesse goes out there with this bright ass flashlight and shines it on him. The guy leaves but he's still coming up and back. I'm a little weary of Jesse feeling the need to leave his home to protect it when he can call a cop or something. I mean, yeah, the guy is up to no good but he's not in our house doing it, he's outside and even then, it's not confirmed that he's done anything wrong yet. Apparently alleys are considered public so he can loiter out there all he wants. I guess? I'm not 100% on this.

I'm just sick of all these suspicious activities and Jesse feeling like he'll be the one to save us cos the cops take too long to get out here. Yeah, cops do take too long but, I'd feel more comfortable if he just stayed inside and called the cops if the people are outside. Yeah, they're criminals, but I mean, he's the backbone of our family. He can't get shot or killed or what have you. The last thing I want is my son growing up without his dad cos some stupid drug dealer shot him. Or worse, Jesse to go out and check up on something and shoot someone who he thinks is pulling a gun on him or something and then wind up in prison for the rest of his life. He's too pretty for prison, dammit!

I'm home all day. I see all the questionable characters in our neighborhood. I feel like I've become some sort of weird character who is totally agoraphobic, afraid to go outside, cooping myself up in my little world, creating fantastic stories about all the crimes each passer by I see is about to commit, if they haven't already. I am sick of living like this. I hope life has something better in store for us and soon. I pray for greener pastures. For better opportunities. For peace of mind. For a night I can go to sleep and sleep.

The Day In Review

Today was a super fun day for both Mommy and That Charlie Boy. We met up with some friends at Wild Island for a play date. They have this mega size ball play place thing there called Ballocity and it's like a McDonalds play place designed by American Gladiators, complete with a cannon that shoots foam balls. But outside is a little kiddie play place thing. Anyway, Long story short, Charlie met up with some of his friends and had a grand ol' time. He also learned that he can climb on top of things as he proudly climbed on top of this big foam frog and then showed that aside from being able to get on top of it, he can also get down from there. Yay Charlie! So he took a nap later in the day after I ate a hot dog and we shared some fries and then I played some Route 66 mini bowling. You know, the one that cost $2 a game and you don't need to wear bowling shoes and the ball is the size of a grapefruit? So yeah, lots of fun. When we came home, Charlie slept for 2 hours and went down to bed pretty easily at night too. We may need to do this again one day. Possibly with Daddy in tow.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wrong address, foo!

Jesse was on the phone with Phil and I was getting ready to give Charlie a bath. Then we get a knock at the door. Who could be calling at this hour of night that is not quite 8:00? It's UPS. We did not order anything shipping via UPS. What do they have? A package for Bertha Dunlap. Well, we're obviously not her so we tell the guy. He needs us to sign a form stating Bertha doesn't live here. He asks us how long we've lived here and we reply almost 2 years now. He looks a little startled that someone is still receiving mail somewhere that they haven't been in 2 years. We get junk mail for Bertha and some other dude too. I'm guessing that they're like the other people who have at times lived at this building in various units who just skip town and then get evicted even though they're no longer residing here and never file a change of address form. I'm guessing the gal down stairs must get so much mail from the black people and the tweakers still. I mean, both had parole officers looking for them shortly after they abandoned their unit, and in a situation where they're obvious criminals, I seriously doubt they're gonna file a change of address form. Aside from that, I felt there was one more thing to blog about but it slips my mind at the time being, so, I'll leave it at this.


For the longest time I told Jesse I wanted to go fishing. He did not want to go today, but reluctantly went. He hates fishing. Anyway, he goes out and gets his day license and we get to the lake and my spot is frozen over! Frozen! Like ice! When there's a slight breeze, the ice rattles as the water underneath it moves. It's crazy. There's a few holes in some places and we drop our lines in there but no luck. After less than an hour Jesse wants to go home. Charlie is fussy cos he can sense Jesse's fussiness. And Lulu is now getting all hyper because of this all. So we leave. Again, Jesse has more proof to hate fishing as he not only caught nothing, but couldn't even attempt to do so since half the place was frozen over and he spent most of the time looking for rocks to chuck at the water. Humpf.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Few more pages...

Lulu the guard pug

Lulu is apparently very protective of her little human brother, Charlie. Last week when we were at the pug meetup, some bichons were sniffing Charlie and one of them backed off and was barking a little. Lulu, who was hanging out nearby, comes charging over and runs the bichon off, as it was a potential threat against her Charlie boy.

Today I was on the bed with the two of them and Charlie was getting a little close to the edges, so Lulu darts over in front of Charlie and starts kissing him to the point of annoyance, making him crawl back towards the center of the bed. It's like she was trying to keep him from falling off!

