Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Am I crazy?

Seriously? Am I? I keep thinking my microwave isn't turned on sometimes. Case in point: I put in a tv dinner for lunch. I set it for 3 minutes on high per the instructions. I took it out to stir the mashed potatoes, also per the instructions. Here's the kicker: the damn thing is still frozen! Not like how sometimes you heat something and parts of it are frozen, no it's a block of cold hard food. I know I turned it on because I heard the stupid thing humming for three minutes and then dinging to let me know it was done, but alas, nothing was accomplished. Now I feel like I have to do this 3 minute thing again to see if it'll work or what.

In other news, I made sprout happen! A week ago I bought this strawberry plant thing in the dollar bin at Target. It was a little terra cotta pot, some seeds, and this foamy looking disc thing that is actually soil if you add water. I kept thinking that it's not going to grow because it's too cold, there's not enough light, fill in excuses here, but I followed the directions and kept it moist and in sunlight and now there's two little sprouts coming up out of the soil! I feel so proud. This is way better than the crocus plants I got where you just had to add water and watch them grow and all mine did were turn fuzzy and mold and probably smell awful too. So here's a pic of my little sprouts. You might need to enlarge them to see them better.

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