It just amazes me how protective she is of him sometimes. I mean, the poor little pug puts up with so much from him. He pulls her tail, grabs her face, pokes her, bites her, you name it, and she just sits there and puts up with him and even protects him. She's such a good pug.

Playing around with digital scrapbooking...

Eventually I'll get a photo book made of all this ruckus...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Why I can't eat a meal in peace...

Point to ponder...

If the gov't passes all these laws and wants to take away our guns for our safety, then why do they willingly send thousands of our loved ones over seas every day to die in a war that no one even knows why we're fighting? It's more important to have money and oil and criminals with weapons and people helpless to tyranny than it is to truly protect the people of our country. Interesting how that happens.

Nat'l Bankruptcy Day... You could be next...

There's two stories to this: the one the gov't tells you and the one I believe.

The gov't says due to so many issues in children merchandise recently (all that crap in the formula that was making kids sick and dying, dangerous chemicals in bottles, toys, etc.) they now want to make any seller of children goods have their products safety tested. It will cost like $100 or so to get this done and for many work at home moms who make toys, diaper covers, baby clothes, etc. for a little extra spending cash, this is actually detrimental to their income, thus putting them out of business. This isn't just with home made items, but also includes re-sale of things in second hand shops, consignment shops, eBay, etc. Basically if it is for a child under 12 and is being sold, by law it needs to be tested and negligence of doing so can result in penalties.

I believe yeah, some of this has to do with all the stuff happening, but this isn't about safety, it's about control. The gov't is telling you what is good for you. The gov't is telling you what you can and can't sell or buy. No more cute custom products. No more moms getting a little extra money. Just the gov't finding a new way to tell people how to live their lives. Also, if you think about it, a lot of work at home moms make enough money to make ends meet, spending cash, but nothing large and taxable. The gov't isn't getting money and if they don't get any money out of the mom's earnings, they'll put them out of business.

Please help spread the word about this asinine legislation. Why are people being forced to test products that have already been tested? If fabrics they purchase from fabric stores to make childrens clothing have been tested for sale, why do they have to be tested again for re-sale? If you bought an outfit for your child and your child outgrew it and you take it to Once Upon A Child or give it to the Goodwill for them to re-sell it, why does a previously purchased item need to be re-tested? This is a completely bogus law. It doesn't make products any safer. It just creates another BS law that makes no sense and complicates sales and re-sales of items, particularly for the little guys. Big manufacturers (who are the culprits of all the toxins found in children goods) have no problem coming up with the money to test their products and have no issue paying $100 here or there to keep their millions of dollars flowing in.
(See why I think this has less to do with safety and more to do with gov't control and the gov't getting money?)

DO NOT let this happen. Please spread the word. Even if you don't have kids or hate kids, this could happen with kids goods and work it's way up to other things. Imagine if they go to adult clothing and accessories. Or pet goods. Or food. Or services. They're starting with kids. Who knows where it will go next. You may find yourself a victim of this. Of course it will be for "your own safety".

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Updates to photos

I'm in the process of uploading a bunch of new photos up on the Teague Plantation friends & family photo link. Lots of stuff from our holiday pics, random pics from the last half of the year and Charlie up to 8 months old. If the link takes you nowhere, it's probably cos it hasn't uploaded completely yet. Check back later :) FYI, it's guest/guest1022 to get on.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So my mom gave me her old waffle iron that has been sitting unused in her cupboard for at least 15 years, possibly longer. This is good cos I love waffles as does Jesse. I take that back, Jesse loves anything cooked from scratch. Anyway, I made him waffles for breakfast and I think he was really happy about that since he was able to have a decent breakfast instead of cereal before work. I think I'm gonna make some again today.

You win, Jesse

For some reason Jesse is scheduled closing shifts for the next two weeks. I hate when he works late, personally. But it's nice cos it means dinner is ready when he gets home. Anyway, he comes home to pork chops, broccoli, and some noodle mix. I tell him I like it a lot and we should get it more often. He tastes it and says it's a no-go for him. It reminds him of some ready to eat just heat meal type thing he had before that made him really sick. Like 7 days of barfing sick or something. So he says I can have his noodles. Well I am too full to eat them all or my second pork chop, so I let him have the chop chop and the noodles, well, let's just say no one ate them. Soon after, I go to the bathroom and have the fire hose spray poops. So now I have an aching nipple from Charlie biting me and a butt that feels like it's burning. I decide the best quick-fix for this is a nice hot bath with some sleepy-time salt. It worked. We have decided to not buy that noodle mix ever again.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No Spill Blood

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and was running a little late. I told Jesse if Charlie got hungry to give him his solid foods and he'd get his boob when I got back. Anyway, I get back and Charlie is mid-solids. I finish feeding him his solids when he starts to cry and head towards me to get his beloved boobie noms. So I go to the glider and proceed to feed him. However he's still in chewing mode and he bites me. Ouch. I notice a small tinge of blood but it fizzles out.

Well today I'm feeding Charlie again and he does this biting latch thing where he chomps on and then sucks. Massive pain. Very un-fun. He eats and then when he's done he is still sucking but slides back to pop off. His teeth scrape off and it does create a "POP" sound. And it hurts like a mo-fo. I go to get his whole other 'nother boob ready and he kinda leans forward and back and I notice blood on the back of his shirt. My blood. My boobie blood. I look down and notice more bleeding. I wipe the remains off on a paper towel and it looks done. It didn't finish bleeding apparently, though, because more blood got on my bra.

All I can say is ouch. Nothing more. It sucks. I know he doesn't do it on purpose. It's just that one side and it has something to do with how he latches on so I dunno what to say.


I got all my blogs from myspace up to Blogger!!! WOO HOO!!! So there's like 600 something blogs that are out of place but, I left the myspace posting dates on there for reference. Next task will be editing them to put the years in there. I am totally relieved!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Loud sex neighbors

I don't know what I did in life to ever be so lucky or deserving of someone of Jesse's caliber. So yesterday we have a little evening sexcapade and it is fantastic as always. But for some reason that must have been a teaser or something because later on at night I decide I want some more sex. So before we go to bed we do it again and I think I say every time we have sex that said most recent sex is the best sex I've ever had. Perhaps cos it just gets better and better and better. I dunno. But Jesse is like the most awesomest ever. I won't go into details but after we had to put Charlie to bed cos he woke up. Damn his loud parents. I'm kinda glad the gal downstairs isn't home on weekends but I feel bad on week nights when she's home cos I bet we're known as the loud sex neighbors who are always doing it. I'm just glad I have my mirena. I can't imagine being pregnant again and I bet if I was on the pill I would get pregnant again cos I'm so damned fertile and we hump so much!

I must be insane...

This whole blog archiving thing has taken up a good part of my day. Well the morning half anyway. Then Jesse called me asking me to bring him more business cards and I told him I'd bring him lunch (Super Burrito.) He said that would be awesome but no rush. I leave about an hour later after Charlie eats and gets dressed. I show up and he has started teaching one of his cleaning seminars. Of course that goes on for like 3 hours and I stay for all three, but not as a person taking the seminar but walking around the store, chatting with coworkers, hanging out in camping on a folding chair as Charlie took a nap in my arms, you know, stuff like that. The class ends around 4 and Jesse is somewhat surprised that I stayed the whole time and we go upstairs and eat together. (I had lunch too, a chicken tostada that was non-microwaveable as it had lettuce on top and I hate microwaved lettuce and was in a nice foam container which melts rather nicely when microwaved.) Nothing like a cold tostada from your favorite cheap Mexican place. Anyway, he clocked out after and we went home. I made a roast in a cooking bag with some potatoes and sweet potatoes and we had a slow night. I spent the rest of the night up till now archiving and only managed to tackle about 300 of my 800+ old blogs. I'm beat. I see this task taking like two or three more days. But once it's done, I'm so over it!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Badger badger badger badger!!!

So last night I had this really weird dream... well, no, I had two weird dreams two nights in a row. But last night's dream included a part where I was training to work at some outdoor camp place but it looked like the mushroom caves in the Albuquerque Botanical Garden kid's trail. There was some sort of involvement of a concession stand that sold hot dogs, nachos and sodas and then the outdoor area which was a windy mountain that looked much like the hills in Sun Valley (NV). I saw this badger in an abandoned car. I told the people training me and they didn't believe it was in there cos when they looked he was gone but they said to stay away from him cos he's very mean and dangerous. So I listened to them. Then later, I see them with the badger and so I get mad and want to take a picture with it so I'm chasing it around to get a photo and I finally do and I'm like kneeling down giving thumbs up and stuff and it's hanging on me like we're bff's or something and then it's licking my face and that's pretty much the dream.

Oh, weird dream the night before involves my sister trying to kill everyone in my house by trapping us in and having some sort of explosive device around all points of exit (windows, doors, etc.) and if any of them open the place would explode. But then Jesse comes over and we learn that the explosive wasn't mixed properly and that it's too weak and instead of exploding it just burst into a weak sauce flame like a bag of dog poop burning or something. Basically you could stamp it out with your foot. So that wasn't very effective.

Look, I never denied I don't have weird dreams. Everyone knows this. Don't act surprised...

In some state of organization and back ups....

For a very long time, I would blog on myspace. I think because that was the cool thing to do. What everyone did for a long time. Well, no, scratch that. I started blogging on my old site back in May or June of 2001, back when it was still being hosted on a free site. Then it was transferred to a real web hosting site and I blogged on there for what seemed like 2 more years. Then I think in 2003 I got my myspace and blogged there on and off in between my site cos everyone followed blogs there instead of on my site and well, I have about 5 years of blogs on myspace that I'd like to get placed elsewhere, like, here? Sometimes I had some good stuff to say, sometimes it was just random nothingness, but I'm sure there's some voyeur out there that would like to read all of that so I gotta make things good for them, right? Keep the kids entertained? Anyway I only have like 862 blogs to transfer over and I think I may have a few on livejournal that I'd like to transfer over too, so I gotta figure out something about this. Maybe make a archive or something? Anyway, it'll take forever and a day but I'm totally gonna do it. I'm dead set on it! One day, one day...


Yesterday I was doing laundry. For whatever unknown reason all three ladies that work at the laundromat seem to know me and always talk to me whenever I'm there. Maybe it's cos I'm the only person who speaks English there and they can communicate with someone, I dunno. Anyway a trip to the lavandaria for me for the most part consists of bogarting as many of the $2.25 machines as possible to keep laundry costs down. Otherwise I gotta use the $3.00 machines if those aren't available and if you take into consideration that extra $0.50 times 4 loads that's $2.00 I save per trip times let's say I go 2 - 3 times a month that's almost up to $72 a year. So yeah, I make a serious effort to go when there's no one there. I've been finding Friday or Saturday evenings around 5 to be the key time. So yeah, a trip for me usually consists of throwing in my laundry, picking up a copy of the Reno News & Review and if there's a new issue, Clever! I gotta keep up on my local style and town gossip and know what's green in town, you know? Anyway, I really hate the advice columnist in the RN&R cos she's one of those uber feminazis who thinks that if you are a female, empowerment means not settling down, marrying your career and being selfish and I could go on and on about all the horrible advice I've read this woman give to women. OK there's some instances where she gives some valid advice, like some chick is in her early 20s with a guy old enough to be her dad who supports his adult childern her age and ex-wife and wants to marry the guy but is afraid of him not supporting her and well, that one was kinda obvious to avoid a train wreck. I mean, feminist or not, it doesn't take a lot of common sense to figure out that guy is obviously not marriage material. But then you got stuff like women talking about how they want to be married and happy and also want careers and don't know how to balance the two and she'll tell them to have their careers cos they'll have the rest of their lives to be princesses to be saved and that culture tells women they need to be that way, bla bla bla. Why not have a career and be married? I mean, are people that incapable of balancing something so simple as a relationship with a job? I mean seriously. I understand careers for some women mean a lot of travel, long hours in an office, and maybe even bringing home a bigger paycheck than her man, but should that affect your relationship? Really? Should it? Well I could see travel like if you're on the road a lot but what about situations where husbands are the ones with the career and are on the road a lot? Or what about women who's husbands are in the military and are constantly moving from base to base and who's husbands are off over seas for weeks, months, or years at a time? I think this advice columnist fails to realize that sometimes, part of life means sacrificing certain things to make ends meet and if you truly love your family you sometimes need to be away from them to help them out. Again, I could go on and on about this one but I won't as it could bore many and anger many more. Besides I think everyone knows my stance on women and their roles in society and I refuse to back down on the way I feel. All I can say is there were less divorces back in the day when people didn't sleep around, got married for better or for worse, and women stayed home and raised children and took care of the house and men took care of bringing home the bacon and taking care of mechanical and physical things around the home. And bbq'ing. Everyone knows bbq'ing is a man's art! Anyway I guess laundry for me is usually a Joyce-esque experience in which one thing leads to another leads to another. I've been thinking about Utah a lot and Charlie's birthday coming up. I'd like to save up some money to go to LA for his birthday so he can have one with his family and what not. We'll see what happens with that though. I can't make any promises. I do know if we do go we'll be flying this time and sadly Lulu will probably not go, unless by some reason we can afford to fly her out. We'll see though. It's not even an official idea either. It's just something I've been toying with.

On the boy, things have been pretty hard lately since he's started moving. He keeps trying to eat Lulu's food. I can't take my eyes off of him for a second. He also tries to stand now. That's a nightmare. He pulls himself up on things and I'm like "Yay! Big man!" and then he crashes down and I'm all freaking out. Then there's the crying. His cry is now a big man cry and loud as heck and just ear piercing and when he teeths he cries. When he has thrush he cries. When he's tired he cries. And he shounds like someone's beating him when he cries and it drives me nuts cos he's totally well taken care of so what the heck, kid!?

That's all I got for now.